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Rose peered over Albus' shoulder and looked at the map, which he had also apparently nicked from James, and they ensured the path they took was Professor and prefect free. Sure Rose and Scorpius were prefects, but the rules still applied to them. Creeping up the dark hallway gave Rose the chills. She had never really been out past curfew except for patrols and a few daring nights with Albus.

After criss-crossing in front of the door three times, the door appeared, much to Rose's chagrin, and they entered. It was small, but comfortable. Some of the furniture pieces were still singed from the prolonging damage that some cursed fire had created.

Scorpius stood behind Rose beside Albus and Sarah as each member of their family filed into the room. Apparently this also included family friends as both the Longbottoms and the Scamanders were there as well.

Shifting nervously, he eyed each member, trying to decide which members would murder him, and which would find this relationship perfectly OK, and not be upset.

Lily and Hugo smiled at him, so he felt good knowing that he more than likely had them on his side, which was surprising, considering how protective Hugo was of his sister. Dominique, Roxanne and Alice filed in next, and Louis dragged Lorcan and Lysander into the room. Thomas strolled in last by himself, looking like he was uninterested in this meeting, but was only here because of the glare Alice sent his way. That was a big deal, considering Scorpius was sure he had never seen Alice get angry.

"So what's the meeting for Rose?" asked Lily, a knowing smile on her face.

"Well I called the meeting – "

"Might I add, the cards are some brilliant wand-work Rose!" Alice piped up.

"Thanks Alice. As I was saying, I called the meeting because I have something very important to tell you all, and it would be best for me to just tell you all at the same time and hope for the best."

Albus patted his cousin on the shoulder comfortingly. Scorpius would do the same, but he felt out of place here and standing in the background right now sounded perfectly OK to him.

A moment seemed to pass, as Rose fidgeted nervously, unsure how to go about breaking a secret that she had kept for longer than a year.

"Well go on with it then!" Thomas grumbled suddenly, "Some of us have places to be."

Alice glared at her younger brother once more.

"Well…um…" Rose stumbled over her words.

"Rose and I are going out," Scorpius suddenly blurted out, completely by accident, unsure where this sudden burst of courage had come from, or whether or not it was pure idiocy, but he hated to see Rose in a situation she clearly did not want to be in.

Dominique, Lily and Hugo just smirked, but everyone else seemed to be in between reactions. Lysander and Thomas seemed like they could care less, as both bore identical looks of boredom and rolled their eyes. Lorcan stared at Rose in shock, his mouth open wide. Scorpius guessed the kid's childhood crush had never disappeared.

Louis begrudgingly handed Alice over a galleon, who smirked appreciatively at the two of them, as did Roxanne.

"You bet on us!" Rose spluttered out. Louis and Alice looked guilty for a moment, until Alice smirked.

"We're not the only ones!" Alice snickered. "Most of your older cousins had as well. Just wait 'til Victoire hears she lost 10 galleons to Teddy!"

Rose stared agape at her friend.

"So when did this happen then?" Dominique drawled, a smirk clearly evident on her face, as if she knew the answer to her question, but felt the need to ask it regardless.

Rose faltered for a moment. "Well, for your information – even though in all honesty, it's none of your business – we have been dating since the beginning of fifth year. And we didn't tell anyone, some people accidently found out, sure, but we told no one. For one, if Scorpius' grandfather knew I was his girlfriend, I would be a clear target. For another, I was afraid of what you guys would think."

Understanding dawned on her family's faces.

"You're lucky James isn't here, he'd Avada you in a heartbeat," Dominique smirked at Scorpius, but patted him on the back nonetheless.

"If that is all, I'll be going then," Thomas sneered as he stood and left the room.

Rose stared shocked at Thomas's retreating form. The rest of the room seemed to empty out slowly.

"Well," Albus turned to his friend, "That went surprisingly well. I think Rose should owl the other members of the family, to avoid any disasters."

Scorpius only nodded, his stomach churned. What would the other family members think?

Rose returned minutes later, grabbed Dominique's arm, and the two left. Scorpius went to follow, but Albus shook his head.

"I think we know what that's about," Albus said, "Let's leave them be. Come on, we'll head back to the Common Room."

Scorpius nodded and followed his friend.

Rose dragged Dominique to an abandoned classroom down the hallway where she knew they would not be interrupted.

