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On a clear late spring night, three suited young men strode purposefully down a deserted street, their eyes set on a large manor-like house with light blazing from the garden. Or, two of them did. The other lagged behind, looking like he very much wanted to be somewhere else.

Ichigo glared at the backs of Keigo and Mizuiro mutinously. He had nothing better to do but this was definitely not the way he wanted to spend his night. It was nights like this that he wished he had enrolled in weekend activities. That would have made him less of a target for his roommates' nighttime crusades. Ichigo had no idea what this particular one was going to be or why he had to wear such a fancy suit (that, no doubt, left a big dent in his bank account) but he had the distinct feeling that he didn't want to know.

However, his feelings were completely disregarded, as usual, when Keigo turned to him with the look of someone about to go over the plans to breach an impenitrable fortress, "Right, men, this is it. That house over there is holding a fancy party the like of which we poor students can never imagine. However, that should not stop us being able to sneak in-"

"Wait, wait, wait." Ichigo interrupted, "You're not seriously thinking of gatecrashing, are you? Those guys have probably got security guards covering every inch of the place. There's no way we can get in there!"

"Then, we'll just climb over the wall." Mizuiro stated, calmly. That was Mizuiro's job on nights like this: to skate over every objection Ichigo raised and help Keigo push him into whatever they wanted him to do, "Anyway, it is not just about going to a fancy party. This is for your sake more than ours, Ichigo."

"What d'you mean?"

Keigo puffed himself up in an important sort of way. Or, what would look important on any other person. On him, it just looked stupid, "This, my dear friend, is Phase One of 'Operation Strawberry-Picker'!"

"Operation...what?" Ichigo just gave him a blank look, What kind of twisted thing are they thinking of? Whatever it is, it probably involves me and it doesn't sound good. Keigo then put on a very idiotic-sounding mock-professional voice and intoned,

"Ichigo, it has recently come to my knowledge that you, a man of good looks and good humour, are still a lonely and miserable virgin."

"Yeah. So?" Ichigo scowled, not liking the way this was going,

"Now, as your trusted friends and roommates, we would be ashamed, ashamed, to admit that we did nothing to solve this situation. So, we have found the party with the most lovely ladies in town that you can meet, greet and get friendly with between the sheets!" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively,

"WHAT?" Ichigo burst out, leaping away from his mad friend, "You're making me go to a fancy party just so I could pull a girl and get her to sleep with me?"

"Well, perhaps not all on the same night." Mizuiro put in, "I know you can keep your carnal desires in check better than Keigo."

"What do you mean?" Keigo rounded on him, "I have perfect control over my privates!"

"Maybe now, you do. When you get in the party, who knows?"

"Mizuiro, you meanie!"

"Right, that's it." Ichigo turned and began to walk away, "I'm going back. If the shop's still open, I'll get the money back for this suit."

"No, wait!" Keigo got hold of his suit tails and began dragging him back with strength Ichigo did not expect of him, "You must do this or you'll regret it forever! If we don't help you one the way to Enlightenment, we'll be the worst friends ever-URGH!"

This comment earned him a hard kick in the face from a very annoyed Ichigo, "Quit your whining! You're already the worst friends ever for forcing me here!"

"Come on, you two." Mizuiro's voice came from...somewhere. After a moment of searching, Ichigo found his friend already on top of the wall and looking around for any guards, "It'll be over by the time you two have finished bickering."

They had to drag Ichigo over the wall in the end, nearly ripping his suit, before they got him over the wall and into the shrubbery below. After quickly straightening their clothes out, they crept across the lawn until they came to a courtyard where people were dancing to a slow tune played on an outdoor piano. Everyone was either in suits or dresses that probably cost more than the building the three of them lived in.

Ichigo felt incredibly out of place in this overly-formal environment and he wondered what on earth Keigo and Mizuiro were thinking bringing him here. This was probably the last place he would ever find a girl who would like him. Every girl he saw seemed to have a partner or did not look at all interested in finding one. Keigo and Mizuiro drifted off, wishing him hushed 'good luck' messages, leaving Ichigo wondering whether he should attempt to hide in the crowd or find the quickest way out of here, Then again, he told himself, Mizuiro would probably drag me back by the hair if I tried. So, reluctantly, he approached the guests, trying to act natural.

