Author's Note: This is a poem depicting Meg's feelings about Sarah during the events in the movie, especially during the problems with her Type 1 diabetes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Panic Room, Meg, or Sarah

So Brave

When the world goes dark

And nothing's going right

When all is bleak and stark

You always put up a fight

Through all the pain

And loss of command

Even when it rains

You have the upper hand

Never giving in

Struggling all the while

Nothing less than a win

Going the extra mile

Staying strong and tough

Never without hope

When the going gets rough

You know how to cope

You have a ready mind

Not gripped by fear

Working through a bind

Knowing the answer's near

Seeing you this way

Dying on the floor

Trying to pray

Can't open the door

Hearing you scream

Breaking my heart

Not a dream

Was just the start

A warrior resides

In this ordeal

Look inside

Find strength to heal

You inspire me

Full of fire

Will soon be free

Escaping the pyre

To you I sing

Soft like fleece

Clear it rings

Telling of peace

Joy still exists

Happiness too

If you resist

Will come true

Mom's little trooper

I'll never leave

You are super

Your pain I'll relieve