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Chapter Three.

Five months after moving into 'The Willows' the now obviously pregnant Hermione had gone over to spend Sunday with her parents, they had made plans to take little Katie for a walk around the park while Harry decided he had business else where.

It was time to visit the Weasleys, no one in the magical world knew where Harry and Hermione had disappeared too, they weren't even sure that they were together. Ron had spent weeks ranting about Hermione not having returned from Australia, he swore blind she had two timed him and was with some useless wizard living at the top of one of the snow covered mountains. When asked what mountains he was talking about, he would look at the questioner as though they were crazy.

"I've read about Grindylwaldy, I'm not stupid you know, it says in those books that Dumbledore fought that final battle with him just across the border in Germany."

Molly Weasley was busy making plans for when Harry got back from his holiday, convinced each day that this would be the day he returned to take Ginny out to dinner, and she would be able to announce their engagement, when Percy mentioned the fact that Potter was still married she simply shook her head and replied "Only till he arrives home dear."

The twins were anxiously waiting for Harry to return, they had already spent the money he had given them and their business was not the success they had expected. They had begun to understand that there were not that many people like them who enjoyed playing cruel jokes on unsuspecting friends and acquaintances, and their business was a complete failure. Still another cash injection might be just the thing to help.

Arthur Weasley sat quietly as usual, taking his time to think over what he knew about the situation. His conclusion was that all the demands for things like signed photo's had got a little too much and Harry was probably just waiting for things to cool down, everything would soon be back to normal.

Harry thought that things had had time to settle down and he hoped to catch the Weasley family ill prepared for his visit, at just before ten in the morning Harry met a rather shady looking character and after handing over a wad of bank notes Harry pocketed the light weight specially made hand gun. Returning home Harry stripped the bullets from the gun and set to work making a few changes of his own. At just before five minutes to four that evening Harry apparated to far end of Ottery St Catchpole Village, he appeared a fair way from the Burrow in the only area in the village he knew. He then briskly walked unseen to the Weasley house knocked on the door with one knuckle and walked in.

As he had hoped, he found the whole family minus Bill and Charlie sitting around the kitchen table enjoying their afternoon tea. It took Harry a mere few seconds to petrify, silence and bind the whole family. Taking out the pistol he had bought he pressed the magazine release and caught the empty magazine as it slipped out of the butt.

Taking a specially conjured box from his pocket he slowly and deliberately with the Weasleys all watching him in fascination filled the magazine with the special bullets he had made. Placing the magazine clip back in the gun and then placing a freeze charm on the clip, he sat it back in his pocket. Pulling out a vial of veritaserum from his inside pocket, Harry pulled Ron's head back and dripped four drops of the potion on to Ron's tongue.

It had not taken long to find out from his former best mate that they were all in on the plot against both him and Hermione. They knew of everything including the prophecy. Everything he had suffered, most of it had been thought up and planned many years before by both Molly and Dumbledore. The treatment he had received as a child, the hazards they had been through at Hogwarts were all attempts to kill him. With the return of Voldemort they had changed their plans. They knew all about the baby and had helped Dumbledore chose the young home taught couple from Ottery village, who would be used then killed. It was all part of the plot to take the Potter money and estates, and the big prize Hogwarts itself.

He also discovered that Dumbledore at Arthur's suggestion had used the imperious spell on wormtail forcing him into telling Voldemort where the Potter family were, leaving the weak little cowardly man no choice but to join the death eaters. Ron admitted he had been the best man at their wedding and had spent many nights since then laughing at how stupid the two of them were for falling in to a trap and being obliviated by potion once again. He was looking forward to the day he got to have Harry Potter's wife in his bed and made her pregnant. Harry's anger was ice cold as his fist shattered the red heads jaw and nose.

While almost the entire Weasley family sat firmly bound and silenced Harry removed the pistol from his pocket and pointed it between Molly Weasleys eyes. The slight phutt sound that escaped the silenced end of the pistol belying the lethal effect the pistol had caught the family by surprise, the bigger surprise came though when Molly flew backward from her chair, a fountain of blood erupting from a small hole in her forehead accompanied by a slightly pink trail of steam that slowly sank and gathered around her head.

Each Weasley suffered the exact same fate, each one of them struggling even harder to escape their fate than the one before, all this time Harry never said a word. Then he was left with just Ron still sitting at the table with the smell emanating from him evidence of how scared he was.

