A Charmed Life

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Sighing to himself the young man stood up and walked over to the window, staring out at the imposing buildings and watching the headlights of cars far below the street below in the pitch black of his office. The young man stood in his moderate office, nothing of the office seemed anything but ordinary, but the young man staring out at the New York City streets; even from here he could still here sounds of sirens.

But this man was anything but ordinary. Whilst on the outside he was ordinary Harry Black. A young and upcoming FBI agent, he held a dark secret. Whilst officially he was a FBI agent by the name of Harry Black working in the Counter-Terrorism department unofficially he was something different entirely. Only the Director of the CT department and Director of the FBI knew his identity.

Sighing, the young man turned back around and looked around his office. His walls were bare, the filing cabinets along the left-side of the wall were empty, and his desk had a cardboard box filled with pictures and degrees that until two days ago hung along the walls.

Plopping down in his seat he reached deep into his black leather jacket, knocking the holster that held his Sig Saucer, standard issue for the FBI, and dug out a half empty pack of Marlboros. The man then pulled out a Zippo and lit a cigarette.

Reaching over his desk he flipped a light on and his features were illuminated in the dull light of his desk lamp. The man was handsome in a rugged way. Stubble littered around his mouth, jet black like his hair that looked like he just stepped out of a wind storm and underneath the fringe his hair, you could just make out a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Standing and going back to look out the window James Black also known as Lord Harry James Potter-Black, wizard, Special Auror, Boy Who Lived, Reincarnate of Merlin, head of the Anti-Demon department, former Unspeakable, defeater of Dark Lords across the globe and Hero of England's infamous Second War looked out across the city.

It might of been a bit of a shock to his child hood friends who remembered a scrawny shy who now stood at over hundred and eighty centimetres and was ninety kilos of pure muscle, his emerald eyes illuminated by the lights from the outside buildings, his clothes were casual not something you would expect from the newly transferred Head of AD department.

Taking another drag of his cigarette the young man thought back on his life. A life filled of pain, hardship, tears, death and surpringsly love. Just then a knock on the door broke the young man out of his thoughts. Reaching for both his gun in his shoulder holster and wand on thigh holster on instinct he turned around. His eyes flashed gold for a second before he visibly slumped in relief.

"Come in" he called out, taking a seat in his chair and leaning back. The door directly opposite him creaked open and a man who looked to be in his early fifties, dressed in a designer suit and neatly combed hair walked in. Taking one of the seats across the desk the two men surveyed each-other for several minutes, the polar opposites sitting in silence.

"You realise you can't smoke in this building right?" he the new arrival pointed out to his occupant. Raising his eye-brow questionably he gave a half hearted glare.

"Think I give a fuck?" Harry Potter asked nearly growling in annoyance.

"Language Potter, man I thought having a kid would stop you swearing so much?" the mysterious occupant asked, reaching into the box and pulling out a framed photo, in which Harry was in it with one and a half old in his arms, sitting on comfy leather seat both dressed in suits and both fast asleep everyone now and then the picture or the boys hair would change colour would move meaning both occupants in the office had magical blood in them.

Harry remembered that day. It was the day that Harry had come into custody of Theodore James Lupin-Tonks, affectionately known as Teddy to his loved ones. Looking at the photo Harry's thoughts drifted back to that day.

Harry Potter had arrived in London over forty minutes ago by way of international portkey and had travelled directly by car to the church near the home of Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin and Remus Lupin. It had been 3 years since he had been back in London, the Lupins had always come to New York for vacation and Teddy had always been excited to see his favourite Uncle Harry.

Pulling the car up to a stop outside the church he turned and he looked saw the mourners through the open door, the two coffins stood on raised altar. He stood and walked up to the doors and looked in. Two pictures stood in front of coffins.

Harry looked into church from the doorway, hidden in the shadows surveying and checking for hidden dangers. There was a family of redheads. The Weasleys, once upon a time they were the closest thing to a family at all but that was all in past. Sitting next the youngest red head was a woman with long wavy curly hair, clutching the redhead's hand; their hand's sporting matching wedding bands.

