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Chapter 7: A First Date, An eventful first meeting and the plan enacted.

Black Manor San Fransisco-1847 hrs. October 1st 2003.

Harry sighed again as he held up both of the ties, it was Thursday and he was supposed to be picking Paige up in a couple of minutes and he still had yet to decide on what tie he was going to wear. He hadn't been this nervous for a first day since he went into Hogsmeade on a snowy December day over ten years ago.

Sighing he held the red tie up again, it went well with his white shirt, but he felt the green one emphasized his eyes. A chuckle made him look over in the corner where Teddy stood in his pajamas with a bag slung over his back.

Harry wasn't sure how long he and Paige were going to be out but he wanted Teddy to spend some time with Phoebe; the little guy had always been able to bring out the best in everyone, his energy and thirst for life exciting everyone around him.

"What do you think is so funny young man?" Harry asked in a mock stern voice. Teddy laughed again and went and sat down on Harry's bed, getting comfortable lying down, putting his face on his hands and swinging his legs.

"Dad, Paige with like whatever you wear alright you just have to relax ok" Teddy said in a matter of face voice which shocked Harry. Harry shook his head and looked back over at Teddy, he raised both ties to his chest and alternated.

"What do you think buddy, red or green?" Harry asked. Teddy shook his head and got up and picked his bag up and walked over to Harry.

"The red dad, you need to expand your color collection" Teddy said on his way out. Harry shook his head and threw down the green one, tying the red tie around his neck as he followed Teddy down the hallways.

"What do you mean; I need to expand my color collection?" Harry asked, concentrating on his tie as he followed Teddy down the stairs.

"Dad, all you wear is black and green, seriously why don't you try some cheerful colors?" Teddy asked as he stopped at the front door waiting for Harry to pick up his car keys and wallet from their place in the hallway.

"Well, dark colors are just smarter when you need to blend in, it's just ingrained in my head from my training" Harry mumbled, checking his reflection in the mirror near the front door, not noticing the sad look Teddy got on his face.

"You sacrificed a lot didn't you dad?" Teddy questioned softly. Harry looked down at Teddy and sighed. Fixing his collar and focusing on his reflection he responded.

"If I didn't Ted there is no telling what kind of life you would be having right now and honestly I don't even want to consider the possibilities" Harry replied. Walking over to Teddy he wrapped an arm the young and led them down their stoops, locking the door and pulling up and the wards with a subtle wave of his hands.

"Dad, you never talk about what it was like, you just always tell me to ask when I'm older" Teddy replied as they walked down the street and turned up the Halliwell walkway. Walking up the stairs Harry kept his arm around Teddy.

"There are just something's that you can't understand till you older kid and I thank god everyday you don't have the memories that I do" Harry mumbled looking down at Ted "There's an old saying, I can't remember who said it but it goes like this; 'If violence must be done, let it be in my lifetime so that my child's may be peaceful' do you understand what I'm saying Teddy?"

Harry looked down at Teddy as he stopped on the stoop just before knocking on the door. Teddy looked down at the ground for several moments before he looked up at Harry and nodded his head.

"Yeah I understand" Teddy replied "But I won't be a kid forever you know" Teddy finished, giving Harry a piercing look. Harry just chuckled and rang the bell. Harry heard footsteps coming down the hall and replied to Teddy.

"I know but for the moment your biggest trouble is what I'm going to cook for breakfast, mine is to make sure you got everything you need" Harry murmured to Teddy who just smiled at him. The door opening cut of whatever conversation they were going to have. Leo stood there with a gentle smile on his face.

"Hey guys, hey Teddy, come in Paige is getting ready" Leo said with a kind smile. He was dressed in long jeans and a jumper, his short blonde kept need and he wore a smile that crinkled the edges of his mouth.

Teddy walked in with a smile, looking up at Leo. Harry followed Teddy in and stood in the doorway. Harry hadn't been over a lot, the sister's not wanting to give away their secret and Harry wanting to share who he was when they were ready to share who they were. Standing in the walkway, Harry looked around. The room house had the homey feel that showed it was well lived in.

"Come on guys have a seat, Teddy, Piper made cookies why don't I show the way" Leo said, leaving Harry in the lounge room when Teddy followed excitedly. Harry noticed that Phoebe was wrapped up in a blanket sitting in front of the fireplace.

