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Chapter one

Harry Potter took the letter from the owl's leg and opened it as he sat down for a well earned rest. He really needed to take a breather and try to relax before reading the letter, he knew it was from Hermione and he wanted to clear his thoughts. It seemed he had not stopped rushing around since the day Voldemort was finally co-operative enough to shake off his last mortal coil and pass on to the next world and his punishment.

Things had been even worse than he, Ron, and Hermione, had expected, thousands of requests for their autographs and signed pictures arrived every week, invitations to balls, dinners and dances kept coming. The illegal signed pictures that had been for sale in some of the less reputable shops, had run out just a few days after Hermione went to collect her parents from Australia, and it seemed that the population of the wizarding world thought that he and his friends should supply them now. Harry Hermione and Ron had had rubber stamps with a rough approximation of their signature made for all the fan reply letters that were sent out by Hogwarts elves, but that was the full extent of their participation in that part of the frenzied celebrations of Voldemort's death.

Going to recover her parents from Australia Hermione discovered she had had no need to worry about removing the memory block she had placed on her parents Richard and Helen correctly. Apparently the two dentists had offered to do some voluntary dental work out in the outback and they had been treating an old native Australian man who noticed the magic aura on them and did a little investigating, with Richard and Helen's permission he had removed Hermione's charm. Hermione's mum had sent a letter home to her daughter but it had not caught them up until well after the last great battle. The letter asked Hermione to let her mum and dad know when it would be safe to return home, they had hidden their address by the simple expedient of writing it in Morse code.

Hermione had stayed at Grimmauld place with Harry and Ron for three weeks before she left for Australia, she had been gone for two months but they all expected her back soon. Harry had spent what little free time he did have since then dodging his ex girlfriend Ginny. He had thought he would to get back together with her while they had spent last year working their way around the country. When he eventually saw Ginny just after the battle, he discovered his ability to suppress his love for Hermione was no longer like it had been the year before, now that ability was completely gone. He had realised at that same moment that the love for Hermione that he had forcefully held hidden inside since their adventures during their fourth year, was never just going to go away. After the battle the only one he had wanted to be with was Hermione, and as she had kissed Ron and they had practically become a couple, kissing and holding hands all the time, to be with her he now had to spend time with Ron as well, no matter how much he now hated the redhead.

Harry's hate for Ron had begun during the hunt when he and Hermione began to whisper to each other when they thought Harry could not hear what they were saying, most of the time Hermione had supported Harry while Ron was doing his best to get her to leave their mission and return to the burrow with him.

That hate became far deeper and stronger when Ron had simply up and deserted them after asking Hermione to go with him. Hermione had remained but had cried over Ron for several days after. Harry's hate grew even more when Hermione was being tortured and Ron walked uselessly around the cell they were locked in and shouting Hermione's name instead of trying to help find a way to rescue her, the hate became almost like something physical in Harry's chest when during a lull in the battle Hermione had kissed Ron. Harry knew then and still remembered vividly how he had felt, if Ron had got in front of his wand at any time that day. Well Ron would no longer be around to be hated or loved.

Harry made himself comfortable, opened a bottle of butterbeer then leaned back to read Hermione's letter.


This is no joke; I don't find it funny in the least. It is also in poor taste and needs setting right a.s.a.p. It is extremely urgent that you come to my house as soon as…

Harry stopped reading, not bothering to read the rest yet, and he closed his eyes, he wanted to be with her so much, but if she said anything about Ron he wasn't sure he would be able to control his temper, he may even end up ruining their friendship.

At Hermione's house three people were standing in their kitchen worried, confused, and completely puzzled. Hermione was the worst of the three Grangers as far as worried went. She kept looking at the kitchen table and seeing the impossible right in front of her eyes, or at least as far as she knew, even with magic it was impossible.

Sitting on the kitchen table was a babies carry cot, fast asleep in the cot was a beautiful little baby girl, who according to the healer that Hermione had sent for to check the infant over, was slightly over three months old. Three months and five days to be exact, along with the carry cot there was documentation listing everything from time of birth to the name of the mother and father. Mother, Hermione Jane Granger and Father, Harry James Potter.

And no matter how many times Hermione read the documents she could still not believe her eyes, even when the blood lineage test that the healer had done right there on the kitchen table in front of all three Grangers proved positive, even looking at the beautiful little green eyed brown haired baby it still seemed a complete impossibility.

The longer it was taking Harry to arrive the more Hermione was worrying, she had sent him the letter telling him it was urgent while at the same time blaming him, thinking it was a joke of some sort. That had been before the healer she had sent for had arrived. The healer had left almost one and a half hours earlier after writing a report on her findings for the Grangers, and Harry still had not arrived.

