"Why are you here for?"

"I want to sell something"

And from the ragged dirty clothes, he could see her take out something. Curiousity arised within him and he leaned forward. Clutched within her long dirty nails was a strange rubber duck. He looked at it in wonder as he noticed how different it was from the rest he had in his shop. All of it was made of black rubber; the color of the darkness.

The eyes had a hint of eeriness and instead of a stretch gayfullness in it's face, the rubber was stretched into a deep scowl. It was different ... yes it was. The woman dropped and disappeared and he was left staring at it in sudden anxiety. In one way, he was even afraid to touch it. Yet, he picked it up and examined it, wanted to know more.

"You are just normal" he muttered in disappointment before tossing it carelessly into the stands among the other rubber ducks. As he sat down behind the counter again, he could feel its eeire gaze at him and he felt slight uncomfortable.

That night, he dreamt of the woman and the duck. It was a blurred of images and noise. Constant crying and bloodshed. It felt like the rubber duck was cursed.

After a few hours later, he couldn't decide if he should sell this dull rubber duck. He planned to throw it away in a nearby dumpster but he just put a price sticker on it and placed it at the rubber duck section.

The next week, most of the toys were bought and were replaced by new ones. But the black duck, you ask? It was just there in the rubber duck section where it should be.

A month later, toys come and go. But the black duck still remained.

A year later, the business was going downhill. He was planning to retire soon since his grandson just graduated college but he can't just leave this toy shop. Maybe a few more months would be enough and he'll close it. Yes, that's for sure.

But a few months later, all the rubber ducks were sold except for the dusty old black duck that looked like it wasn't touched in a million years. He would just wait a few more days before closing the shop.

Five year old Hinata was walking down to school. She would try to ace her test papers. Maybe her father will praise her and her mother would bake those delicious chocolate chip cookies on occasions.

She went to kindergarten school. But this kindergarten school was different. The kids are always into fads these days. If one does not have the 'fad', he or she shall be bullied and Hinata seems to be that 'one'. She would always be late into buying those fads. She would be so late that the kids would move on to another fad.

Now the latest fad was the rubber duck. Rubber ducks were in different colors with smiling faces. She frowned, she was going to be bullied. Again.

"Oh look at zombie girl! She does not have a smiling rubber duck like the rest of us!" Sakura sneered at poor little Hinata. She hung her head low. Sakura would always be the first one to have the fads. It was also a coincidence. She had a matching pink duck with green eyes.

Even her crush Naruto has a rubber duck. It was a common one but it matched him. Yellow duck with blue eyes.

"I-I p-promise to s-show it tomorrow." She vowed, placing her small tiny hand against her chest. The girls scowled at her, "Oh you better!"

At the end of the school, Hinata quickly packed her things. Safe scissors, crayons and coloring books. She quickly hugged her teacher and she ran off.

She went to various toy shops but all those ducks didn't match her. Oh dear she might be bullied tomorrow without the rubber duck! Tears welled up in her eyes and the sky was getting dark. She needs to be home soon or monsters will come and get her. She walked sadly until she saw a toy shop on the corner of her eye. There weren't any toys but why was it called a toy shop? All she could see was a black duck with black eyes. It was also different. Instead of smiling, it was scowling.

She was really tired and most of the toy shops were closed. She looked at the toy shop in front of her and hesitated.

What if it was haunted?

She quickly took a front steps. Finally she entered the toy shop and quickly went to the black duck. She quickly grabbed it. Some dusts and spider webs made contact with her hands. She didn't seem to mind. She quickly placed the duck on the counter and picked up her fancy, lavender wallet which happened to be a fad.

The man before her widened his eyes.

"I can't believe you plan to buy this duck." He said astonishingly.

"M-me neither." She replied shyly and put up the right amount of money on the counter.

"Why do you want to buy this duck for?" He couldn't help but ask. She shrugged, she didn't want to answer. She quickly jumped up and down as if she wanted to get her new duck as soon a possible. The old man just smiled and gave her the black duck.

"At least I was able to retire now." He sighed. He could permanently close this shop now. He fell on the floor after that.

She quickly exited the black duck. But she still felt a little disappointed. The eyes didn't match her indigo hair and white eyes. But it'll do. Soon, she entered her home.

The next day, she walked down to school while carrying her brand new duck instead of putting it inside her schoolbag.

The school wasn't what she had in mind. It was quite the contrary in fact.

She sat on her little seat. Sakura and her little groupies went towards her.

"Well?" Hinata separated her palms to reveal a black duck. Instead of praise and compliments from Sakura and her friends, they made fun of her.

"A black duck?" Sakura giggled and snatched the black duck away from her. She saw those two metals and pressed on them. It didn't glow. She focused on it's face, it didn't smile. It was just a dull duck. She threw the duck harshly on Hinata's face.

"You stupid girl! This is the ugliest duck I have ever seen!" She said angrily and slapped Hinata who had tears falling out of her eyes.

The bell rang and it was time for recess. Hinata grabbed a cookie and bit one. At least she brought a duck! Shouldn't they be satisfied enough? She bought things everyone told her to. Her father scolded her to spend money wisely. She was tired of making people happy if they can't be happy enough.

The rubber duck was the last fad she bought and told herself never to buy those so-called fads.

After school, she went home and placed the rubber duck on her desk.

"Y-you're the l-last thing I-I'll b-b-buy. I-It's n-not like I n-need you o-or w-want you." She told it in an upset tone. The rubber duck just scowled. It didn't react. When it did, it will always be the same reaction.

"B-but. I think y-you're cute." She smiled shyly. "E-even if you scowl l-like that or not g-glow when y-you're being pressed."

The next day, she passed the old toy shop and it happened to be closed forever as it was written on the front door.

School didn't go well for Hinata. Ever since she stopped buying fads and refused to make her classmates be more then satisfied. She was bullied.

It goes on and on. She was already sixteen years old and Sakura and her groupies are still on to fads.

She didn't know the duck was cursed and it happened to be her only best friend.

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