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Dislike or Like?

Kate always prided in the fact that she was so good at reading people. Becoming a profiler seemed like such an obvious thing to do, that she didn't even have to think about it. Starting at NCIS, she knew that her profiling skills would most certainly come in handy. Of course, being able to read her new co-workers was also a big plus. But she never could read one Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo though.

The first time she met him, she asked him why he needed to take measurements when he had already taken like a hundred pictures of the dead body. In turn, he showed her the front page of a magazine lying on a table beside them, and asked her if she could tell him what size the woman's breasts were by just looking at the picture. She had him pegged for a smart-ass before he even finished his sentence.

After her first month as his partner, she thought she knew him inside and out. After so many times of hearing every little detail about his dates and weekend plans and everything there was to know about him, she thought she was gonna strangle him. He just didn't get that she did not want to hear about it! When he started going through her things, she honestly believed she was gonna have to find a place to hide his body after she was through with him. But then he would do something, or say something. Something that would have her question everything she thought she knew about the man.

She can't remember when she actually started liking him. Maybe it was the time he went missing, and she suddenly realized how worried she was about him. Or maybe it was during one of those times when they played a prank together against Special Agent Timothy McGee. She honestly can't remember. She wonders when it went from a strong dislike to really enjoying his company.

She wonders why she didn't see it coming.

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