These sent a wave of pain across before the features masked into the emotional less mask. Ron and Hermione Weasley, the latter being used to go by Granger. They had once been his best friends but after the Second War that all changed.

Harry had fallen in-love with Hermione over the years, but when she had been forced to make a choice between the Ron Weasley Quidditch star who as secure and stable, who showed her love and was loved by her.

Or the Harry Potter Unspeakable who was trained in all forms of combat, had enough a Psychological degree and travelled around the world tracking all forms of criminals, Dark Lords and terrorists and several high level demons including two of the three Sources second in commands.

Hermione had chosen Ron, telling that while she loved him, love wasn't enough. Harry had walked out of her apartment taking the case that would end with the life of Lilith, the Sources second in command and hospitalising him for several months.

After he had recovered the people who knew him were shocked. He had dived head long into war changing his name to Harry Black (after all he was technically Lord Black why not use it), setting up an apartment in New York City and hunting all kinds criminal of both the Magical and Non-Magical worlds. He was in pain, he wanted to protect others from pain, but what few people knew was that he had wanted to die.

He hadn't cared whether he had lived or died, fighting and killing until a week he had received a call. Remus and Tonks had been killed, murdered by a couple of racists who believed that werewolf's deserved to wiped out, the Auror's getting there in time to stop from killing Teddy. Harry had dropped the case he had at the time and ran back to New York.

Bringing his thoughts back to the present Harry spied the two people he had come to for. A middle-aged lady with dark black who was very reminiscent of a dead death eater, Andromeda Tonks and the little boy sitting on her lap, Teddy Lupin.

Staying out of sight Harry watched as the priest gave the final blessing and the funeral gathers all started to leave. Andromeda and Teddy stayed till everyone had left and all that was left were the broken old lady, a vibrant young man and the unshaven young man who had been put through hell.

Harry quickly walked into the church between the pews, stopping right next to the one in which and keeping his gaze on the coffin. He quickly conjured up two red roses and placed one on each of the coffins.

"Thanks you for coming Harry, I know how hard this is for you" Andromeda whispered. Harry turned and got a close look at both the sleep one and a half year old sleeping in her arms. The young boy had not understood what was happening but he knew he that mommy and daddy weren't there anymore.

Switching his gaze to the elderly lady, Harry took in her appearance. She did not look good, her skin was sunken and waxy, and Harry now noticed the patches of hair missing and the shaking of her hands.

Sitting down swiftly Harry put his arm around the last two people he had counted as family in this world pulled them both into a light hug. Andromeda put her head into his shoulder and kept it there, drawing strength from the man who had nothing left to lose and nothing to give to take her pain away.

"I came as soon as I could, they were my family, just like you and Teddy are, if I could change places I'd do it in a heartbeat" Harry murmured.

Nodding her head and sniffling a bit Andromeda raised her head and looked at Harry.

"Harry, you might have to" she whispered.

At this Harry shook his head. He had no idea what Andromeda was talking about. How could he possibly take Tonks and Remus place? That's when his magic found something wrong. Harry gave Andromeda a quick look over and the pain in his heart increased.

"Oh Andy" Harry murmured, pulling Teddy out of her arms and letting him let him rest comfortably, whilst pulling Andy into a tighter hug.

"I'm dying Harry, leukaemia the healers have given me a little over six months to live" she whispered into his shoulder.

"There's nothing they can do?" Harry questioned just as softly as Andy had spoken.

"No , even in the magical world, there is no known cure for cancer, that's why I asked you stay till after the service, there's something I need you do to for me" Andy whispered.

Raising his head and placing his chin on her crown he replied with a soft reply of:

"Anything you need Andy, I'll do everything in my power to make happen"

Andy let out a relieved smile, and sighed. She looked like she was preparing herself for something painful.

"Harry you know how I said you might have to take my daughters place, I need to...take Teddy in" she whispered.

This seemed to shock Harry into silence for a few moments.

"Andy...I don't think that's a good idea" Harry whispered.