Harry looked at his former friend and scowled. "So Weasel you were going to steal my wife and my money, what did you think I would do when I found out. Slap you on the wrist and tell you not to do it again. Or maybe you intended to get rid me when we were at Grimmauld, eh? How does it feel knowing that you are going to pay for everything you ever did to make Hermione cry before I kill you like the rest of the diseased filth you called family? All of you were stupid and should never have tried to kill me." Harry then fired a shot into Ron's crotch letting him silently scream in pain for a short while before he forced the barrel of the gun into Ron's mouth knocking out some teeth in the process and then he slowly pulled the trigger once more.

It took Harry just ten minutes to remove all trace of his magical signature from the room without removing any other signature. He knew that by the time the Aurors arrived his dry ice bullets would have melted, there would be no way for anyone in the magical world to know who killed them, why, or how it was done. He had his revenge for what the Weasleys had done to him and Hermione, for what had been done to Katie's real parents Edna and Eddy, and for his own parents and other deaths, all of which the Weasleys had known about and been part of. It was with out a flicker of remorse he walked back to the village and then vanished.

Harry reappeared in the depths of the forbidden forest, standing in the clearing where he had stood and let Riddle kill him. Concentrating all his magic into one spell he whispered "Accio resurrection stone." It took some time longer than he expected but the stone eventually settled into his out stretched hand. With a cold and hate filled look on his face Harry turned the stone over three times and using the power of the stone he called Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape's spirits to him.

Dumbledore stood looking at Harry with his kind grandfather face fixed in place, smiling and his eyes twinkling he asked how he could be of help. Harry with an equally false smile on his face spoke quietly "Ah Dumbledore, just the soul I wanted to talk to, do you remember you told me that using the stone to call someone back would eventually put the one you called back into severe pain and suffering?"

Dumbledore gave his typical smile before answering "Indeed I do Harry, it's the reason I never called my sister back I couldn't bear to think of her suffering like that."

Harry had a scary glint in his eye as he looked at the old man that had caused so much hurt, pain, and death, "Thank you for clearing that up for me, now I'm afraid I will have to leave you here, you see old man you are tied to the stone now until someone releases you, I doubt you could get more than 150 yards away from it, on behalf of little Katie and all the other suffering and death you caused I do hope you enjoy your pain and suffering old man." Harry was almost laughing as he threw the stone over his shoulder hearing it drop somewhere into the black lake.

Turning to Snape Harry scowled. "Severus Snape I damn your soul to the deepest pits of hell there forever to suffer repeatedly reliving every humiliation you ever suffered, now be gone you vile piece of filth." Harry walked away laughing at the tortured face of Albus Dumbledore. The Potter family had been avenged.

Later that day he told Hermione that the Weasleys, Snape and Dumbledore were paying for their crimes. When Harry set out that morning he had expected to have trouble taking his revenge, he felt he would probably leave the place weighed down with guilt, just as he had been with all the other deaths he had witnessed. But once he had discovered that the Weasleys had had a hand in so much of his own suffering. They had had a hand in those he knew dying right in front of him. They had known that the tri wizard cup was a set up to kill him, as were the two attempts made during his first and second year at the school. Harry had left the Burrow, not as the boy who always felt everything was his fault, but as the warrior who had faced and killed the dark lord and death eaters. He fell asleep that night firm in the belief that the Weasleys had all earned their early visit to hell.

It was a week before Hermione asked if he would show her what he had done to Ron. Harry showed her the memory of the veritaserum questioning and then the one of how he made Ron pay. Hermione's only comment was that Harry should have taken more time between the two shots and let the bastard suffer more. They both knew now that they were still in a war, one where getting rid of the enemy and staying alive had to be at the top of their priorities.

They now had a family to take care of and anything that was a serious threat to the family had to be eliminated, their war was with the stupidity of the witches and wizards of Britain. Changing the wizarding society for the better was a war against corruption bigotry and hate they were both willing to fight and they needed to win so that their children could grow up in a world without all the bigotry and hate that they themselves had suffered from.

Ending the war had been a long hard and sometimes tear filled battle, but Hermione felt proud as her eldest daughter Katie climbed aboard the now ritual Hogwarts Express with her best friend Lacy, Winky's daughter. It was their first day as Hogwarts students, Harry had a tear in his eye as he watched his little girl chatting happily with the little female elf by her side.

Hermione felt a little silly as she shed a tear while watching the train pull out of the station. It had been her idea and hard work that had turned Hogwarts from a boarding school where bullying and bigotry could go unchecked into a day school where the students attended through the use of a much improved personal portkey and returned home each evening like ordinary children did. Owning Hogwarts had been a gift from the gods but getting the people occupying it to change had not been easy. She wiped away the tear and sniffled. It was time to get the rest of her family home; Katie would be home for dinner after the sorting, which was now also just a ritual, kept to remind everyone about the origins of the school.

