I can't believe I actually wrote this up. It's been on my topic list since spring of 2006. Yes, my topics are dated. Hahaha. Obviously, if you have something against mpreg, don't read. it's only 200 words.

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"Oishi," Eiji began, rolling over in bed so he was facing his partner. "How do you feel about big families?"

Oishi seemed to be shocked by the question. "I don't mind them. Why?"

Eiji shifted. "What about my family?" He asked. "Do you think there are to many kids?"

Oishi reached out and brushed a stray strand of Eiji's hair out of his face. "I like your family."

Eiji nodded, moving closer to Oishi. "That's good. There are a lot of us…"

"What's brought this on?" Oishi asked.

Eiji grabbed Oishi's hand and moved it down to his small baby bump. "It's twins." He whispered.

Eiji was pleased when Oishi's eyes lit up. He had hoped that would be the case, since Oishi's own family had been smaller and he had always seemed to enjoy his time around Eiji's own family. But the idea of two children scared him. He had always known it was a possibility, his two sisters were twins, but now that it was actually happening…

Oishi leaned over and pressed his lips against Eiji's. Pulling away not long after, he smiled at the younger man.

"That's perfect."