6th Decavember 2302, Gregorian Calender

The Argonev starbase upon the rim of the wormhole was a magnificent sight; it stood watch over the brightly shining spatial distortion, stationary. Around it flew a large fleet; a magnificent mass of thirty Kodiaks, held up by ninety Cobalts- cannon fodder. Two Marza Dreadnoughts stood watch over them; the Contrition, captained by the venerable Captain Rea, and the Reprobation, watched over by the relatively new Captain Aros. It was a rush force; the Raloz Heavy Constructor that built it was almost destroyed by the time it reached the wormhole, beset upon by Advent foes that controlled all of the planets reaching down towards it.

The portion of the Advent that had decided to take root in this solar system, however, hadn't considered that they would make it. Not a single ship stood guard at the true gates to the western section of the solar system, where no phase lanes reached. Rushing through, the Raloz set upon it's task with a fury, it's guardians watching over it without fail, ready to destroy any 'Children of the Unity' that wandered into the extermination zone.

Unbeknownst to them, the particular sect of the Advent they were dealing with didn't take too kindly to wormholes. Whatever ability they had that allowed them to do those apparently magical deeds had mutated in this subsection, forcing them not to go through these wormholes or simply die, their minds ripped apart by the forces, the ship itself disintegrating without it's captain. They needn't have had any fear of the Advent.

But none of that was on the mind of Marshal Arkas as he stood within the command center of the Novyinadezha, nor could he have known about this chapter of the Advent's aversion. He looked upon the status screen with an increasingly nervous disposition, continuously itching. He watched, forehead beading with sweat, as the Advent came in waves upon Argos. His home. The view was coming from one of the probes above the eliptical plane; he watched as the Novyirodina smashed one Progenitor, moments before turning a Revelation into debris. The demise of the final capital ship, another Revelation, came soon afterwards.

The Novyirodina itself wasn't fairing well, however; the displays showed that it's armor was at around twenty units, a far cry from it's normal twelve thousand five hundred, and several of it's solar capacitator arrays had been simply blown off.

But Arkas was relieved. The station still hadn't been destroyed. The repair crews were breathtakingly efficient, fixing up the station almost to half armor within about ten minutes. The shields simply popped back into life and started regenerating at an even faster rate.

But ten minutes was all that it had. Another fleet came at it in due course; the Advent had the might of twenty planets, and their home colony was just bordering Argos. At least a hundred ships rushed towards the Novyrodina at once; at the head of the mighty force were yet another two Relevations and a Progenitor- they seemed to enjoy this combination. The starbase destroyed many of the cannon fodder, but soon it was utterly overwhelmed by the fury of the fleet's lasers as blue meshed into red, the Novyrodina beginning to decompress; three of the crew compartments were blown open as one of the beam emitters melted.

Finally, the fission reactor was decompressed, and the entire thing disappeared in a flash of orange.

Arkas gritted his teeth. There were no ships; they had all been sent on this mad voyage. No hope. He prayed feverently for a miracle.

It didn't happen.

The Relevations that destroyed the Novyirodina turned their attention to the planet, opening fire. Plumes of fire sprung forth from the surface of the planet as thousands of innocent men and women died under the sustained, remorseless fire of the Advent Battlecruisers. The Arstutanovs that reached past the atmosphere crumpled and fell like so much paper.

On Earth, both the Grand Commander of the Trader Emergency Coalition and the Head Oligarch of the Trader Order received a notice.

"Contact with one of our colonies has been lost."

Neither bothered reading it.