There were a lot of people present. Enough to fill one of his lecture halls. Now that he got closer, he noticed that some of them looked distinctly suspicious, despite their formal attire. One even had spiky, electric blue hair, making him very relieved. At least his own wild orange mop would not stand out so much compared to his. Blue-hair was with a smaller man who looked more suited to the occasion with his short black hair and solemn, chalk-white face. He vaguely heard his voice over the general murmur and music; it was just as monotone as the rest of him.

Determined not to talk to anyone, Ichigo drifted aimlessly to the buffet. However, he took one look at the platters and decided against picking anything. Some of it didn't even look like food, Posh people are so weird about some things. His opinion seemed to be shared by a gangly man taller than Chad who popped a piece of something in his mouth and promptly spat it out so it landed on the head of his sandy-haired companion, "Geez," He sneered, turning around, giving Ichigo the view of a white eyepatch, "this is why I eat before coming here."

The other man also had an eyepatch, a round black one, and seemed to strangely like what Eyepatch One rejected, "Please, don't say that kind of thing out loud, Nnoitra-sama." Eyepatch Two said, rather timidly, as he helped himself to what Ichigo could only presume was some kind of fish wrap,

"Hey, who told you to act like my mother, Tesla?" snapped Nnoitra. The pair walked off at that point, Nnoitra still sniping at Tesla, seemingly to look straight through Ichigo. As Ichigo picked a glass of champagne from a waiter and downed it in one go, a horrible thought struck him. What if these people were people like the Yakuza? Some of them certainly didn't look like law-abiding businessmen, Crap! Ichigo thought, If they found out I'm a gatecrasher, I'm dead! He made a solemn vow to himself that, should he get out alive, he would kill Keigo and Mizuiro for bringing him here. Presuming they made it out alive too, Ha, serve them right for doing something like this if they get caught.

Now convinced that he had to get out of here quick, he pushed down his panic and acted like he was walking aimlessly away for a stroll around the garden. He made it away from the crowd and turned around the mansion, where the place was apparently deserted. Still, there could be guards lurking around so he had to be careful. He could tell that they weren't anywhere near the gate but he couldn't be too careful. Just as he was about to begin to start sneaking to the wall, a voice made him freeze,

"Come to get away from the crowds too?"

Whipping around in shock and horror, he saw a tall figure standing at a pair of ornately-decorated French doors flung open seemingly to let in the breeze that was ruffling Ichigo's hair. He could not see the figure very well since their back was to the light but he could tell by the very deep voice that it was a grown man,

"Ah, no." Ichigo scrambled for something to say that would get him away fast, "I was just, ah..." Ichigo was never a good liar and his mind had gone completely blank with panic,

"Now, now, there's no need to fear me." The voice was warm and friendly, though it had a coldly commanding undertone to it, "I came away from the party to relax myself. No one will mind if we stay away."

Ichigo breathed an inner sigh of relief. At least, the stranger had not caught onto the fact that he was a gatecrasher. But, before he could think of something to get him away, the stranger reached out and took hold of his hand, making Ichigo jump again,

"Why don't you come here and have tea with me?"

Before Ichigo could get a word in edgeways, he was being gently but firmly pulled into the dimly lit room and pushed into a very new-looking sofa. As he tried to pick a believable excuse out of his scrambled brain, his companion was pouring steaming tea into very expensive-looking cups. Ichigo was suddenly scared to move suddenly in case he broke something. He was already guilty of gatecrashing, he didn't want to add damage to property to his record. This meant that making a run for it was definitely out of the question.

The cup was pushed in front of him and the dim lamp above their heads was adjusted so it shone more brightly and illuminated the pair of them. Ichigo finally got a good look at his companion. He was approximately in his late twenties or perhaps early thirties with broad shoulders and large hands. His brown hair was smoothed back off his face, going no further than his chest and allowing only one lock to hang between a pair of sharp dark chocolate-coloured eyes. What Ichigo noticed most of all was the presence the man had. The feeling of superiority and authority radiating off him, especially from his eyes. Eyes that made Ichigo feel like his thoughts were written all over his face and made him think that he probably knew that the boy before him was not meant to be there.