"Harry please you must there is no-one else...Remus and Dora trusted you enough to make you godfather, if you don't take him in then no-one will, no-one can protect him like you can" she said passionately, breaking the hug and looking at his face.

"What about the Weasleys why can't they take him in?" Harry questioned.

"They are afraid, Harry in England there are still some pureblood supremacists, Harry he needs you, if you take him to America he can have a normal life, there are no laws and they are more accepting please Harry" Andy replied desperately.

The young boy chose this moment to open his eye and wake up. Sleepily rubbing his eyes he looked around and finally the man whose lap he was. His hair swiftly changed colour to the same black and his eyes turned emerald green.

"Hawwy" he squealed excitedly jumping up and wrapping his arms around the his neck. Harry chuckled briefly and hugged the little boy back.

Harry looked down at child who was babbling away at a rate Harry could barely understand. A warm feeling filled his heart despite the setting they were in and timing of their meeting Harry found himself smiling without even knowing.

Harry had wanted a family when he was younger, a wife and children, a normal life and a normal job...well as normal as you could get when you were a wizard, but now he had lost all hope of that happening, drinking and running missions, fighting evil and just trying to make it through the day.

At the young age of twenty-four, Harry had lost all hope and just hoped when he died he could find peace in the afterlife. But he didn't think he would deserve it. But now having the bundle of energy on his lap talking a mile a minute Harry found himself laughing for the first time in a long time.

Smiling tenderly at the pair, Andromeda voiced the thoughts she had been thinking.

"Harry, its not just Teddy who needs you, you need Teddy just as much as he needs you, to remind you that there is still innocence in the world" she murmured to the weary man.

Harry looked at her in shock, then down at the small child, who was now snuggling back into him and his heart, came alive for the first time in three years.

Sighing and nodding his head he turned and looked at Andromeda.

"Ok I'll look after, I'll treat him as if he was my own" Harry murmured to Andromeda, not knowing that this decision would bring him more happiness than he had ever know and giving him a family he had always longed for but would not meet for a long six years.

Bringing himself back to the present he looked back over at the other man. When Harry had taken in Teddy he had completely changed his life. No longer having only himself to worry about, Harry had gotten a transfer to the Auror department, which was also part of the FBI, he started working in department of magical murders and disappearances.

He quickly rose through the ranks, his instincts, spell and knowledge of the magical world, his ability to work undercover and his unique abilities due to being the Heir of Merlin made him a formidable Auror.

He quickly garnered attention, the Director of MMD Aaron Grison who was now sitting across from him had taken him under his wing and taught him even more, but also showed him how to balance his work and private life, so now at the age of twenty-nine, work was his source of income, and his private life was which he lived and not the other way around.

But all that had come to a crashing halt six months ago. Whilst attempting to apprehend a subject who was responsible for the murder of over six children, Harry had gotten blindsided. He not expected a demon to working in sync with the dark wizard.

Harry had been tortured and left for dead; the healers had barely managed to save his life. After this scared Harry realised how truly dangerous his job was. Now six months later, back on his feet still battling the nightmares and seeing the physical scars in the mirror had made him rethink his priorities.

When he had been offered the job of the Director of Anti-Demons department in San Francisco, he had taken it with both hands. Whilst he very little field duty, he could still go out on the occasional case, he also had more regular working hours.

Teddy was starting school this year, at the age of seven he was a spitfire, he and Harry looked out for each other. Teddy had given Harry the one thing he had lost back; he regained his faith in the world.

"You know its that not nice to keep people waiting" Aaron spoke at last. Harry quickly shook of his thoughts of the last few years and looked at Aaron. Aaron had become a father figure to Harry and one of the few adults he trusted.

"Yeah well no-one asked you, did they?" Harry quipped back.

"Smartass, you know I was almost sad to see you leave, but not I'd can't wait to get rid of you, who needs little sarcastic pricks around all the time" Aaron grumbled to himself.

"I love you too" Harry said sarcastically.

Shaking his head at the young man across from him Aaron softly chuckled.

"So when does your flight leave?" Aaron asked.