After closing the door, she turned on her cousin. Dominique recoiled, unsure where her cousin's sudden anger was coming from, but she guessed somewhat what was about to happen.

"Did you tell them?"

Dominique grimaced, she had been right. Shuffling on her feet, she replied, "I talked to Teddy."


"He told me not to lie. Said I had no business and that I was a jealous child who should keep my head out of the clouds." Dominique sniffed and swiped her wrist across her eyes trying to stop the tear flow.

"Seriously? Well then we go straight to Victoire. She'll believe you, she's your sister."

"No, she won't. Victoire will simply think I'm trying to ruin her happiness by lying to her."

Rose thought for a moment. How could they possibly prove it to Teddy and Victoire that it happened, if one couldn't remember it, and the other wasn't even there? Her mind went into overdrive thinking, and then she got it.

"A Pensieve."


"We've got to find a Pensieve. You're going to show them what happened. I don't care if it's the most awkward thing ever. But it's the only way Victoire will ever believe you."

"Only one problem, where will we get a Pensieve?"

At this, Rose smiled.

"I know of two. There is one in the Headmaster's office, and Uncle Harry owns one as well."

"How will we use it? I can't leave Hogwarts, and do you really think Professor McGonagall would allow us to use hers? And even if she did, how would Victoire agree to come to see it?"

"Leave all of that to me," Rose smiled. She wasn't sure how she would do it, but she would find a way.

Dominique looked like she was trying to smile, but it just didn't reach her eyes. "Thanks Rose."

"Anytime cousin," Rose returned the smile.

A few weeks passed, and eventually everyone got over the shock of the relationship. Rose had owled the rest of the family, and had received several letters from upset family members for keeping it a secret, but not about her choice of who to have a relationship with, and had luckily avoided a Howler from James, as Uncle Harry had forbid him to, afraid it would spread the news to the school. She did, however, receive a very angry letter that made her cry.

Scorpius received a letter from him as well,


You're lucky I have yet to come to that school to hang you up by your toes. Rose is like my sister, and I think of her and treat her as such.

I was OK with letting you and Rosie be friends, I could live with that. Heck, I might have even been OK with a relationship in the future.

But the fact that you kept this a secret from the entire family hurts.

I understand that you were only trying to keep our Rosie safe, but how dare you let her keep it a secret from her family, the only ones who will be here for her when scum like you leave her in the dirt.

I was even beginning to like you; consider that chance gone. Square one for you.

James S. Potter

PS: Please notify my brother that I have never been more furious or proud of the fact that he nicked the Invisibility Cloak and the map from me

Well. At least he understood his motives.

Scorpius had seated himself besides Albus and Rose at the breakfast table. He gave Rose the letter, and she subsequently scoffed at the words that were laced with empty threats. Albus grinned at the post-script piece, but other than that the letter didn't seem to faze him.

"Don't worry about it Scorpius. The only thing that should be on your mind is our Quidditch match today. We need to grind Hufflepuff into the dirt if we want to win that Quidditch cup. We only lost by like thirty points last year, no way in hell are we going to lose!" Rose grinned, "Especially with dearest Albus as the Captain!" She ruffled her cousin's already messy hair affectionately. Rose seemed surprised when several girls looked at her with envy. Sure, her cousin had looks, but he was taken, and Sarah was not letting him go any time soon.

Albus groaned and attempted to fix his un-fixable hair. Scorpius rolled his eyes at his friend and tossed a piece of toast at his face. The buttered side hit him square in the nose, and now he was covered in the slick oily butter. Albus stared perplexed at his now shiny nose for quite some time before Rose and Scorpius burst out laughing at their cross-eyed Captain, and his butter covered face.

Sarah arrived then, only to notice the ruckus as her friends mocked her boyfriend. She snickered, but grabbed a napkin and wiped his face affectionately. Albus grinned before placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

Rose wrinkled her nose at this. She loved the idea of them together, however her cousin's personal displays of affection was not of any interest to her.

Pulling on her keeper gloves, she looked at her friends. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," Albus said, while swallowing his nerves.

"Kick ass guys," Sarah said with a large grin on her face, and Scorpius laughed at her abrupt and short pep talk.

The four made their way down to the pitch, and Sarah departed towards the stands, but not before giving Albus a good luck kiss. The three entered the changing room, and weren't surprised to see they were the first to arrive. It didn't take long though for the other four members of the team to arrive.

Everyone stood around expectantly, waiting for Albus to speak.