However, the tone in which he spoke next was friendly enough with a little less of the ominous undertone, "I do hate large gatherings. I don't even know half of the people there. I tend to prefer my solitude and a few companions. Are you the same?"

"Uh...I suppose so." Ichigo took a sip of the scalding tea to stop him meeting those eyes, realising only too late the possibility that the drink might be spiked. However, after a moment, nothing happened so he supposed that it was alright,

"Did you come with Grimmjow?"

"Yeah." Ichigo grasped this opportunity and his brain finally started working, "I'm his second cousin. We don't talk much, though. We live kind of far away."

"Ah, so that's why he hasn't introduced me to you." Lovelock (as Ichigo started calling him in his head) nodded, "I suppose you and him are not the best of friends."

"No." Ichigo went on, a bit more comfortable now that he had a good cover story, "I'm only staying with him now because my parents are away on business."

"Is that so?"

Suddenly, there was a distant crash and tinkle of glasses that nearly made Ichigo drop his teacup. Lovelock sighed, not in the least bit bothered by the noise, "Must be Zommari again. The man drinks like a fish. If he keeps doing this, he will be banned from these gatherings for sure."

Ichigo almost breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, he was sure that it had been Keigo,

"So," Lovelock took a long swig of tea and observed Ichigo lazily, "what brings you to this event? You do not look like the sort to be a social butterfly."

"I'm not." Ichigo agreed, feeling more and more at ease. So much so that some truth spilled out of him before he could stop himself, "I was forced here to try and find a girlfriend. My friends are getting at me for still being a virgin."

"Sounds like you're not fond of the fairer sex either, hm?" Ichigo blinked and stared at the man. The way he said it just sounded so...suggestive. However, before Ichigo could respond, he went on, "I had a few girlfriends in the past but they were all the same, really. They were more in love with the concept of my person and not really myself as a person, if that makes any sense to you."

"Yeah, I think so." This did ring a bell with Ichigo, "They like watching you but, as soon as they get to know you, they realise that you're not all they hoped you'd be."

"Indeed." Lovelock nodded, solemnly, "As I always say, admiration is the state furthest away from understanding."

"Yeah." Ichigo nodded, taking a gulp of cooled tea. It was very easy to talk to this man. He didn't feel like a suspicious stranger anymore and more like a good friend,

"I have not been in a relationship with anyone for nearly two years." Lovelock went on, "What about you?"

"Ah, I broke up with my last girlfriend a year ago." Ichigo shrugged, "We were always arguing anyway. And, she kept saying how useless I was at being romantic."

Lovelock sighed sympathetically, "Women. They're either obsessive and submissive or critical and short-tempered. You can never find a good one."

"And, when you do, they're taken."

They lapsed into an agreeing silence, both draining their cups. All thoughts of escape had gone from Ichigo's head now. He had almost forgotten he wasn't meant to be here. He turned his face to Lovelock. He had to admit that he could see why he might have been popular with the girls. His face was rather handsome, uncovered by his hair to show its full attractive glory. His immaculate clothing and hairstyle was the perfect picture of an aristocrat and Ichigo could imagine well-toned lean muscles under his clothes...

He snapped out of these thoughts when he realised how much these mental images were starting to affect him when he glanced down and noticed his very hard manhood, Shit! He thought, How the hell did that happen? The hell am I thinking? He hastily picked up his empty cup and placed it on his lap in an attempt to hide it. Lovelock was thankfully not looking in that direction and continued talking,

"I have gained some infamy among my circle of friends for being very uninterested in romance. Is it the same with you?"

"Ah, kinda." Ichigo nodded, his mind wandering briefly to Mizuiro and Keigo,

"There were times when my friends would joke that I had no preference in the fairer sex at all."

"Well, I haven't had that yet." Ichigo muttered, darkly, "But, it might be only a matter of time." He wasn't going to admit that he himself had been wondering in his private moments if he was homo,

"You talk about it like it's a bad thing." Lovelock said, lightly, setting aside his cup and turning slightly to face Ichigo. He now wore an enigmatic smile on his face that made his eyes seem even sharper, "The way I see it, the only bad thing about being homosexual is what certain, uneducated people would think of you."