The slight sound of Harry finally appearing on their back door step had all three Grangers sit up, each of them looking apprehensive. Helen walked hesitantly to the door and opened it to find Harry just about to knock.

"Ah, Harry, come in, come in," Helen said worry lacing her voice.

Harry James Potter walked into the kitchen and instantly saw the carry cot on the table. All his thoughts about welcoming the Grangers home and giving Hermione a crushing hug, it would have been the first one he ever instigated, were forgotten. Instead he looked at the cot, and then slowly and quietly he crept up to the table. Harry looked into the cot but could see nothing but a bunch of covers and a tiny pink nose sticking out a little.

"Mr and Mrs Granger, I never knew, congratulations," he said as he turned to Hermione's parents.

"I'm afraid she's not ours Harry, we found her on our door step this afternoon when we got back from shopping," Richard said quietly.

Harry looked really angry for a moment, that was how Dumbledore had left him when he was a baby, but then his internal voice that sounded like Hermione told him this little one had been left on the step of a good family, this little one would never be allowed to suffer as he had.

Looking at Richard he asked what he thought was the most logical question "Are you going to keep her?"

"Helen and I can't keep her, you see there are some rather strange circumstances to consider before any decisions can be made, er it's a little… er 'delicate'…" Richard said his voice fading.

Harry looked at Hermione who had not said a single word to him since he had arrived, "Hermione your letter said it was urgent for me to come as soon as possible, you seemed to be blaming me for something?"

Hermione tried three times to clear her throat before she was able to speak, slowly she picked up the documents and handed them toward Harry, "I… er… I think maybe you should read these, and I'm sorry I blamed you," she said while praying he did not lose his temper, or if he did, she prayed he would not blow up to much of the house.

Harry seeing the odd look in the faces of the three people on the other side of the table was feeling decidedly uncomfortable as he took the documents from Hermione and started to read.

Three pairs of eyes were glued to Harry's face, hoping to work out how he was reacting to what he was reading, but as he worked his way through the paperwork there was no expression at all on his face, it had gone completely blank while he read the top part of the first document and had not changed since. When he had finished reading very slowly and with deliberate movements, treating the documents as if they were nitro glycerine about to blow him apart Harry placed the documents on the table.

Harry had a strange look in his eye when he asked Helen if he could be excused for a moment, without waiting for an answer he turned around walked out of the backdoor, pulled it closed behind him then yelled "AGGGGHHHHhhhhh, JUST MY EFFING BLOODY LUCK!" He then calmly walked back into the kitchen.

"So Hermione, considering your position with Ron, would I be right in assuming you wish for me to take and look after the little one while we try to find out what on earth is going on?" he asked calmly.

Hermione thanked the stars that Harry was apparently taking things calmly and logically enough so that they could discuss things. She knew it was going to be a long night. "Harry we need to…" Hermione started to say when she was cut off by Helen.

"Er Harry! I have to ask, why did you step out and shout 'just my… er… luck' when you had read the documents?" Helen asked "and does that mean you are going to leave this for Hermione to sort it all out?"

Harry stared hard at Helen for quite some time and she was beginning to get uncomfortable under his green eyed gaze, just before she spoke again Harry took a deep breath. While he gazed unknowingly at Helen, Harry was trying to work out what answer he should give, he did not like to lie and he definitely did not wish to lie to the Grangers so he decided on the absolute truth.

"I'm going to say something I think might be important here so please do not interrupt me," he began and the Grangers each knew it was not a request but an order from a very powerful wizard.

"For a long time now I have been deeply in love with your daughter and my deepest desire has been for Hermione to marry me and give me a family. Even before I was fourteen years old I wanted her to be my wife and the mother of my children, even when I wasn't even sure how children were made I wanted Hermione to marry me and have mine. I had dreams of us owning a small book shop and being mum and dad to a whole bunch of little ones.

During that time many things in my life have changed, my knowledge, how people treated me, my friendships, friends, loves, lives, and our futures, but one thing that has not changed in all this time is how I feel for Hermione. I am, and always will be head over heels in love with her. So if taking this baby and raising her as though she had gained our DNA through us having sex in the normal way, partially fulfils one of my dreams and gives me at least one of the children I've wanted for so long, then I will take her and raise her as my own. No one need ever know anything else about her.

Mrs Granger, to answer your last question of why did I step out and vent, well truthfully and rather bluntly, only I Harry James Potter could be so bloody unlucky, to find myself with a daughter without ever having fulfilled the dream of experiencing the enjoyment of the sex that created that child with the child's beautiful and amazing mother." He said without a trace of the nervousness he was feeling showing through.