"Six A.M tomorrow morning" Harry answered quietly.

"You got the house set up then?" Aaron asked him.

"Yeah I got a nice house in a nice neighbourhood; the address is...um..." Harry murmured looking around his papers "1327 Prescott Street" he said, holding the address in his hand. Harry had looked at the photos on the net and her liked it instantly, very homey and very lived in.

"What about furniture?" Aaron asked, taking the address from Harry and slipping into his pocket.

"Already ordered it, it should all be unpacked by the time we get there, it was about time I bought a house for Teddy, living in Penthouses can't be good for the kid" Harry murmured.

Looking at the time, Harry swore to himself.

"Shit I was supposed to home half an hour ago" he said gathering up his box and slinging his jacket back on.

Aaron stood up and helped him gather the rest of his papers and tucked them into his folders. Quietly they slipped from the office and walked to the elevator in silence and stepped in.

When they finally reached the ground floor they walked out and went to the parking garage where Harry's Ford Territories stood.

They stopped and looked at each other before embracing. Releasing each other they nodded to each other and Aaron whispered a quick goodbye to him. Harry got into the truck and gunned the ignition and started off towards home. He had a flight to catch tomorrow.

San Francisco-3 Days Later

Phoebe Halliwell woke up to the sun pouring into the her room at the manor and softly groaned to herself, enjoy her first day off in a while. Today was going to be a nice day, no demons would attack, not if they knew what was good for them.

She got up and tugged on a dressing gown and walked to window and looked outside. Not a cloud in the sky. Miles had dies yesterday and she not fully grieved her loss. Was she cursed or something, first Cole goes insane, then she falls in-love with a man who was pre-destined to die.

Walking down stairs to the kitchen of the manor, she found the eldest charmed one and older sister Piper Halliwell-Wyatt who was heavily pregant and her husband/whitelighter eating breakfast and discussing baby names.

"Morning sweetie" Piper said smiling at Phoebe. Phoebe smiled back and murmured a good morning before going to get a cup of coffee.

They all sat around the table chatting and joking around teasing Leo and were eventually joined by their youngest sister Paige Matthews. After Breakfast the sisters showered and had gotten dressed and were discussing the best way to spend their day off.

Half-way through a joke about why whitelighters couldn't they heard a roar of an engine they had never been heard on the street before.

All three of the charmed ones and their whitelighter slipped into the lounge to peek out the window. Moving vans and delivery vans had been coming to the house next door for the last week and so the sister's had gathered they would be getting a new neighbour.

They looked outside to see a muscle car, only Leo was familiar with the name of the car ("it really sucks being the only male in this house") parking on house next door. Now that they had all changed they exited the front door to get a glimpse of their new neighbours.

Standing on the stoop they were barely able to hear the voices coming from the car.

"We are not getting a dog, over my dead body Teddy" they heard an accented voice say, judging from it the speaker was British.

"But daaaaaaaaaaadddddddd, we never could before, now we got a house we can, pretty please" whined a voice that definitely belonged to that of child.

All sisters waited as the occupants of cars hopped up and looked up at the house directly next to the Halliwell manor. The man had taken all of all the girls breathe away; he was without a doubt extremely handsome.

He stood at six foot, was dressed in a black shirt, with a black leather jacket and black jeans hanging of his hips, as he moved around the car to open the door you could see the ripple of muscles just beneath his shirt and had several days worth of stubble on his face.

He had black hair that looked windswept with a pair of aviators covering his eyes. He opened the door and let out a young boy who they guessed was to be around the age of seven. He was dressed in a blue jeans with sneakers and a green polo shirt on.

The sound of their voices snapped the girls out of ogling of the new edition to the street.

"Uncle Harry, seriously, I need a dog, I mean ever since Goldie died I've been really lonely and I want a pet" the young boy said.

"Why did Goldie die?" the man asked. The boy suddenly had a sheepish expression on his face and mumbled something that the girls couldn't quite catch and apparently neither did the man, who the girls now knew as "Uncle Harry" asked him to repeat what he had said.