Ichigo suddenly became very hot under his shirt as the other man shifted closer, his fingers lightly brushing the back of Ichigo's hand. The heat built more and more with every movement, especially around his groin, Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Ichigo could feel the heat creeping into his face and was sure that Lovelock knew exactly how aroused he was,

"My dear friend," Lovelock's already baritone-like voice now took on a whole new sensual quality that made Ichigo irresistably shiver, "you and I have quite an understanding, although we have know each other for less than an hour."

They were very close now. But, Ichigo amazingly didn't feel too uncomfortable. The part of him that wanted this unexpected intimacy to stop was becoming weaker, to be replaced with mindless, heated passion. The like of which he had not felt during his time with Inuoe or Rukia. He absently noticed Lovelock taking the cup out of his hands and setting it on the table.

Strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer to a wide, warm chest. Ichigo's head was gently tilted upwards and, knowing what was going to happen, he closed his eyes as a pair of lips pressed against his. Lovelock wasn't desperate for attention like Inuoe or aggressively demanding it like Rukia but slow and leisurely, going at an almost dream-like pace that Ichigo immediately took a liking to.

Almost unconsciously, Ichigo draped his arms around the other man's shoulders, immersing his fingers in gelled hair and messing it up. Lovelock deepened the kiss after a long moment, pushing Ichigo's head back further. The feeling of his tongue upon Ichigo's lips shocked him at first but he soon got over it and opened his mouth to admit it entrance.

None of Ichigo's girlfriends had ever used their tongues when kissing. Then again, their kisses had been very quick compared to Lovelock. The feeling was more pleasant than Ichigo had thought it would be. It did not feel invasive or strange at all as the organ explored his mouth. The best part, though, was when it touched with his, curling around it and encouraging it to move until their tongues were dancing in slow, loving circles.

After a while, air became a nagging problem and they had to seperate, though they did so as sluggishly as possible and did not move their arms an inch. They only paused to gaze at each other for a moment before Lovelock began kissing his way down Ichigo's neck, his hands pushing away the clothes from Ichigo's shoulders. Ichigo could only sit motionless, not in the least bit inclined to move as the other man pleasured his skin. He didn't know how long he had been there but he honestly didn't care. Whatever he was going to do can't have been important.

Suddenly, Lovelock stopped, making Ichigo snap out of his trance to stare down at him. The other man raised his head so their eyes were level, dark chocolate staring into deep amber, "If you want me continue, I suggest taking our activities to a more appropriate place where you and I would be more comfortable. It's still an 'if', though. I will not be displeased if you want to leave it at this."

Ichigo was silent for a moment. He was being given an opportunity to back out, something he had not expected. He tried thinking of a few reasons why he should leave now: Keigo and Mizuiro would probably be wondering where he was, having sex with a complete stranger was completely wrong and he was still a gatecrasher. However, these excuses became weaker as the seconds went by. Keigo and Mizuiro were most likely caught up in pulling girls at the party, Lovelock wasn't a total stranger since they'd just had a good conversation before and, even if he was a gatecrasher, Lovelock didn't know that yet. Besides, it would be horrible to leave it at this. Not now Ichigo was so in the mood.

So, with all this in mind, he leaned forward so their foreheads were touching and murmured, "Let's go for it."

Lovelock's lips stretched into a smile, "Very well. Just one more thing, how old are you?"

"Twenty in a few weeks." Ichigo answered, breathily. This made Lovelock's smile widen,

"Good, good. I turned twenty-seven recently so there is not much of an age gap between us. Perfect." And, without further ado, he had swept Ichigo up in his arms like a new bride. Ichigo's stomach did a backflip as he left the sofa and was carried out of the room, "H-hey!" He gasped, "What-where are we going?"

"Just to one of the bedrooms." Lovelock's smile widened and he rearranged Ichigo so his head was resting on the crook of his neck in a way that was more comfortable than Ichigo would let on. Up the stairs and across a wide landing, they went. Everything was dimly lit with only the light coming from the party to guide them yet Lovelock did not falter, striding towards a room at the end of the corridor and nudging the door open with his foot.