Sighing Harry walked over and sat down in the sofa beside her and looked down into at her. She was just sitting there and staring into the fireplace, flickering amber casting a shadow over her face.

"Hey Phoebe" Harry murmured. She looked up at him and cracked a smile.

"Harry, hey when did you get here?" Phoebe said, with a slight bit of shock on her face, not even hearing him approach. He chuckled in response.

"A couple of minutes, so what are you up to?" Harry asked.

"Just thinking" Phoebe said, looking back into the fire.

"Thinking about you ex-husband?" Harry questioned, making her head shoot up and stare at him. Harry had an unreadable look on his face.

"How did you know about Cole?" Phoebe asked in shocked silence.

"Paige told me" Harry murmured, "So why are you thinking about you ex when its what you wanted isn't it?" Harry questioned. Phoebe just turned her face away from him and continued to stare into the fire.

"I'm not sure anymore" Phoebe whispered. Footsteps drew Harry's attention from Phoebe and towards the staircase. As he walked out his breath caught his in his throat and he had to remind himself to breath. Harry hadn't even noticed Phoebe had followed him and was smiling at look of admiration on his face.

Paige was walking down stairs, a black dress that fell mid-thigh, with matching shoes and a small handbag, her face contained traces of makeup but just to strengthen her natural beauty, her hair was tied up in a loose bun with a few strawberry tendrils that framed her face.

She took his breath away, what Harry didn't realize was that Paige was having similar thoughts about Harry. Harry was dressed in a black suit with a white undershirt with a red tie and Paige was having trouble focusing on anything but the way his muscles bulged under the shirt.

When she stopped in front of him Harry drew her hand up and kissed the black lightly pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her, she smiled and draw closer, inhaling his cologne and his natural scent.

"You look gorgeous" Harry murmured into her hair. Paige just smiled into his chest. Pulling back she placed her hand on his chest feeling the solid mass of muscle below her hand, she smiled up into his eyes.

"You don't look so bad yourself" she said to him. Harry just smiled and hooked his arm through hers and walked towards the door. He stopped when he saw Teddy coming out of the kitchen. Waving him over he hugged him softly and draw back.

"Be good Teddy, go to bed on time, Piper is taking you to school, but I'll pick you up, alright?" Teddy smiled then pushed him towards the door, hooking his arm through Paige's.

As Harry opened the door for Paige, who smiled softly in gratitude Harry realized that his life was going to drastically change thanks to the woman who his eyes were following the way her hips swayed beneath her dress.

As he put his arm around her shoulders and she wrapped her hers around him as they drew closer to the car he realized that it was for the better.

Alley Way, Downtown San Francisco- 1945 hrs October 1st 2003.

As Paige and Harry were sitting down for a candlelit dinner in a very expensive restaurant half way across the city Cole was not having such a brilliant night. He ducked again as the demon threw another swipe, missing him by inches he backed away from the demon he was fighting.

Dressed in all black, with his badge on his belt Cole had set out on patrol of the city. It was the first of many that night when he had heard a scream from an alleyway. Pulling over he jumped out the car and rushed down the alley he heard it come from.

He stumbled upon a scene that was getting to be familiar to him. A mortal was to about to be killed, cowering under the intense rage of a demon. The demon themselves was something that was grotesque. It stood at over eight feet, was jet green, with horns coming from its head, muscling rippling all over it, it was a low level demon that was trying to make to a name for itself by taking out an innocent, after that all it could accomplish.

Cole had rushed in and stopped the killing blow, engaging the demon in hand-to-hand combat, which had led to his current situation. As the demon rushed in again, Cole kicked out, shattering the demons leg and causing the demon to howl out in rage. It had dropped to one knee and was trying to stand back up.

Cole flicked his wrist out, causing a sharp blade to snap out; it was over a foot long and glistened deadly in the light from the streetlights. He grabbed it by its neck, forcing his eyes to look into his, before he plunged the blade deep into its chest the demon screamed out in pain before exploding.

Looking back at the innocent, he noticed she was unconscious. Pulling his phone out he dialed a number, murmuring softly before blurring to a rooftop, a perfect view of the alley from his perch. He watched as the ambulance arrived, murmuring softly to her.