"It wasn't my fault I was sick and I couldn't make to the bathroom, why do always bring that up, especially in front of my friends?" the young boy whined. Chuckling to himself, not even noticing the three woman awing to each other and the man rolling his eyes at the young boy walked around to the back of the car and popped the boot.

"Cause kid as parent/Uncle/older brother and your future wingman it is my god given right to embarrass you" he answered in a very cherry voice, bending over in the boot to grab a rucksack of clothes and three suitcases that obviously belonged to a child, giving the girls a rather nice view of backside.

"Let's go say hi" Phoebe said, already walking down the steps and towards the car.

"I call dibbs" Paige shouted out after her hurrying after her, catching up while Piper and Leo followed, shaking their heads at the sister obvious interest of their new neighbour.

The sisters and Leo reached the car and noticed the young boy had taken to leaning against the car and had a very intense focuss on his face. As they neared him they hear him ask Harry a question.

"Uncle Harry, what's a wingman?" the young boy asked in a very serious voice and added with the intense face set all the sisters of laughing at it, from where they standing right on the curb near the car.

This brought the attention of the young boy to them, but it also caused the man who had his head deep in the boot of car raise it very fast, knocking it on the lid of the boot, which set the young boy off laughing and Paige hurrying over.

"I'm so sorry, we just wanted come over and say hi to the new neighbours I'm Paige, Paige Matthews" Paige said very quickly.

Grabbing Leo in case the man in front of them turned out to be a demon and they had just made him very mad she quickly said "This is Leo, my brother-in-law."

Turning around the first thing the girls had noticed about him was now that his glasses were off he had green eyes, whilst Paige thought they glistened like emeralds although she thought that might be from the knock to the head.

Reaching out with one hand to shake Leo's hand he clasped his and Leo's not noticing the odd look that crossed over his face. Still rubbing his sore head he looked at the four of them.

"Harry Black and the little rascal over there is Theodore" he said emphasising the name which made the kid splutter indigently.

"Why did you have to say my name?" he asked in the same whiny voice from before. Harry turned to him and said swiftly

"It'll teach you laugh at me" he said in a fake stern voice.

"Its not my fault you are unaware of your surroundings" he said, making him sound like much older than he was.

"Brat child" Harry shot back, completely forgetting the sister who were getting more amused by the mintute and thinking how cute they both were.

"Smelly grown up" Teddy shot back.

"I do not smell" Harry said in a outraged voice crossing his arms across his chest. Teddy mimicked his pose and looked up at Harry.

"Yeah you do Uncle Harry" Teddy smiling sweetly up at him.

Matching the smile Harry replied in a sickly sweet voice "Would I still smell if I didn't take your Xbox away?"

This shocked the small boy and finally sent Paige into a fit of giggles she had been trying to hold in, with Paige, Piper and Leo smiling at the pair while the giggles had garnered the attention of the two newcomers .

Harry adopted a suave looked when he finally saw the source of the laughter was a beautiful young woman.

"Teddy come over and say hi to the neighbours " Harry, wrapping an arm around Teddy and whispering in an overly loud so the sisters could her into Teddy's ear "The neighbours are very pretty aren't they?"

Teddy looked at the three sisters, considering them before saying to his Uncle "Yeah they are, but I don't like icky girls Uncle Harry" he said a little too loudly.

Chuckling and shaking his head Harry turned to face the sisters noticing that the pregnant one at rolled his eyes at him, the one he recalled as her name being Paige was looking at him with suspicion and the other one he didn't know had the same look.

"So, just moved into the states?" the heavily pregnant one said.

Chuckling Harry shook her hand.

"Nope been here about...ten years give or take" Harry replied, amused by their guarded expressions.

"Uncle Harry, can we go inside now, I want to look at my new room" Teddy whined. For such a mature seven, Harry still loved to hear act like a child.

"Yeah come on kid" he said wrapping an arm around his shoulders he picked up his rucksack threw it over his shoulder and grabbed his suitcases and started towards the house.

"It was nice meeting you all" Harry threw over shoulder, looking at three, his eyes lingering on Paige as hers did on him before he turned and made his way to the front door.