Hermione who was sitting with a glowing red face could not help the words that in her shock simply blurted out of her mouth. "Harry, You want to have sex with me?"

Like Hermione the words left his mouth before he had a chance to stop them "You have no idea just how much I do Hermione."

Hermione who had long been able to read Harry like an open book could see his hidden nervousness and she felt like running around the table and starting her own addition to the Potter family right then. It was only her logic reminding her she was Ron's girlfriend and her mother and father being at home that prevented her.

Hermione her logic having kicked in looked at her speechless parents and then at Harry. "Mum will you keep an eye on the baby a minute? I need a word with my best friend Mr Potter," she asked her mother, she then caught hold of Harry's sleeve and pulled him out into the back garden.

"Harry you can't go saying things like that. What will my parents think? And remember I'm with Ron now," she said as soon as they were far enough from the door to ensure privacy.

"Actually I only spoke the truth, your mother asked, I answered and your parents now probably think I'm rather pathetic, being in love with a woman who never gave me a chance. And just so you know, I haven't forgotten you chose that deserting prat. It's something I'll never forget, I mean how could I, the supposed brightest witch of the age choosing the biggest pathetic useless loser of the age is rather memorable," Harry snapped all his good cheer having vanished when she reminded him about Ron. "He's a dick head always hurting you; he isn't worth the bloody wasted air he breathes."

"Potter! Do. Not. Talk. about my boyfriend like that," Hermione snapped back angry at him because she knew he spoke the truth yet she still wanted to be with Ron.

Harry did not want to get into a fight with her, he wasn't Weasley and so he did not enjoy all the yelling. With all that had happened and what she had just said he decided he needed a little privacy for a short while to get it all sorted in his head. "So back to sixth year are we, I'm Potter again eh?" he said harshly when he realised what she had called him.

Hermione took a deep breath "Look Potter I didn't call you here to insult me and Ron. We need to discus that baby in there, where did she come from? How did she get to have yours and… hang on you haven't been shagging some random fan girl and got her pregnant have you?"

Harry gave her a pained look before he spoke, "Let me know what you want to do when you've made up your mind." He growled then with a tiny whisper of sound he was gone.

Hermione stood and stared at the spot he had been standing in, going over in her mind what she had said. Meanwhile Harry had simply apparated into the Grangers front garden, he was in no mood to argue with her and her last comment had truly annoyed him; he needed to be calm to work out what was happening, what he was going to do about it.

Hermione was still staring at the spot where Harry had been and was berating her self for being so stupid, there was no fan girl, she knew that because the baby had hers and Harry's DNA, for all intents and purposes physically the little girl was their daughter. So far she had no idea how this could have happened, her father had even had the healer do a test on her which had proved to her mum and dad that she was in fact still a virgin and had most definitely never had a baby.

For some reason that had made her confused and thus angry, she had found the idea of being the mother of Harry's baby had appealed to her so much so that she had forgotten about Ron for a moment, her mind had locked on Harry and she had wanted to grab him and pull him upstairs and get started on making their first baby. For reasons she did not even begin to understand she had once again turned that love and desire for him into anger and let it out on Harry.

Hermione was broken from her confused train of thought by the sound of a crying baby. She had just realised where the crying was coming from when the back door opened and her mother stepped out. "Hermione love the baby needs to be fed, do you know anyone who could help us?"

Hermione shook her head, the last person she knew who might have been able to help them had been Tonks when she had Teddy but she was gone now. 'I suppose I'll have to do it myself' she thought as she went back into the house. In the kitchen Hermione found her father pacing the floor with the tiny little girl held gently with her head on his shoulder while he tried to comfort her by gently patting her back.

Pulling out her wand Hermione realised she had absolutely no idea how to conjure the food for a baby, she did however know a spell that would allow her to breast feed temporarily, with a shrug of her shoulders she pointed the wand at herself and said "productum lac lactis." The strange and rather uncomfortable feelings that began to pulse through her body made her feel so weak she had to quickly sit down before she fell. Within a couple of minutes the strange feelings were centred in her upper torso and her quickly growing breast. Turning her back toward her father she undid her bra and then slipped it off, pulling it out of her shirt through the sleeve.

As the tingling and strangely warm feelings began to fade and her breast began to feel full and heavy Hermione asked her dad to pass the baby to her. Richard having done as he was asked decided he would much rather go out for a walk than watch his only daughter breast feed.

"Where's Harry?" Helen asked as her husband closed the back door behind him.