Once they had the mortal loaded up into the ambulance, its sirens blazing as it made its way to the hospital, Cole jumped, falling seven stories, landing softly on his feet. As he walked past the crowd of on-lookers, he scanned for any hints that anyone knew his hand it what had happened. Realizing he was in the clear he walked towards his car never looking back once.

When the young Maurice Cherriden awoke in the hospital several hours later to the sight of her fiancé sleeping uncomfortable in a chair she smiled softly. When asked what had happened she had no recollection of what happened.

When inquired as to what happened all she was told was that someone had dialed 911, saying there was an unconscious woman in an alley way and she needed assistance. She never realized the danger she had been in or about the man who had saved her life, who was at the same time as she spoke softly to her fiancé was fighting a similar fight in a warehouse that was at the docks trying to rescue a six year old girl who had been stolen from her parents.

No-one would ever thank Cole for what he had done, that night Cole was able to dream, his nightmares and screams from his victims in his earlier life blocked out by the faces of those he had saved that night.

Waterfront Esplanade, San Francisco Docks-2203 hrs October 1st 2003.

Paige and Harry walked slowly down the esplanade Harry's arm around her shoulders hers around her waist. They were talking and laughing relieving memories from their lives, well Paige was Harry didn't have a lot of happy memories.

"It's not funny Harry" Paige protested slapping his chest softly. Harry continued to chuckle oofing in fake pain.

"Oh come on Paige you have to admit its not that common a mistake to happen…I can't believe you called the teacher mummy" Harry said before laughing again. Paige looked at him in mock sternness but there was a grin threatening tugging at her lips.

"Ok enough about my school years, what about you all you've told me about your schooling was it was a boarding school, that must have been interesting" Paige questioned him looking up at him. Harry sighed before walking over the railing, looking over the San Francisco bay. Paige was cuddled up to him, her back to the railing, her hands were rubbing up and down his chest.

"It wasn't that interesting, just a typical boarding school" Harry said, hating himself for lying to Paige but there wasn't much a choice…how could he tell her that he went to a school for witches and wizards where he had a dark lord trying to kill him every year.

"Look Paige I don't like talking about my past, but I will tell you everything in time, it's just a difficult thing for me to talk about" Harry murmured.

Paige nodded her towards him. Harry still was a large mystery; the parts he had divulged was not that much and Teddy hadn't been very helpful in the least. Harry sighed and looked down at Paige; he gave her a gentle smile before leaning down and kissing her softly on her luscious lips. Paige let him, the kiss growing more passionate.

Harry nibbled on her bottom, softly tracing it with his tongue; Paige responded by opening her mouth and allowing it entry into her mouth, Harry groaned softly pulling her tighter to his chest, the heat coming from her body sending a shock to his system.

Kissing Paige was addictive for Harry, her taste of strawberries, with a hint of vanilla and her soft flowery perfume surrounding him was like a high he had never known in his life. If Paige would let him he would never stop kissing her.

Paige broke the kiss; both of them breathing deeply from but neither stepped away from the warmth of the other. Paige's arms were up under his jacket, her hands grasping tightly around his shoulders, whilst one of Harry's hand were tangled up in her hair, the other around waist.

Harry sighed and pulled her gently as close to him as possible. The kiss was a nice distraction from his whirlwind of thoughts. Paige sighed softly, listening to the thumping of his heart and smiling. Harry was making her happier than she had ever felt and she was ecstatic. Perhaps she thought to herself, she had finally the found the man she had been looking for her whole life.

In each other's arms, the rest of the world disappeared from and there was only each other. But Harry knew that it wouldn't last. He prayed she would stick by him when he told her of his past.

"Come on let's head home, before your sister's send out a search party" Harry murmured leading them away from the sound of water lapping gently against the pier.

1457 hrs October 2nd, 2003-Director's Office AD Aurora Special Command, Downtown San Francisco.

"So what do you think?" Harry questioned looking at Cole after he finished relaying the details of his plan. Cole sat in the chair that was in front of his desk and looked thoughtfully around. While Cole was thinking Harry took stock of the man who was vastly becoming one the few people in the world that Harry trusted implicitly. The list was short and Harry could count the amount of people that he did on one hand and Cole was at the top.

Harry saw the bags under his eyes, the slightly graying his skin and Harry knew he hadn't slept last night, even if he hadn't checked the patrol logs last night. Cole wasn't sleeping and Harry knew it, but he wouldn't bring it up till it became an issue.