The girls watched the man and the boy walk up to the house, unlock the door and enter it.

"Go ahead kid go check it out" Harry said to Teddy, who gave him a big smile and ran up the stairs wooping the whole way.

"Don't run in the house" Harry bellowed out after him. Shaking his head at the young mans antics he walked into the foyer. The house was exactly as he wanted it to be.

"I'm making breakfast Ted, you want anything?" Harry called out. He said walking down the hall where he knew the kitchen was. The walls were a deep green, a conservatory on the left side with open windows, a stair case on the opposite side with pictures on hanging on the stairs that led to the higher levels.

Makin a mental note to change he walked into the kitchen. It was all newly marbled and had new expensive appliances.

"Teddy what do you want for breakfast?" Harry bellowed out waving his hands making ingredients start to dance out and land on the counter.

"The usual dad" Teddy's voice drifted down to him. Chuckling and shaking his head Harry waved a hand and start the oven and the stove tops.

"You know kid, you're going to have to make up your mind on what you call me" Harry said starting to whisk eggs into scrambled form, the sound of the doorbell going off interrupted whatever he was going to yell back.

Placing down the egg mix Harry started walking down the hall, hearing Teddy running down the stairs to see who was there. Placing a hand on his pistol in his shoulder holster he looked through the glass to see it was the neighbours.

Opening the door, keeping his hand on the inside of his jacket he put on his most charming smile as he saw his new gorgeous neighbours. The one that had introduced herself as Paige had red hair, was short and very petite but had curves in all the right places, standing next to her was another gorgeous woman with styled brown almost black hair who was bigger around the bust then her red-headed sister.

The pregnant woman was probably the shortest and had a beauty of the girl next door, add into the pregnant glow she was radiating she was breathtaking. The only male of the group towered over the girls, he had short blonde cropped up hair and an easy smile, but he also had the look in his eyes that spoke of wisdom beyond his years.

"Hi we just thought we would come over, introduce ourselves and welcome you to the neighbourhood" the red head-Paige smiling nicely at me showing off her dimples.

Swinging the door Harry gestured for them to come in, softly closing the door behind them and turning to face them.

"Your just in time, I was about to cook breakfast for me and the little trash shoot over there" Harry said pointing at Teddy.

"Hey I am not a trash shoot" Teddy said in an outraged voice...well as outraged as a seven year old could get, Harry just looked at him bemusedly and walked towards the kitchen, knowing that they were following right behind him.

Harry picked up the whisker and continued what he was doing before the door bell ran (minus making things float around.

"No we're good, Piper cooked us breakfast" Paige said pointing at the pregnant woman.

"Coffee?" he asked pointing out the machine sitting on countertop.

"Sure" Paige said. Harry grabbed a couple of cups and got to work making four coffee's and a herbal tea pouring them, whilst cooking breakfast expertly. He was so busy he failed to see their shocked looks.

Turning around Harry gestured for them to take a seat around the island and taking a seat himself whilst Teddy ran upstairs to check out his new room.

"So you can cook?" Piper said filling the silence after taking our seats.

"Why, shocked that someone who of the male persuasion can cook?" he said looking at her amusedly.

"No, just...well yes alright, Leo here can't cook to save his life" she said patting her husband on the arm.

"I can cook" Leo said defensively.

Paige snorted and replied "Leo you burn toast."

"That was one time" Leo protested himself. Piper started to pat him on the shoulder in mock support. A sudden ring broke up the peace that had become in the Black kitchen. Harry reached into his jacket pocket and pulled his ringing. Checking the ID he softly sighed to himself. Flipping the phone to his he answered the call that was coming from his new office mumbling of not even a day off.

"Black" Harry answered blankly. The Halliwell's plus Leo all looked up curiously.

"Sir we have a situation that requires immediate attention" my 2IC reported, Jacob Miller; although the Auror was technically part of the "muggle" or what was more commonly known as the "mundane" in America. They operated like a military and considering they were all ex-Mage the elite front line magical units or Unspeakable's they were much more comfortable with a clear military chain of command.