In an instant, Ichigo was laid gently upon a bed so large that he could easily lie across it both ways in a very-expensively decorated room, "H-hold on." Ichigo couldn't help but stammer, "Should we be here? Isn't this someone's room?"

Lovelock laughed, "I'm sure he won't mind us using it." His hand got straight back to work undressing Ichigo and, not wanting to feel too submissive, Ichigo reached up to pull the other man's clothes away. Ichigo had been right; even in the dim light, he could see that Lovelock was the owner of a fine set of muscles, well-defined and supple. The sight of them filled Ichigo with a strange sort of excitement that he had never felt when he had seen girls naked. Or, if he had, it had been much more muted than this.

Lovelock continued lavishing his body with kisses, stroking Ichigo's skin with reverence. It was a novel experience for Ichigo but it felt surprisingly good and not at all embarrassing to be in this position. Lovelock moved his lips down his chest and stopped at one of his nipples. As soon as he started swirling his tongue around it, a jolt of pleasure went straight through Ichigo, making him cry out in combined shock and ecstasy. He could feel the seam of his trousers coming under more pressure as he became harder and harder when Lovelock moved his attention from one nipple to the other, coaxing the both of them into hardness.

It was a long time (or, it felt like a long time) before Lovelock took hold of the zipper on his pants, pausing to look up at a panting Ichigo, "Last chance." He teased, smiling mischieviously,

"Do it." Ichigo gasped, now no longer caring if he wasn't supposed to be here or doing this. He was too addicted to the pleasure this was giving him to quit now. He closed his eyes lazily as the rest of his clothes were pulled away and a rustle of material told him that Lovelock was fully naked as well. A little spark of anxiety flared within him at what was going to come but that was soon extinguished by Lovelock's hands wrapping around his cock and slowly massaging it.

With every little move, an incredible rush of pleasure went through him, the like of which he had never expected or remembered feeling before. Ichigo threw his head back and moaned, bucking his hips to gain more friction. All that mattered in his mind now was that he kept feeling that pleasure. Lovelock was only too happy to oblige his desires, running his hand up and down faster and faster with every second. Finally, the pleasure became too much; his orgasm was coming, "Gonna...cum..." Ichigo managed to gasp out before, with a dizzying final burst, he came over Lovelock's hand.

Ichigo sank back into the mattress, feeling like that orgasm had taken nearly everything out of him. In the haze, he became dimly aware of the mattress shifting. Lovelock was delving into the bedside table, looking for something. Finally, as Ichigo gained more and more awareness, he found what he was looking for, "Wh-what's that?" Ichigo formed his sigh into words, inclining his head at the bottle,

"Lubricant." Lovelock murmured in that sensual way again, "It's to reduce the pain and make it easier for me to penetrate you."

Penetration. Now, that was something Ichigo had not given much thought to. He had always been told that it hurt the first time and, indeed, Lovelock had said that the lubrication would reduce the pain. Before he could think of something to say, however, his legs were being carefully pushed up and out and something poked at his backside, "Ahh! What the fuck?" He tried to squirm away but one of Lovelock's large hands held him still,

"Relax." He murmured in a soothing kind of way, "This is just the preparation. What you feel now is my finger. I do not plan on penetrating you properly until you are appropriately prepared. I know it must be painful but, if I do not do this, penetrating you will be nothing but pain with little pleasure. And, I don't want you to be in pain. You don't look attractive at all when you're in pain. So, just lie back now and let me take care of you."

Ichigo found it very hard to resist pulling away as the finger wormed its way further into him. It felt oddly cold and slimy and Ichigo wondered briefly if it was that lubricatant stuff on it. The finger began a slow, even rhythm of pushing in and pulling out until the initial pain faded. Just as Ichigo was starting to get used to the feeling, however, he felt the intrusion widen and realise that a second finger was going in this time.