Cole had killed over fifty-seven demons, eighty-seven warlocks and even a dark wizard. That had been Cole's real test. Pushing that thought out his mind Harry mentally sighed. If it continued he would have to order some down time.

Even with Cole's unparalleled magical abilities, his keen mind and razor sharp instincts that only came from counting on yourself for most of your life. But all warriors whether they were magical or mundane knew that it only took one lucky one to do the job. And Cole didn't give a damn whether he lived or not.

As long he died fighting evil Harry knew Cole would gladly lay his life down in the war. But Harry wouldn't let it continue for much longer.

"It's a good plan, but where are you going to get the Aurors?" Cole asked, raising an eyebrow in question as to Harry's roaming eye's. Cole knew what he was looking for and silently cursed himself for not putting up a better front.

"Pull them from all divisions, maybe even recruit some of the local PD who aware of our world" Harry responded. Harry's phone suddenly rang, breaking the conversation up.

"Yeah Black" Harry spoke into the hand piece motioning for Cole to wait for him to finish. Harry's expression went from black to annoyed fast and Harry knew he wouldn't want to be on the other.

"Alright fine" Harry said checking his watch, before looking at Cole and mouth Politicians causing Cole to smirk at Harry to which just rolled his eye's.

"Yeah alright, send them up" Harry muttered, hanging the phone and rubbing his eyes tiredly whilst Cole just looked in amusement.

"Don't even think about laughing" Harry muttered whilst still rubbing his eye's sensing Cole's amusement through the bond they shared. Cole snickered quietly into his hand to which Harry rolled a piece of paper up and through it at him, which just set Cole of laughing even more.

"Goddamn politicians, I hate them all, bunch of self serving arrogant prigs" Harry muttered with his face in his hands. Cole just shook his head in amusement.

"Well I'll just let you have your fun with whoever is coming, I've got work to do" Cole muttered before standing up and heading for the door. Harry's head snapped up and focused on Cole.

"Wait" Harry said, causing Cole to stop and curse himself silently and turn, with an innocent smile on his face, which they both knew to be fake.

"Yes?" Cole asked pleasantly.

"I need a favor" Harry muttered, causing one of Cole's eyebrows to rise up "I need you need you to pick Teddy up from school, they idiots are going to be a while and I need someone to pick him up."

"Why don't you get one the Charmed One's to pick him up?" Cole asked in a calm voice. Harry sighed and rubbed his eye's.

"I can't Phoebe is at work, Paige is at a temp job and Piper is on bed rest the kid so close" Harry muttered to Cole, who ignored the way his chest clenched painfully at the mention of his ex-wife.

"The kid has never met me and from you told me he won't or the teacher's won't let me take him from school without you permission" Cole responded.

"I'll call the school, please, I don't want to send someone I don't trust with this, do you understand?" Harry muttered looking at Cole, looking away in embarrassment. Cole' heart swelled with pride. Harry didn't trust anybody and letting Cole pick Teddy up was paramount to him saying he trusted Cole with his life; because in essence he was.

Teddy was Harry's life and he knew he didn't impart his safety to anybody.

"Alright" Cole muttered.

1547 hrs October 2nd 2003- San Francisco Public School.

Cole sighed and looked at the other parents mulling around the front of the school. This school practically oozed money and power, the parents all driving car's worth hundred thousand dollars, designer clothes, there was even the odd limo parked.

Cole was leaning back on his 4WD and took in his surroundings again, being reminded whilst Harry didn't advertise it he was extremely wealthy. This school was seven figure's a semester and if you graduated from it you could get into college.

Cole knew Harry wanted Teddy to have the best possible future and money was never a problem. Harry had often talked to Cole about Teddy; the pride in voice was unmistakable, but underlying sense of sadness.

Harry never regretted taking Teddy, but Harry was always ashamed he was given such a gift at the cost of the death of Teddy's parents. Cole's thoughts were distracted by the arrival of a dark blue van pulling up to the corner pulled his attention to it.

It simply didn't belong. The man who stepped out was just over six feet, had an athletic build to him with short cropped red hair, wearing a suit that Cole knew was fake and black sunglasses. But what really sent the alarm bells ringing in Cole's head was the bulge at his hip.

