She stirred her chamomile tea using a teaspoon repeatedly. She sighed, she couldn't sleep, eat or drink. It's no wonder she has dark circles under her eyes, she was getting thinner and her tongue seems to be dry. No. She just couldn't. Her other free hand that leaned on the table now clutched her left side of the chest. This feeling, she couldn't bear it. It bothered her that her Ducky as old as Hanabi went missing. She wanted to cry her heart out until there's no more to cry out and wanted to spill her tears out until it all dried out. But she didn't. Why would she, an heiress of the powerful businessman Hyuuga Hiashi, cry over a rubber duck? She can buy another rubber duck. But still, her Ducky was one in a million.

"Hey, sister!" a voice greeted from behind. Hinata didn't even bother to look back at her sister and just continued to stir, even if the sugar cubes she put in had already been dissolved. Her hand stopped clutching and wrapped it around the warm, chamomile tea.

"What's wrong?" Hanabi continued, she was bothered that her sister didn't look behind like she always did and Hinata is always cheery inside the manor. But she just ignored her. She couldn't understand it.

"U-umm… H-Hanabi, have you found D-Ducky?" Hinata asked, her voice sounding monotonous.

'Ducky? I thought she disposed that filthy thing! But still, why would she cling to it after getting rid of it? That's not like Hinata at all.' Hanabi thought inwardly and felt like the need to bite her lip, which she did.

"No. Why? Did you lose it?" She lied smoothly, she was glad that she skillful at acting but lying to her sister. It felt so wrong. She felt guilty for selling Ducky off to Ebay without asking her sister first. But that duck has to go! What's so special about it anyway? Other than being old, that is. It's just had that stupid, ugly scowl plastered on it's face and nothing more.

"S-sort of." She took a sip of her tea after saying those words.

The duck was still on her room though. It's not yet too late to get it and return it to her sister and watch her face from sad to glad. So Hanabi thought of a plan, which she did after a few seconds. 'That's it! It doesn't matter if Ducky was sold off. She can have my Barbie doll or I can buy her a brand new Barbie doll that she will love!' The plan made her smile.

"Listen, I'm going to the mall. Want to come?" She offered. She'll just have to make Hinata pick but Hanabi still have to comment.

"U-umm… s-sure." She wanted to decline so badly as she as a business to take care of. She'll just have to find the rubber duck herself without the help of others. It can be postponed…right? But what if Ducky was on it's way to Switzerland? 'Don't be silly, Hinata!' She thought, mentally shaking for head for thinking such a thing. Then she stood up from her chair, never finishing to drink her tea.

"Great! It's okay if you lost Ducky! We can always buy another Barbie doll!" Hanabi smiled happily. Her words made Hinata sat down back again.

"H-Hanabi…" She frowned sadly at her sister.

"What?" She raised two eyebrows questioningly.

"T-the…the w-way you s-s-said it. Y-you seemed so…h-happy." She commented with a hint of suspicion of them. But Hanabi will never do that, would she? She'll never hide anything from Hinata, especially her Ducky…right? Hanabi is the type of the person that whenever she hates something she'll never get rid of it.

At least that's what she thinks.

"Oh? Me? Oh, I'm sorry for your...loss about Ducky. It's time to move on. I guess." She shrugged, almost stumbling upon her words. She wanted to sneer so bad, why would she feel sorry about Ducky's loss? Hinata wasn't a good observer, you see, so she wouldn't figure out that Hanabi was lying.

"Ummm…o-okay." Her stomach churned a bit. She's not ready to move one yet. Ducky was not just an ordinary scowling duck. He could transform into a human. Blush crept her cheeks, she couldn't deny that he was really, really attractive. Oh dear, why she starting to have a crush on Sasuke?—No! That's just silly, she's just captivated by his looks and she'll never give up on Naruto just yet. She still has yet to confess her true feelings and she knew it's not yet the right time as she still lacks confidence and sureness.

Hanabi wanted to cry out, wanting to say, 'I give! I have your Ducky! You know what? I even put it on Ebay! But I'll remove it if you want!' but instead, she kept silent. Hinata still has to move on and when she has, she's sure she'll play Barbie dolls with her forever and ever. That stupid duck is yet to be finally out of the picture.

"So…I'll just wait in my room." She said meekly and went upstairs like nothing just happened. When she did, she twisted the doorknob and entered inside just to see Ducky in the floor and not properly placed. She raised her brow at this and placed it on the table.

She opened up her father's ebay account and click, "The Black Rubber Duck". No one wished to buy it yet. She was disappointed but a small part of her was relieved. "Arrghh. Why can't you go away, you stupid…part of me." She gnawed her teeth and tried to dismiss it, but no matter what, it will hold on tightly.

