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Brittany is a complete wreck in the passenger's seat of Santana's car. Santana is still in shock. She moves the armrest up between them and Brittany practically falls into her lap, sobbing. Santana just stares at out the window at the empty parking lot of their school.

It started with them messing around on Brittany's bed. The blonde had been straddling Santana and kissing her with her hands tangled in her hair when they started to hear the yelling. It was in Dutch so Santana's couldn't understand it, but she saw Brittany spring off of her and land awkwardly on the floor. Her mom keeps yelling in the foreign language as Brittany tries to explain in the same tongue.

Her face gets red as she glares at Santana and she points to the door. Santana doesn't have to know Dutch to know what that meant.

Brittany just looked at her with a tear-glossed face and nodded. Santana frowned. She didn't want to leave Brittany like that.

The blonde sighed and started to reach for Santana's hand, but retracted it. She folded her hands, pretending that Santana's tan, strong hand was holding her pale, weak one. "Please, San. Just go."

"I'll wait outside the door," Santana whispered as she walked past Brittany and her mom. Once she was out of Brittany's room, she took one step to the left and pressed her back up against the wall next to the doorway.

Brittany's mom continued to yell in Dutch while Brittany, through tears tried to explain. Santana drew on all of her years of listening to the Dutch family to try and figure out what they were saying, but there was a block in her brain keeping her from getting past the fact that Brittany's mom was inside screaming instead of what she expected, which was blush and close the door.

Suddenly, she heard the distinct sound of skin hitting skin. Santana flew back into the room and saw Brittany's hand on her face with a look of complete shock. The Latina sent back a look the practically dared Brittany's mom to hit Brittany again. She was teetering on the brink of blind rage. Only the look on Brittany's face kept her from jumping over.

Just as Santana was about to say something, Brittany's mom yelled a few more sentences, some of them directed at Santana. Brittany has taught her enough Dutch to know that the last thing she said before walking out is 'five minutes'.

Without thinking about what was really going on, both girls started scrambling to get as much of Brittany's stuff together as possible. It took a surprisingly small amount of time to get the majority of Brittany's belongings into Santana's car. It was more than five minutes, but Brittany's mother was nowhere to be seen.

Brittany looked numb before they got to the school parking lot. Then she broke.

After half an hour in the parking lot and three missed called from Santana's mom, Santana decided they should go to her house.

When she stopped outside her house, Brittany was still sobbing uncontrollably. She kept mumbling in her parents' native tongue and shaking her head. Santana really wished she knew what Brittany was saying.

The blonde managed to pull her tears back and wipe off her face, which was still red and slightly swollen around her eyes. There was no hiding that she'd been crying for almost an hour.

Santana got out of her seat and walked to Brittany's side of the car. She opened Brittany's door and knelt down, taking both to Brittany's hands in her hands. She still didn't know what to say. It seemed like anything that she could have offered wouldn't have been good enough. So instead she helped Brittany out of the car and walked inside with her.

Santana's parents saw Brittany as Santana ushered her down the hallway to her room. They both looked at each other then back at Santana and Brittany make their way to Santana's room. Before they turned the corner, Santana shot a look to her parents that said she'd explain later.

Once in Santana's room, Brittany walked straight to the bed and lay down. Santana followed her and wrapped her arms around Brittany, her body shaking from the sobs that wracked her best friend.

Santana closed her eyes and kissed her forehead, still not able to conjure up any words that might help.

After a few minutes, there was a knock on Santana's door. "Santana we'd like to talk to you."

Santana sighed into Brittany's hair. The blonde just seemed to pull herself away from Santana and nod.

"Are you sure?" Santana whispered.

Brittany nodded and set her head on the Santana's pillow, "I think I'm just gonna go to sleep." She sniffled and wiped her face off with the back of her hands.

Santana reluctantly left Brittany in her room, closing the door behind her. She took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen where both of her parents were sitting. She knew she was going to have to tell her parents about the extent of her relationship with the blonde Cheerio, but she wasn't nervous like she thought she would be.

When she explained the whole situation, Santana was surprised when her parents just nodded like they already knew. Of course, anyone with half a brain could see that there was something more to Brittany and Santana's relationship to just best friends.

Finally they turned to the topic of where Brittany would live. Her parents seemed to know what she was going to say and started shaking their heads before she opened her mouth.

"But mom…" Santana trailed off at the look on her mother's face.

"We don't have room, mija," her mother shook her head.

Santana had to fight for this. This was important. More important that anything she'd ever fought for, "But this is my fault. She can have my room. I'll sleep on the couch. I'll get a job. Whatever I have to do."

"You know it's not about that," her father said calmly from the table.

Finally, Santana can't reign in her emotions anymore. Tears start to make their way down her tan cheeks. She managed to choke out a broken, "It's all my fault."

Santana's dad stood up from the table and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around his daughter, "No it's not. It's her selfish, ignorant parents. It would have happened eventually. She can stay here until she finds somewhere else."

Santana knew her parents were right. It was already cramped in their house with the three of them and her brother. However, that didn't stop her from being mad at her parents. They were convenient targets because Brittany's mom was at her house and Brittany's dad was at his condo in The Hague that he stayed at for almost half of the year for business. "It's not fair. Why are you treating her like this?"

"Honey, you know we love Brittany," her mom continued to patiently explain, "And we will take care of her as much as we can, but you know as much as we do that there's not enough room."

Santana looked at the clock on the wall. She'd been away from Brittany for almost half an hour. She just wanted to get back to Brittany so she sighed and finally agreed. "Okay." She wiped her eyes with her palms.

Her dad hugged her one last time before releasing her to go back to the blonde in her bedroom.

When she got back she found Brittany to be in a deep sleep on her bed, hugging her pillow to her chest. She sat next to Brittany and watched her sleep for a few minutes before getting up to start thinking of a way to remedy the situation.