"I've been in town all of three hours, what the hell is going on, is there an immediate threat" Harry barked sharply. He wanted at least a day before getting to work, setting the house up and perhaps getting to know his new neighbours (particularly one Paige Matthews).

"No sir it urgent" Miller replied into my ear. Sighing softly to myself in frustration; this is not how I wanted to start my job.

"Damn it I don't have a sitter for Teddy" Harry replied, making the person metioned raise their head from the cereal. Piper quickly tapped me on shoulder. Muffling the earpiece Harry looked at her raising an eyebrow in question.

"We can watch Teddy if you would like?" Piper, her voice full of warmth and kindness; doing a quick scan of their aura's he came to a conclusion. They were all mostly all firmly good at their heart but Phoebe was a little darker than the other's like she had given into evil briefly.

What was most curious was they all had core of the Green Witches or Wiccans as the wizarding world had started to call them after the wizards broke away from the elder's; the only was contact was they had was two: the Angel of Death and the Sister of fate not elder's, cupid's, demons whitelighters, warlocks or anything else of the green world, the sister's magical core's were intertwined each connecting like they were able to control their power's.

The Charmed One's were legendary; prophesised by the elder's to be the most powerful force of good that the world had ever known. Unfortunately this had to be balanced. So the Underworld was allowed to be opened up more to the mundane world, overlapping and crashing in death and chaos.

Before the gate's between the Underworld and Middleworld Harry only dealt with three creatures from the Underworld; one was a low level tracker who had honed in on his signature after one of his drinking escapades. It had been a quick fight.

The second had a warlock who had hidden in the world for over a millennium old accculamting power's. It had been a fight to the death in which he had very much expected not to survive.

The third had been the thing that led to Harry coming to San Francisco. A wizard had made a deal with a soul collector, his soul in exchange for an increase in his powers. Harry had interrupted the deal and was kidnapped.

Shaking his head of his thought's he realised he been silent for well over thirty seconds. Looking at them all, then Teddy who had a pleading look on his face; he didn't want to spend his one day off before school.

Uncovering his mouth piece, "Be there in thirty" Harry stated before flipping the phone shut. Giving Teddy a quick hug and saying thank you to the Charmed One's before bounding down to his car. He gunned the engine and head quickly to the office wondering what could possibly be happening.

1047 August 12th 2003

Downtown San Francisco - Auror Office-Anti Demon Dept. Director Black's Office

"So you have a new recruit?" Harry questioned looking over his file. He had to admit the resume was impressive. Expert in demonology, fluent in over fifty dialects including Whitelighter, trained for over a hundred years.

"Yes Sir we do...but there's a small problem sir" Miller replied. They were sitting in Harry's office looking over the file Miller had shoved into his hands.

"What's the problem?" Harry questioned, still engrossed in the report. Looking up at Miller Harry raised an eyebrow.

"He has a lot of dark magic in his system that is starting to affect his mind...and he was once possessed by the Source of All Evil" Miller stated like they were talking the weather and not deciding to give a demon a second chance. Harry didn't even blink at this information having finished and now leaning back into the leather back chair and placing his feet on his desk steep ling his fingers and resting his chin on them.

He would be a valuable asset once they purged the dark magic from his magic and let the Healer's look over him. Harry looked out the glass that surrounded his into the Bullpen. Squad's were being set up, team's being briefed. A map of San Francisco was displayed with little red dots showing demon's, witches in forest green, warlock's in yellow and all other magical creature's in grey.

"Can he be redeemed Miller?" Harry questioned after minutes of silence.

"Yes Sir but we must ac fast before he is too far gone" Miller replied without hesitation. Harry nodded his agreement already having come to the same conclusion.

Picking up a of photo from Harry lit a cigarette and gazed at it for a few moments before making a decision.

"I'll speak to Cole Turner myself...we have much in common and I believe he will respond to a man who has been in his position" Harry said looking at Miller, a picture of Cole Turner and Phoebe Halliwell happy, content and in each other's arms, they looked very much in-love.

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