This is when Bella asks Paul to take her to the doctors. I know it's short but it wasn't supposed to be long.

I hope you guys enjoy.

(Paul's POV)

Today out of all the days I've been a wolf I honestly hated what I had become. Instead of being with Bella I was forced to patrol a longer perimenter for a longer amount of time because of some disgusting leeches that just had to pass through La Push. And now because of their presence more people are going to phase. The new guy we were waiting for to phase is Embry Call. Old Quil saw Embry the other day and noticed the changes which meant that as well as patrolling I had to follow Embry around at a distance just in case he phased.

I wondered if me and Bella were ever going to catch a break. I felt like a obstacle was blocking us and this business with the new leeches and possibility of new pack members just made up a tiny part of it. I hated not being able to spend time with her apart from a hour everyday and that was only if I was lucky.

I ran towards Sam's quickly feeling the need to see my imprint. I thought for a brief second how much easier it would be if she knew the secret but immediately dismissed it. Though I was allowed to tell Bella (all wolves were allowed to tell their imprints about us as there were no secrets between the wolf and his imprint) I didn't want to. Not just yet. I wanted to take everything slow. It was after Bella had kissed me spontaneuously after our date that I decided to take things a bit more slow. It was the most perfect moment of my life so far but I saw the look in her eyes and knew that it had surprised her as much as me. I knew then that I wanted to keep our relationship slow. There was no way we could just jump into a relationship. She needed to learn to I was and to accept it. She was beginning to trust me and I hadn't even told her my biggest secret. I wouldn't let a relationship start on lies.

I walked through the door to Sam's and into the kitchen where Bella was sitting flicking through a book with a scowl on her beautiful face.

'Good book?' I asked smiling when her frown deepened.

'Hardly,' she mumbled. I chuckled.

'I miss my own books,' She grumbled chucking the book on the table where it landed with a muted thud.

'What sort of books do you usually read?'

She smiled, 'The classics. My favourites are Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.'

I smiled to myself taking a seat next to her. Maybe I could buy her the books she loves so much.

She eyed me nervously.

I frowned, 'What's wrong?'

She looked away from my face and twisted her fingers together. I put my hands over hers.

'Bella what's wrong?' I asked again concern lacing through my voice.

She looked down at our hands before looking away again.

'I was just wondering if you would come with me to the doctors.'

I smiled. It was silly for her to be so worried about my answer; I would do anything for her.

'Of course I will Bella.'

I heard her breath out heavily.

'Really?' she asked.

I nodded and squeezed her small hands in my larger ones, 'I'll always be here whenever you need me.'

It was moments like this where she wanted me to comfort her instead of anyone else, when she picked me instead of Emily or Sam that made everything worthwhile. It was moments like this that allowed me to be what she needed me to be and not what I wanted to be. If she ever needed more or something different I would happily fill whatever roll she needed me to.

I hope you guys understand the 'slowing down' part. Paul reliased that you can't build a relationship without telling each other everything and when Bella kissed him and he saw her surprise he realised how wrong it was to start a relationship without letting her know everything.