Only two things would cause that:

A wand holster

A gun holster

Cole silently cursed reaching for the phone on his belt when the bell for school rang and kids started rushing out. Another man stepped out of the van slightly smaller with a smaller build, with brownish blonde hair, both scanning the crowds.

Cole placed his hand at his hip, casually away from the car, gripping the pistol at his side, keeping an eye on the two men and the van whilst scanning for Teddy. Cole saw him and he picked up his pace to meet him.

Teddy was standing next a teacher talking to them as they walked towards them. Cole made his way towards them, quickening his pace slightly. When he reached them both teacher and student stopped talking and looked at him.

Teddy had curious look at him, probably wondering who the man was that was picking him up. They standing just under the covering of the roof of the building, blocking the afternoon sun.

The teacher who, was slightly graying, had a designer suit on that probably cost more than the car Cole had driven.

"Hi I'm Cole Turner, I'm here to pick up Teddy" Cole said, raising his hand, grasping the teacher's with whilst keeping on eye the two men.

"I'm Dr Philips, the English teacher" the man replied, probably looking at Cole with something close to disdain.

"Hi I'm Teddy" the boy replied smiling at Cole and hugging his leg, shocking Cole for a moment. He had never been hugged by a child and it was a surprising thing to happen. He looked down and met Teddy's smiling face, tugging a grin at Cole's lips before he looked up and stared at the two man.

One was looking at Teddy in fierce concentration whilst the other met Cole's eye's and smiled in a predatory manner. Cole realized what was happening a moment before the first shot was fire.

It was silent for a moment before all hell broke loose out the front of San Francisco Private. Cole had already dived on Teddy sending back into the doors of the school. Screams could be heard from outside, Cole had drawn his weapon and dragged both Teddy and himself to the wall that was next to the door.

Teddy was crying and clinging to Cole, gunshots screaming through towards the door and shattering it. Cole looked down at Teddy before hugging him, keeping his gun trained on the door.

"Teddy, listen I need you to be brave alright, I won't anything happen ok, but you have to stick close to me and go where I go ok, but I will protect ok?" Cole said in a firm but gently voice. Teddy responded by nodding his head into his chest.

The first man had just kicked in the doorway, and was raising his weapon which Cole recognized to be a M4 Carbrine with an attached M203 grenade launcher. Cole raised his Sig and put four rounds into the door, making the man duck back into the doorway.

Cole grabbed Teddy and ran across the hall, peppering the door which the man was sheltering behind with bullets, whilst running towards the door. Cole kicked it in as his clip ran dry and threw both him and Teddy threw it, Cole's body covering Teddy as they slid across the room, knocking table and chairs everywhere. Cole withdrew and empty clip and smashing a clip into place, letting the round to chamber and the gun snap back into action.

The man whom he now recognized as the slightly shorter one barged into the room, barrel raised, scanning the room. Cole kicked a leg out and a table fell giving him and Teddy some cover. Bullets started raining down on them as soon as it fell.

Teddy was screaming, but the sound was drowned out by the patter of rounds coming from the automatic rifle. When the shooting stopped Cole peeked out and saw he was reloading, Cole snapped out, firing off four rounds at enemy. Two rounds missed but one found his shoulder and the other found his leg.

The man swung, dropping the gun crying out in pain. Cole ran out picking the rifle up and kicking the door, dragging the man across the room with one hand, the other holding the rifle which was trained on the door.

Once he had dragged him back he looked down and took stock of his injuries. The shoulder wound had went through and through, but the one that went into his leg was bleeding at alarming rate. There was no exit wound and Cole knew the man was already dead, his mind just hadn't caught up with the face yet.

Looking up he saw Teddy looking at him with tear filled eyes.

"Teddy" Cole spoke in a soft, gently voice "Look away ok, just go over the corner behind the desk and block your ears ok?"

Teddy looked down at the man and then back at Cole before nodding and scrambling towards the corner Cole at pointed out, covering his ears and starting to hum to himself. Cole looked back down at the man. Shock was starting to set in, the man was sweating and had gone pale.

"How many men did you bring?" Cole questioned in a soft, but deadly tone. Harry had trusted Cole to protect Teddy and he would do it with his life.

"Tell me…TELL ME NOW" Cole screamed out the last, putting his knee on wound in the man's leg. He cried out in pain focusing on Cole.

