Hello again. I needed a pick me up and thought you might too. (Like a new update in your inbox. :) )

Normally I wouldn't bother you guys with the details of why I have been absent, but under the circumstances (nearly a year without a "Supernatural" posting of any kind) I figured you deserved an explanation:

As some of you know, I have suffered from metal issues (depression, anxiety, ect ... ) for several years now, but the symptoms improved after I started seeing a wonderful therapist named Roger Frank. With his help, and encouragement from fellow writers, I was working on getting back in the saddle, so to speak, and wrap up my unfinished stories. One week and three days after posting chapter 16 of "Cat's Eye," Roger was found dead in his car; apparent heart failure.

The lost of Roger was so devastating for me that I couldn't watch/read/or write for any show that was emotionally intense. Because of this I haven't watched more than two or three episodes of any CW show since then and therefore lost my momentum on all things "Supernatural." As my mental state began to deteriorate farther, I underwent a change of medication, as well as a 12 week therapy treatment with a new counselor, to try and combat my worsening symptoms.

This is the first chapter in this fandom that I have completed since Roger's death. I ment to do more, but I'm just going to have to take this one step at a time. I hope you will all be patient with me as I try to do what I set out to do all those months ago; finish all that I started.

Now that the gloomy part is out of the way, I hope the continuation of this story lifts your spirits as much as it did mine ...

Chapter 17

Sam crouched inside the stuffy couch, wishing that his feline hearing was better. Of course his hearing in this form was excellent, but he still couldn't make out what was happening beyond the cushions. However, what he could use less of at the moment was his sense of smell. He couldn't even identify all of what was in the couch, but fear of Dean's anger kept him firmly in his hiding spot inside the back of the cheap piece of hotel furniture. But after several minutes, Sam realized that the room had gone silent. Did his brother leave? Creeping back down to the floor, Sam peered around what he could see of the room.

"Dean?" he mewed.

The boots, and rat, were gone. So was his brother from what he could see. But why would he leave? Did it have something to do with the phone call? Was their dad in trouble? Or was he even really gone? Inching forward, Sam stuck his nose out into the main room, sniffing for any hint of what was there.


He could still smell the older teen, but that didn't mean much since he could still smell his dad as well. Poking his head out, Sam slowly left the safety of the couch, keeping an eye out for an ambush. But the room seemed deserted.

"De- AK!" Sam choked as he was yanked into the air.

"Ha!" Dean grinned triumphantly, leaning over the back of the couch. "You know, I always heard patience was a virtue, but I never put much stock into it until now."

Sam could only glare at him as he attempted to squirm out of his grasp. However, he quickly found that it was useless and he was completely at the mercy of his older brother. Crap. Every prank war they had ever had flashed through his mind, and with him too small to fight back, he was in real trouble.

"Ah, don't worry Sammy," Dean started, his voice deceptively innocent as he made his way across the room. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Yeah," he grumbled, trying once again to get a claw into his brother's hand. "You're just gonna kill me."

Sam tensed as Dean carried him into the bathroom, knowing how many possibilities the tiny room held. Was he going to shave him? Bleach him? Give him a swirly, which in his current state would be more like a bath? A sweet scent drew his attention to the sink, where a bowl of blue gunk caught his attention.

"Dean," Sam growled as soon as he recognized the smell. "Do and DIE!"

Not that his warning did much good. Seconds later he found himself trying hard to claw his way out of the sink as his loving brother smeared Kool-aid past all over him. As soon as he lost his tail, Dean was gonna pay.


Sam rubbed his side and sighed. A long shower under the faucet had only succeeded in turning his fur from a splotchy bright blue to a splotchy pale blue. It wasn't so bad, IF he pretended that what he was seeing was true. The discarded packets with the word STRAWBERRY splashed across them let him know what color he really was. Dean was SO going to pay for this.

"I've got lunch ready when your done primping!"

Tempted to ignore his brother's yell, Sam quickly thought better of it. One sugary dip was bad enough, if he pushed his luck too far, Dean may try for tie dye. Nope, he was going to have to keep his furry head down, at least until his dad destroyed that alter and made him human again. At that point, all bets were off.

"Awe," Dean cooed when he padded around the corner. "Don't you look sweet?"

Laughing at his own lame attempt at humor, his older brother turned back to the giant sandwich he was preparing. Sadly, it was clear the delicious looking meal was not meant for him and Sam stared glumly at the can of tuna that had been opened on the counter. At least it was real tuna and not flavored cat food, but it still only served as a reminder of how much his life currently sucked.

"Eat up, Sammy," the older teen instructed, smearing mayo over a slice of bread.

Looking from his meager lunch to the small feast Dean was preparing, as well as the smug smirk on his brother's face, Sam could feel his fur bristle in anger. But what could he do about it? His answer came when Dean turned to put the left over ingredients in the motel fridge. Quick as he could, Sam scampered across the counter and flipped off the top slice of bread, leaving a few hairs embedded in the mayo. Next, he wolfed down the turkey as fast as he could. Not that it was hard, he was starving for a decent meal. He had just started on the cheese when a shout had him scrambling back toward the safety of the couch.

"Not so fast," Dean growled, catching him by the tail.

Sam yelped, twisting around to try and free the cursed appendage. Unfortunately, that allowed him to be caught by the scuff of the neck. A moment later he was suspended in the air, completely at the mercy of his older brother.

"Well, Nermal," Dean started with a humorless grin. "Abu Dhabi is sounding pretty good right now, don't you think?"

Just when Sam was wondering if he would live long enough to return to human form, he heard someone outside. Ears twitching, he looked toward the door, half hoping it was some monster that would take his brother's mind off his revenge.

"Dean!" the perky voice called out, followed by three quick raps. "Dean, are you in?"

Crap, Sam thought as he rolled his eyes. As if his life couldn't suck anymore, now he had the hotel manager's daughter showing up to pine over his brother. At least she seemed to have left the rest of the cheer squad behind.

"Kinda busy, Bethany," Dean called back, his glare not wavering for a second. "Can you come back later?"

"I only have a minute," she answered, her voice rushed. "I just brought some things over for you."

Letting out his own frustrated growl, his brother promptly dropped in in the bath tub and went to the door. Grateful for the brief distraction, Sam attempted to make his getaway. But just to add to his luck, the tub appeared to be in need of some Drano … or maybe some new pipes. At least a majority of the water was gone, but the thin layer left behind was almost worse than if the shower was still on. Slipping and sliding on the smooth porcelain surface, the furry teen could barely stay on his feet, much less leap to freedom.

"Sorry about that," his brother's voice drifted in from the other room.

"It's alright," Bethany giggled, nearly making Sam gag. "But I saw these things in the store and thought they would be perfect for your cat."

"My cat?"

"Uh-huh, they were just so adorable I couldn't resist. I got the safety kind, so you won't have to worry about snagging. I really hope she likes them."

Sam stopped struggling so suddenly that he nearly face planted in the bottom of the tub. Did she just say- Oh h%#^ no ...

"Oh yes," Dean said, his grin nearly audible. "I'm sure she will love them."

And that was when he heard the unmistakable sound of a jingle bell. When this was over, Sam was going to kill his brother.

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