"H-Hanabi! I-I'm finished!" a soft, familiar voice she know too well was heard downstairs and she could hear footsteps getting louder. Before Hanabi could leave, she sneered at the duck, "Just so you know, Hinata will stop loving you and will move on to Barbie dolls!"

Sasuke didn't trust her sister, and most of all, why would he care? She's just another stupid owner who won't live for long, right?

He remembered his first owner, Itachi Uchiha. He flinched at his name. Out of all the owners, he cared for Itachi the most. He remembered the time when he was created by a toymaker, but by the time the toymaker got drunk, the toymaker made a deal with a mysterious man. The toymaker wanted his toy to have emotions and be sold at an extremely high price since his family was so poor.

Fortunately, being clever the man was, he granted his wish. The rubber duck was sold to the Uchiha clan's heir, Uchiha Itachi. However, if the duck gets mad or not pleased, it will bring bad luck, but if it's happy, it'll bring fortune and good luck.

And so….Uchiha Sasuke was adopted on the July 23, 1882.

"Hi, my name is Itachi Uchiha and I'm 8 years old! I'm going to call you Sasuke because it will be the name of my brother soon! You see, my mother is pregnant with him and since I couldn't wait, I'm going to call you Sasuke okay?" His owner said excitedly. Sasuke the rubber duck has the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. His dark rubber skin was so fine and has a nice quality. Other than that, it glows, too.

He remembered the times…

When he had a breakfast with Itachi and his family everyday.

"Eat up, Sasuke! This food is really healthy for you." Itachi whined and pushed the food inside it's mouth. Obviously the spoon was so big and the food was so mushy and sticky.

"You see, honey? The rubber duck is beneficial to our son. It seems that he'll become a good, big brother to Sasuke-kun." Mikoto giggled and rubbed her large stomach. Fugaku just nodded, the rubber duck would be a temporary Sasuke for now.

When he had a bath with Itachi.

SPLASH! Itachi couldn't help but splash the clean, warm water. He was amazed that Sasuke was able to float. Unlike his other toys, Teddy Bear got soaked and wet. His ball did float but it's just not his taste and others.

"You look like a surviving boat that keeps on floating even if the waves and the tides are really, really high!" He giggled and splashed some more.

When he plays with Itachi and the other stuff toys.

Peter Rabbit, Teddy Bear and Ballsy the 's true that he has other toys but it seems that the other trio was one of his best friends. They would always play-pretend and make imaginary plays. He would also make his room noisy, a mess and a full of life.

Until one day, a tragic event happened. He can never forget the priceless face of his owner. When his parents died, along with the baby boy he longed for. His mother had a miscarriage. After that, he stopped playing with the toys, even calling them rubbish.

Madara Uchiha took over the household and one time when he stood beside Madara.

"Servants of the Uchiha house! I have a request for you." He demanded, not showing even the tiniest bit of emotion, even Madara was impressed by the sudden change of Itachi. Suppose it must be the death of his parents, along with the unborn baby that changed him for the best. That means he won't have to spoil the brat anymore.

"I want you to show me all of my toys now." He said. Madara frowned. Maybe the brat didn't change him at all.

All the servants obeyed and sooner or later, they all have the toys. Each toy was carried by a servant and it's a weird coincidence that the toys were as many as the servants.

"I want you to get rid of them." He continued. A maid hesitated as she was the one who carried Sasuke the rubber duck and knew the bond between them.

"But, master. Are you sure about Sasuke?" She shakily held the rubber duck. His heart clenched of it's name and regretted to name him the name his late brother. Originally, he wanted to keep it, but the name gave him nothing but nightmares of that past that keeps repeating over and over his head.

He glared at her, "Never mentioned that name again and yes, I'm sure. Get rid of that stupid rubber duck." He answered.

"But you know it's speci—"

"Do you dare not to follow my orders? It's not special to me, it's more of a rubbish. Now get rid of it at once." He ordered her harshly and she hurriedly went outside to dispose it. Madara smirked once more, Itachi truly has changed indeed.

For the first time, Sasuke's face magically turned into a scowl.

It pained him that the owner important to him hated him. He hated the name Sasuke but it's what his owner named him and he shall be loyal to it and continue using his name.

His owners were nothing special and Hinata was no exception. The previous owner before Hinata had found him on a nearby dumpster. She was an old woman, of course. She told him the story of the man she fell in love with was the toy manager that told him to sell Ducky. But he married another woman and she was angry at the man who rejected her. When she kept him, he gave her nothing but badluck and felt like the need to get revenge on that man.

The rubber duck mentally smirked, 'use me as to get revenge on the person, huh?'

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