"Please Valar," Legolas choked through fresh tears, "I don't want to hurt anymore...I don't want to hurt anymore. Have mercy please..." he broke down again, clinging to the quilt as he knelt beside his bed, unable to finish his prayer.

Aragorn couldn't stand peaking through the keyhole anymore – he needed to talk to him. But what should he say? He was Legolas' brother and yet he couldn't pinpoint his pain. What kind of brother was he?

The King slumped against the door, unsure of what to do.

Legolas was the type of person who didn't reveal his feelings. Whether it was because of pride or fear of burdening his friends he wasn't sure - it has been both reasons several times in the past.

Why was he still outside? Legolas needed him and he was sitting around doing nothing. But what would he say?

Maybe he didn't need to say anything, just being a shoulder to cry on is a comfort that won't drive Legolas away.

The now quiet Prince didn't react when the door swung open. The soft skin around his closed eyes burned red and his light breathing occasionally jumped into hiccups like a small child in his sleep.

Aragorn had come in too late. But despite the bite of guilt that stung his heart, he couldn't help releasing a sigh of relief: he was finally sleeping. He hadn't slept in days – it would be unfair to wake him now, so he carefully lifted him into his bed and held him close.

The hiccups slowly faded away and the elf started to cuddle him back in his sleep. Legolas wouldn't know that Aragorn was here when he wakes, but if he could rid of his nightmares for at least one night – he would be more than grateful.

The King's body had been replaced with a pillow – something Elrond had done to Estel when he was younger before he placed a kiss on his friends head and quietly left.

He would talk to him tomorrow.


He twirled the silky raven hair beneath his fingers as it shined in the moonlight. Soft grey eyes gazed upon the woman before him. They had gone through a hard time, but they pulled through – together and as a reward, nothing could ever part them.

Being as gentle as possible, he wrapped his arm around her waist, cuddled up next to her and closed his eyes.

I am the luckiest man in the world.

His arms were naught but an empty shell when he woke. But Arwen was still in the room – sat on the edge of the bed: her head in her hands and her shoulders shaking, showing the silent sobs she couldn't hold back.

The weeping angel looked at her love. Seeing her in such a state was utterly heartbreaking to witness. The King held out his hands, inviting her to lie in his arms and let go of the pain.

He held her tight and dried her tears until she was silent.

She remained buried in the crook of his shoulder as she whispered, "How could we have been so blind?"

"What do you mean my love?" she placed a piece of paper in his hands, it was wet with her tears but it was still readable,

I don't know who to write this to. I have so many friends but I only have the strength to say this once.

I haven't been completely honest with any of you... I'm not fine. I hate to say it but I'm struggling to fight this time. I lied about not having any contact from home which I am more than sorry for but I didn't want you all to stop celebrating your land's freedom because of my discomfort.

It seems that most of the dark creatures that fled from war have cowered in the trees of my homeland knowing that in this new world, that is where they are safest. I joined the fellowship to relieve my people of the pain they have been suffering for thousands of years but all I've managed to do is tighten the suffocating grasp on their hearts.

Lothlorien have lost too many warriors from the battle in Helms Deep – they can't help us, and after what I did to them I don't blame them for not volunteering again.

A lot of the Rivendell elves have sailed so they only just have enough to protect their own lands. My father said he plans to abandon Mirkwood – we have been defeated. Thousands of years of exhausting fighting was for nothing.

I am homeless, and so lost: this fight began before I was born and now that it is over I fear my soul has fled with it.

The rest of my distant family are sailing and plan to take my father with them.

I also lied about the elves in Helms Deep. I felt empty, no grief, no pain. I was so focused on the future that the present and past was lost in my mind and so the mortifying truth that so many people that held parts of my heart were gone because of my lack of skill was a sickening blow to the heart.

Out of the four hundred that came, less than a dozen survived, one of them being Haldir's brother Rumil who told me to stop now and go home to my family. I thought they could cope without me.

Rumil was right, you all would have achieved so much more if I was out of the way. My protection would have been more appreciated at home.

I received a letter yesterday, all four of my brothers were killed trying to protect our people who were fleeing from the now hollow forest. That's why my father has to sail: he'll die of grief if he doesn't.

I have no family and I know deep in my heart that I'll lose everybody else that I have left.

I need to leave. I don't want to feel and I don't want to live... just existing is all I can do.

Healing is impossible and you shouldn't have to go through seeing this heartless fool try. I just want the pain to go away.

But it won't. If the Valar loved me I would have been given mercy but it is not so. But what if I wasn't me? What if I existed as someone else. I'd just work myself to death to avoid making friends and not love. Not hurt.

I probably makes no sense, but it's the only future I can see for myself.

I am so sorry for lying to you but I don't regret not burdening you.

I love you all even if you don't love me anymore for being a coward.