"You guys are ready for this. I mean Hufflepuff only got fifty points in their last game, and that was against Gryffindor. We're going to win this thing! Remember, score about a hundred points at least before I can catch the snitch, OK? We're already twenty up on Gryffindor and I'd like a bigger lead!"

"Calm down Albus, don't worry. We're flawless! Only person you should worry about is yourself. Beat Kaleigh to that snitch! She almost had it in that last game, if it hadn't been for that bludger…" Scorpius pointed out.

"Yes, bludgers. Keep them on either Kaleigh or Isaac. If you can even just distract them, we'll have a chance! Got it Liz? Hugo?" Both nodded, "Good." Albus grinned. "Alright, hands in!"

Albus had started this new pre-game thing. Everyone put their hands in the middle and screamed this ridiculous war-cry/they're going to lose chant, and then cheered. Rose thought it was odd really, but she did it for her cousin anyways.

Rose could hear the loud cheers of the crowd above, the chanting of Ravenclaw! Ravenclaw! Raw Raw Raw! coming from the stands was making her hair stand on end in anticipation, and she could feel her adrenaline begin to rush. This was what she had missed over Christmas.

There was a bitter breeze in the air, but Rose's warmth spell kept the chills from their bones. Each member of the team mounted their broom and took off into the frigid sky above them. Rose swerved towards her position at the goal posts. Isaac Collins was directly across from her, guarding the Hufflepuff posts, and he followed the movements of his teammates. Isaac was known for being sharp, constantly with his eye on the ball. He never got distracted.

Scorpius could hear Professor Wood yelling rules below, how the game must be fair and no foul play. She was talking to the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, she should know better.

There was a moment of pre-game silent anticipation, and then the whistle was blown.

The game seemed to never end, with Ravenclaw being up ninety points, with a score of one hundred and seventy to eighty, and Albus was searching desperately for the snitch. They had a well enough lead now that the cup was surely theirs.

Albus refused to catch the snitch though until they had a one hundred point lead, so sure enough the moment Scorpius got that eighteenth goal in, Albus set his eyes on the golden sphere and its delicate wings and quickly captured the snitch.

The Ravenclaw victory party may not have been as boisterous as a Gryffindor party, nor was it as classy as the Slytherin style parties, or as hearty as a Hufflepuff's, but they celebrated in their own way.

With many a bottle of Firewhiskey that a few seventh years had snuck in.

Exams were a lot less brutal on the sixth years, an almost break after the bout of craziness that OWLs had brought on, and the sure insanity that NEWTs would bring. Rose felt confident with her work, and she praised Scorpius and Albus on how well they studied this year. If all went well, they would be well prepared for NEWTs

Scorpius was to spend most of June and July with his parents, while the rest of the summer he would be shipped off to the Weasley home. Rose wasn't sure yet if her father knew about her relationship with Scorpius. She was sure her mother would have told him, or that James or someone else would have, but she was too cowardly to send him an owl herself.

The train ride home was spent in quiet, as Rose was just exhausted. Madam Pomfrey had insisted she and other members of their family returned at least once a month since Christmas to ensure there were no traumatizing effects of what had happened to their family. Her bones had healed just fine, but the terror of the attack and the loss of family had an effect on each member differently.

When they reached King's Cross they separated to find their families, Scorpius followed Albus as he would Floo from the Potter home, and Rose made her way towards her parents. Her father's face had a terse look, almost in disgust as he gazed across the platform, and Rose knew immediately that he knew something, as that was a look he only held when he was greatly displeased about something. Her mother had said he held that look any time she talked about Viktor Krum, a friend from their past.

Hermione immediately engulfed her daughter into a hug as they waited for Hugo to find them. "He promised to wait until we arrived at home before saying anything," she whispered tersely into Rose's ear.

Rose nodded, knowing there was a storm brewing behind her father's eyes as she gave him a tentative hug. He seemed to cool down for a moment as he hugged his daughter warmly, squeezing just a little too tightly.

He was upset, and Rose knew exactly why.

Hugo came bustling over then, and after hugging their parents, the four moved to the Apparition Point. Rose was now 17, and had taken her Apparition test several months ago. Scorpius and Albus had as well. Albus almost didn't pass. Luckily the witch testing him was easily distracted by his fame and didn't notice the toenail left behind, nor the bleeding toe through his shoe. Albus had winced his way through filling out all of the necessary forms and was then on his way, license in hand.