"Ei..eg..t" the man croaked out. His eye's slid back into his head, and the body went lifeless. Cole cursed and searched the body. He found four mags for M4 and a radio. The voices coming from it indicated they were coming closer to the room.

Cole cursed himself, knowing there was no way out, he fished out his cell phone and his speed dial one running across the room and throwing two tables in front of the door.

"Yeah Black?" Harry's voice answered at the other end.

"Harry, it's Cole, I got seven shooters, at the school, I need you to get your ass here now" Cole screamed into the phone cursing the magical bond that stopped him from using magic. The bond stopped the Aurors from using their powers on non-magicals unless they were fire on first.

The politicians thought that it would help keep them honest, whilst Harry just called it "hypocritical bullshit" which Cole fully agreed with at the moment. Cole scanned the room and spotted a closet. Thinking fast, Cole knew he couldn't dissapparate on this school, the wards on the school protecting it.

Cole knew Harry would be here as soon, but he would have to buy him time. Pulling the bullet proof of the dead enemy he grabbed Teddy and shoved him into the closet. Covering him with it he crouched down to his level, ignoring the bangs coming from the door that led to the classroom.

"Teddy I need you stay here with this covering you ok, unless you hear Uncle Harry's voice do not come out for anything ok" Cole told him, plastering a smile on his face, hiding the dread he was feeling.

"What about you?" Teddy asked quietly. Cole smiled reassuredly, looking over his shoulder as one of the tables was knocked away from the door.

"I'll be over but stay down" Cole told him, closing the door, moving table in front of it, before raising his gun as he door was blown apart, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere. Cole raised the gun, letting off a small burst as the first man came flying into the doorway.

He went flying down, Cole switched targets, keeping up the fire, staying to suppress them, but he knew he was quickly running out of rounds. Damn that goddamn oath Cole thought in frustration as the second and third man came running in.

Cole's mag ran dry, Cole not having the time to reload grabbed his sidearm and fired as four and five ran into the room. Cole ducked behind cover when his clip ran dry. The table he was taking cover behind was breaking apart under the strain of bullets.

Snapping a mag in Cole peeked up and saw the red head from the street raising a riffle, clicking he safety off the grenade launcher Cole ran from cover heading in the opposite direction of the closet that Teddy was hiding in. The explosion came, sending Cole flying, a piece of wood imbedding itself in shoulder, sending his gun flying away.

Cole looked up from the ground and saw his gun lying three feet away. Crawling for his gun, tried to reach it when a boot came down on top of it, Cole followed the boot and looked at all of the guns pointed at him.

"Time to die hero" Cole his eye's in defeat. He knew he wouldn't survive a gunshot to his head, his body was in pain, there was a piece of wood in his shoulder and Cole could taste coppery taste of blood in his mouth. He made a lunge for knife for at his side when a serious of gunshots sounded.

Cole had squeezed his eyes shut, but when he realized he was alive he looked up and saw all of the gunman down and Harry there holding a smoking rifle in his arms.

"Closet" Cole murmured sitting up against the wall as Harry ran towards the closet, medics and Aurors following Harry in the room. Cole reached out and picked up his Sig. It was empty, picking up the mag from his shoulder holster and slammed it in, clicking the safety on. Cole looked up as the medics converged on him.

Looking over at Harry he saw him holding a sobbing Teddy in his arms. Meetings his eye's Harry mouth Thank you at Cole. Cole saw the tear running down his cheek as he held Teddy firmly and simply nodded at Harry in response. He leaned back on the wall ignoring everything but the tearful ruin of father and son in a sea of chaos and Cole knew it was worth every cut, scrape and possibly bullet wound as he was told by the medic.

As Cole was loaded into the ambulance Cole saw Teddy running up to him with Harry closely following behind him.

"Wait" Cole murmured, turning to face Teddy and Harry. Teddy ran up to him and hugged him tightly; Cole could feel the tears of his face on his pant legs. Teddy back and smiled at him.

"Thank you" Teddy said smiling at Cole. Cole reached down and ruffled his hair which made his grown.

"Anytime Shorty" Cole said climbing into the ambulance. Cole heard Harry's and Teddy's indigence replies that he wasn't short. Cole leaned and smiled to himself as the medics continued to work on him.

Not bad for a days work.