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Never before had he seen a sight so beautiful.

The lake sparkled brighter than any star as the sun showered it in her rays. The gentle ripples of water gently caressed his fingers as he touched the water. They were heading for a small island, no bigger than a courtyard to finally say farewell.

Legolas was nervous, but everyone was here for him and his Ada, thank the Valar I have them for I wouldn't have lasted alone.

And so he was content to lean his head against his father's chest and let the gentle sway of the boat and the cool water brushing his hand calm him, for running away wasn't the answer. He knew that now more than ever.

The King and his son knelt opposite each other shadowing a small, hand dug hole in the ground, "Do you want to start ion nin?"

He nodded and, after a shaky breath, spoke, "Daromei, you were the closest elf to my age. The one that made my life an adventure especially that day. Our last day in the forest back at home without guards or without anyone having to carry any weapons. You raced me to the cherry tree. You let me win again and before I could say anything, Luvieren and Agalma were upon us, tickling our bellies and underarms and we thought we were beaten until Adar and Oriphon came and tickled them. We both stood and chanted and laughed and…and then…"

There was no need to brave, he knew that now, and so when he leant forward into his father's arms he didn't feel ashamed. Neither of them could withstand this alone, but together, they did stand a chance.

"And then your mother came,"Thranduil continued, "All four of you knew she'd seen us all in worse states and yet we all felt the need to stop and compose ourselves. We all plucked cherries from the tree. Luvieren and Algama each had an elfling on their shoulders and I sat a fully grown Oriphon on my shoulders to imitate the pair of you" Legolas laughed into his shoulder at the memory,"Your mother helped you all make jam out of the cherries. Our clothes were stained pink but there was more than enough for our last meal as free elves of the forest."

Together, the father and son dropped a single seed into the hole and took a handful of soil each, "My sons, my beautiful children I will always remember that day, and everytime me and Las come to care for this cherry tree we are caring for that memory, refreshing it. Always keeping that wonderful day in our hearts. And when Las has children of his own, he will bring them here and make memories of his own for you all to oversee."

Thranduil gently emptied his hand's contents into the hole, covering the seed like a warm blanket, "I know you'll look after each other, and your mother as you know me and your baby brother will look after each other."

After a moment of silence, Legolas felt a kiss on his forehead, "It is time to say farewell penneth." The father guided his son's hand down and didn't let go on hearing his voice.

It was shaky and quiet and there were several times were Legolas' voice broke, or had to take a breath to stop himself from breaking down into tears, but it was still the most beautiful song Thranduil had ever heard him sing.

"Sweet memories come back to me

Bringing fresh remembrances

Of the past

Dearest one, yes, you are mine own

From you, true love shall never depart

Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho`i a`e au
Until we meet again"

The End

Author's Note:

I'm so sorry this took so long to write, the ending holds the rest of the story and I knew all of my work would collapse if I did this wrong

I hope you all got the moral of this story: focus on what you have, not what you have lost… and keep smiling!

Final thing, I know Legolas doesn't speak Hawaiian but this song felt so right for my story so I hope you'll forgive me for using it.

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