Another de-anon from the Kink Meme. What can I say, that place is inspirational. The prompt this time was for a story where General Winter kidnaps America and intends to keep him; so Russia and Canada launch a rescue mission. And I threw in the Nordics for good measure. It's actually not quite finished on the meme yet. I just felt bad about going so long without posting anything.

WARNINGS: This story contains references to and depictions sexual situations, including rape and dub-con. It's not the focus of the story by any means, but it does come into play a lot, especially in the back-story. Please be advised that the rating is not for show.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything involving Hetalia. I just think this area here at the top looks silly without something between it and the title.

White Winter


It was almost ritual by now, the things they did for Him.

The first time, Canada had been afraid. Back then, Russia was the boogieman who lurked on his northernmost borders, the Nordics a distant memory and Antarctica literally uninhabitable. But Finland had proven to be kind and honest; he sat with the younger nation for hours, served him hot drinks and strange snacks and answered all of his frightened questions. They hadn't forced him, that first time – Canada had volunteered, knowing that, if he didn't, it would be Finland's turn, Finland who was so nice and kind.

In hindsight, Canada would realize how much he had to thank France for. At least his comparatively young deflowering had been at the hands of his former guardian, who ravished him with love and warmth, rather than the brutal, cold, uncaring creature who preyed on the northern nations for his selfish release.

Since then, Canada's turn had come only twice, thanks to careful planning that cycled through the northern countries so that no one had to 'attend' to His needs more than once a century. The countries that lay in His domain had a sort of pact – no matter what was going on with the world, politically, they came together in support of the one whose turn was up, for the sake of the entire world.

That was the only reason that Canada was not afraid now. He knew that, even though this isolated cabin in the depths of his Northwest Territory was far from any sign of civilization, morning would bring Finland and Norway and Sweden – gentle giant and papa bear that he was – to wash the night away. And thus the world would be safe from Winter's rage for another decade or more.

Canada waited for Him in the prepared room, wrapped only in a long coat of white fur – He liked white fur. It also covered the bed and the floor, wherever He might like to play His cruel games. The doors were unlocked and the house was bitterly cold, lit only by candles, the power cut to invite Him in.

It was lonely here, in the cold. Canada missed his brother. It had been barely a month since they'd last parted. He couldn't wait to see America again. Maybe he'd invite him over for breakfast, once this mess was complete and the Nordics were safely home. Maple syrup and America. That would make up for this trial in a heartbeat.

Alone with these thoughts, Canada waited for Him.

And waited for Him.

But to his surprise, General Winter never came.