He winced as it not only started the push and pull rhythm but began making scissor movements so his entrance was painfully stretched, "Wh-what the hell are you doing?" He gasped, "That h-hurts!" In response to this, the fingers pushed in deeper than they had before and hit something that made Ichigo let out a scream of pleasure much louder than the ones that had escaped him before,

"That's it." came Locklock's voice from above him, "Focus on the pleasure, not the pain." Ichigo gripped the pillow as the fingers hit that spot again, the sounds of pleasure from his mouth now sounding more animal than human. A third finger was added but Ichigo didn't even notice the pain. He was too preoccupied with the intensity of the ecstasy that was rolling over him, accompanied with an almost comforting feeling of being filled.

Suddenly, he felt the fingers withdraw and disappear. He could not stop a small whine of disappointment escaping him at the feeling of emptiness they left behind. He wanted the pleasure to continue. A musical chuckle came from above him, "Don't worry, my darling. You will not be empty for long. Besides, you look too beautiful when you're in pleasure for me to stop now."

After a moment, he could feel something heavy pressing against him and Lovelock's face came into view, still smiling serenely though his hair was a little dishevelled. He gently carressed Ichigo's cheek and leaned down to kiss him once more. Lost once more in the leisurely dream-like feeling that came with this, Ichigo raised his arms and wrapped them around Lovelock's body, tracing every ridge of his spine with his fingers.

In the meantime, Lovelock was bringing up his legs so he was straddling Ichigo's hips and bringing his manhood very close to his entrance. When their lips broke apart, Lovelock whispered against the other's mouth, "When I begin to penetrate you, it will feel painful but the lubricant will ease it. Just relax and resist your instinctual desire to try and push me out. Keep yourself nice and open. Don't panic, I'll be gentle. Now, let's begin, shall we?"

They began to kiss again and, as soon as Ichigo had begun to relax, he felt something that definitely wasn't a finger pushing into him. He furrowed his eyebrows and cried out against Lovelock's lips at the feeling. As the pain intensified, Ichigo, being unable to vocally express his discontent, clawed at Lovelock's back, surely making scratches. Lovelock merely tangled his tongue with Ichigo's as he inexorably eased himself in inch by inch. He only lifted his face away from Ichigo's when he was fully sheathed, leaving Ichigo panting and trying to adjust to the pain, "F-fuck..." Ichigo groaned as Lovelock became still for a moment.

Lovelock's lips lowered to his face once more, "I'm going to move in a minute. Remember what I said. Do not focus on the pain, only the pleasure." The pain was beginning to recede now and, seeming to sense this, Lovelock pulled himself out just as slowly as he'd come in. Then, without warning, he slammed back in hard and fast.

This would have been painful if Lovelock had not found that sweet spot again that sent his body arching off the bed and his hips pushing back against Lovelock's. He tried to tell him to go faster but every thrust hit that same spot again and made him incapable of coherant speech. Lovelock, seeming to be able to think more clearly than Ichigo, turned his attention to his neck, kissing, licking and nibbling the soft skin, making little red and purple marks that the younger man would only notice later,

"Rather sensitve, aren't you?" Lovelock murmured, "It's so easy to get a reaction from you."

Normally, Ichigo would have snapped back but his mind was in no state to think of any retort so the comment went ignored. Lovelock took hold of Ichigo's manhood (now very hard once more) and began pumping it as he had done before, further increasing the electrifying pleasure coursing through him and quickening his release, "I-ah!-I'm clo-uh-close...!" Ichigo managed out. The next thing that came out of his mouth was a loud scream as he came once again over both their stomachs. Lovelock only lasted another thrust before he gripped Ichigo's shoulders tightly and Ichigo felt a warm, wet rush inside him as the older man came inside him.

Lovelock slid out after a few seconds and moved to Ichigo's side, allowing the younger's legs to slump back onto the bed. The both of them lay side by side, panting and slowly regaining their senses. After a while, Lovelock spoke, "I don't know about you, dear one, but I feel so much more pleasure with you than I have with any woman."

"Mmm." Ichigo could only nod. After two orgasms, he was now completely exhausted. Appearing to understand this, Lovelock reached out and gently pulled Ichigo towards him so the younger man was resting his head on the older's chest. The muscles were extremely warm and comfortable, sending Ichigo to sleep in minutes.

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