Hermione who was unbuttoning her shirt looked up as she undid the last button. "I blew it with him mum, I was stupid all over again."

"What do you mean again? What did you do?" Helen asked as she filled the kettle, she needed a cup of tea, or at least that would have to do for now.

Hermione looked down into the amazing green eyes of the baby as she placed her little mouth close to her left nipple. While she was looking down Harry who had heard the child crying and decided to investigate walked quietly into the room, he stood with his mouth open as he watched Hermione uncover her breast and place the baby to feed.

Without looking up Hermione answered her mums' question, "I mean I blew it, I did the same in our sixth year, I got angry and said some stupid things to him because of what he called Ron. What's so stupid is I'm not angry at him, I'm angry at myself for falling in love with him when I know the best boy I can ever expect to fall for me is Ronald Weasley that's why I have chosen him. I didn't think Harry even saw me as a female, and then what he said about Ron being a useless loser set me off again, I hate that he makes me so angry."

"Hey Miss Granger, I'm leaving, send me an owl when you have decided what you want to do, you might also want to tell that brainless food guzzling mouthpiece about things too, hope you enjoy your life of complete misery with him.

Goodbye Mrs Granger, sorry you are going to be lumbered with the red haired piece of wizard shit," Harry said making the two women jump before he backed out of the house and with a silent pop he was gone.

It took a while before either woman spoke, Helen broke the shocked silence. "Hermione, I'm only going to tell you this once, don't ever bring that Weasel here. Ron Weasel will never be welcome in this house. If you do bring him I'm afraid your father would be likely to kill him, and I will happily help him to do it."

"What? Why? He's my boyfriend he will want to meet you eventually," Hermione said in disbelief at what her mother said.

"I never thought you could actually be stupid, let alone to be so stupid as to ask me that. Ron Weasley and his hate for you nearly got you killed in your first year at Hogwarts, and from your letters home we know he has never changed, he still treats you like he hates you, and from your letters saying you only put up with him because of Harry we know how much he hurts you, well your father and I will never forgive his treatment of our child. Poor Harry, he's loved you ever since your third year when you rescued Sirius. He must feel awful knowing you prefer that dunderhead," Helen said as she finished with making the tea.

Hermione sat silent for quite some time and when Helen thought she had had time to speak up but had not, she spoke again. "Right then, I'll write Harry, tell him to call in for the child at lunch time tomorrow, I'll not see that poor child taken any where near that bullying red headed bigoted prat, and it'll give you time in the morning to pack your stuff and go to your pathetic disgusting boyfriend before Harry gets here." Helen stood up and walked into the study to write the letter. "And don't ever bring 'it' here." She reminded as she closed the study door.

Ten minutes later Richard entered the room to find Hermione gently rocking the child; tears were streaming down her face. She looked up at her father with sadness written on her face.

"Sorry princess but you are the one who made this choice; your mother is angry and upset with you at the moment. She tells me that even after Harry told you he's head over heels in love with you, you still stuck up for the red headed plonker. We have both read your letters home over the years you were at Hogwarts, and in not one of those letters did you have anything good to say about Ronald big mouth Weasley. So I have to tell you that I fully agree with your mother, I find your choice in boyfriends atrocious, I will also tell you that I will kill the cruel shit before I would let you marry him, what ever the cost I'll not let him continue to treat my daughter like shit for the rest of her life." Richard said before he went in to the living room to be with his still angry wife.

While Helen and Richard were trying to come to terms with the fact that their only child was being so foolish, Hermione was beginning to wonder the same thing. Looking down at the tiny girl in her arms she gave a small smile, if she was with Harry this is what a child of their own would look like. Careful not to wake the little girl, she stood up and went over to the table to place the baby back in her cot. As she reached into the cot to straighten the bedding a little she noticed it was wet, pulling out the sheets to replace them with something clean she noticed the corner of an envelope sticking out from under the thin mattress.

Moments later Hermione had read the letter; it was from the baby's real mother...

A/Note, Please for those of you who read this and normally think the sun shone from Ron Weasleys butt simply because JKR on the odd occasion tried to make him seem a nice guy, don't bother telling me in a review that I am wrong having the Granger Parents hate him. You can practically guarantee that Hermione wrote home telling her mother and father how Ron constantly yelled at and argued with her and called her names always leaving her in tears, she would most likely have told them how he almost got her killed by a Troll, his attitude over a broom that wasn't even his, his abandonment of her and Harry during the tri wizard etc, etc. I believe that the Granger parents being medically trained would see the mental abuse and hate Ron Weasley displayed toward Hermione throughout the seven years, and would in turn despise him for how he treated their daughter. Broomstick flyer