Ten year old Michael was playing with the five year old twins Helen and Lily keeping them quiet, while eight year old Jessica Edna stood to one side of the twin buggy, her nose stuck into a book her left hand firmly holding on to the buggy handle, while in her right hand she held the open book. Harry found it hard to believe that his daughter Jess was more of a bookworm than her mother was.

"Okay kids what say we grab a huge carton of ice cream on the way home eh?" Harry said as he took hold of the buggy handle and turned for the exit.

"Harry James Potter, what on earth will mum say?" Hermione said before chuckling. She could always trust her husband to cheer them all up. Wrapping her arm around his waist and leaning on his shoulder she gave a little sigh, "I wonder how our lives would have been if Hogwarts was a day school when we were kids, would you have lived long enough for us to get together do you think?"

"Oh yeah, definitely, can't say the Dursleys would still be alive though," Harry answered with a laugh, "I was ready to kill them after spending one month a year with them. I could never have lasted a full year without blowing them all up and watching them drift away into the wild blue yonder."

Standing quietly at the back of the platform a dark haired woman watched again the love the Potters had for each other and their children. She wiped away a tear as she watched both Potter parents as they said their goodbyes to a beautiful eleven year old Katie. Wiping away her tears she smiled, her fear that the Potters might have rejected the baby that was left on their doorstep was gone forever; in its place was the joy of knowing that Katie was loved as their own. Watching as Hermione wiped away a few tears as she waved a goodbye to Katie she nodded and whispered to herself "She's a good mother." With a small wave toward the departing train she whispered, "see you next year my little one." She then took a deep breath and holding herself up straight she walked from the platform.

Home for the Potters was still the house that Harry was left by his grandparents, the house his mother had lived in while she was a Hogwarts student. The house was one of six in a quiet semi rural location being surrounded on three sides by parkland.

Cousin Dudley lived just half a mile away across the park with his wife Millicent, a witch that both Harry and Hermione knew from Hogwarts. Dudley had met her while being hidden by the order of the phoenix. The change that had started in Dudley on the day he had thanked Harry for saving his life just before going into hiding, had become a very profound change, he now quite happily accepted that his two boys were wizards and looked forward to the day they graduated from the same school his cousin the famous Harry Potter had attended.

Millicent had also changed, gone was the rather nasty Slytherin, in her place was a witch who had tirelessly helped Harry and Hermione to change the entire wizarding society. She was still a large and powerful woman, but since the birth of her first son she had become a warm and loving parent. Although Dudley often said she was the one that wore the trousers in their house they never saw any evidence to prove him right.

Winky and her mate Dapper lived in a small house at the end of the large Potter garden. Harry had had the elf sized house built partly in remembrance of their little friend Dobby who had given his life to save several others, including Harry and Hermione. The day Harry had given the house to Winky, Dapper and their daughter Lacy, was the day that Hermione had been so ecstatically happy they had conceived Jessica, a day that both Potters would always remember for the rest of their lives. Winky's daughter Lacy had almost instantly become the best friend of Katie and they had become almost inseparable over the past eight years.

Katie arrived home at six that evening, she excitedly told them all about her first day as a student. With waving arms she described the castle, the talking portraits and the moving stairs, she went on to describe the sorting hat informing them she and Lacy were both Ravenclaw's. Her brother and sisters all listened in awe as she told of her day, even though they had been told all about the school and the magical world many times by both their mum and dad. Michael was excited about having just one more year at his boring old school, learning about maths and English and all that stuff, next year he would ride the express to Hogwarts and then come home and tell them all about it.

That night as Harry and Hermione climbed into their bed they were two very happy people, their war had come to an end the wizards of Britain now lived in the 21st century and they could both now seriously relax and enjoy their lives with their family. Elves and Goblins were now classed as citizens of the world of magic along with other sentient beings. This year had been the first year that Goblins and Elves had been accepted at Hogwarts, it had been tough but together with the help of their friends they had won. Hopefully they would now have a peaceful life and live as long as Dumbledore had, and with the changes in medicine that were constantly happening now they might well live far longer than their old enemy had ever hoped too. With a kiss they said goodnight and cuddled together they fell asleep. They had to get up early in the morning; they had found having a student at Hogwarts was rather tiring.


A/noteā€¦ I have always thought it odd that someone who grew up in the Muggle world and found themselves threatened by a bunch of racists who wanted nothing more than to see them dead would not decide to get hold of a fire arm, which would have to be far better than having to fight a magical duel with someone with far more experience using a wand. I mean with a gun they could probably stand well out of the effective range of a wand cast spell point the gun and end the threat by pulling the trigger.