"Hugo, you can side-along with me. Rose you can handle your own Apparition, correct?"

Rose nodded at her mother, and grabbed her trunk before turning on the spot, thinking of the safe Apparition point just beyond their yard. She had a few seconds on the rest of her family, so she rushed inside as fast as she could and levitated her trunk ahead of her. Two cracks were heard behind her as her family followed.

"Rose, I would like a word."

Her father sounded stiff, like he'd rather not have this talk, but knew that it was necessary. Rose halted her trunk at the bottom of the stairs in her foyer and followed her father into the sitting room.

Her mother had followed in behind her, but not before shoving Hugo up the stairs and kindly asking him to go to his room until supper was to be served in an hour. Hugo reluctantly obliged, but not before shouting out "Good luck!" to his sister.

Rose grimaced. She'd need it.

Sitting down on the couch, Rose waited for the onslaught she thought for sure was coming. Minutes passed as her father paced back and forth, her mother calmly stood in the doorway, a sad smile gracing her lips.

"Why didn't you tell me Rose?" her father's voice sadly said, "I'm your father, you can trust me. You could have told me."

Rose had expected anger, outrage, blind hate even. But hurt? She had not expected her father to sound this rejected.

"After all these years, I thought…"

"Dad. Dad I trust you with my life, you know that! Of course I trust you!" Rose suddenly burst. The fact that her dad was this saddened by what she had done made her feel terrible.

"Then why couldn't you tell me?"

"Because! Because you hate his father, and you even hated him at first! Remember when I first told you we were friends? You practically blew a gasket! Hugo said you had a fit and broke a bunch of vases, and when I came home for Christmas you got really angry with me! I thought it would be worse if I told you we were dating," Rose whispered the last part, in case anyone were to overhear. "And to be honest, the only people that found out were the ones who found out by accident. Albus, Sarah and Lily. Not even Hugo knew! Mom only found out over Christmas, and that's because she has some crazy sixth sense or something!"

Ron finally seemed to cheer up a little, knowing Hermione was in the dark the whole time too seemed to make him feel a bit better. "I'm sorry you couldn't trust me Rosie, but promise me that next time you'll tell me, alright? Unless it's something more serious. Then you can tell your mother and she can break it to me gently." Ron smiled.

Rose smiled along with her father and hugged him. "Of course dad! As long as you promise not to be a git about it, I'll tell you anything!"

Hermione smiled, "Dinner will be ready in a half hour. Why don't you go unpack dear?" she nodded at her daughter.

Rose grinned and headed upstairs, glad it had all went well. She wondered if Scorpius would tell his parents about their relationship.

Scorpius sat between his parents in the living room on the couch. They had insisted he sit them down and tell them about his school year, as they did every year.

This year, however, a lot more exciting things happened. From finding out about Sarah's older brother who had passed away, to Quidditch. From Lily and her boy troubles, to the extra Unspeakable lessons he had been taking. It had been an eventful year.

"Any girlfriends Scorpius?" his mother asked, slight worry in her voice, but also a hint of mischief and curiosity. There was a knowing look on her face.

Scorpius took a deep breath. It was now or never. He probably shouldn't tell his parents, in case they were ever tortured for information. But he knew that even under torture, they would never tell.

"Actually. I think it's about time that I tell you that Rose and I have moved further into our relationship than just friendship," there he had said it.

"Meaning…?" his father prodded, a knowing smirk on his face.

"Meaning Rose and I are in a relationship, and have been for a while now. Before you say anything, yes we kept it a secret, but only as a precaution. We didn't want any word of it getting to grandfather. But as Rose's family has weaseled the information out of us, it was only fair that I told you. But I wanted to tell you in person."

Astoria smiled knowingly, as did Draco.

"Son, I'm just glad you finally worked up the courage to ask her out. I thought I was going to have to do it for you if you didn't cave in soon enough!" Draco laughed as his son gaped at him.

"You mean you're not angry?" Scorpius asked his father in shock.

"Of course not. I kept secrets from my parents when I was a kid. I know the deal. My father wasn't even aware of my relationship with Astoria here until we sent him a wedding invitation. My mother, as suspected, had known of course," Draco smiled knowingly at his son, "Even though we wish you would share everything with us, we know that's probably never going to happen. But just know that you can, alright?"

Scorpius nodded, and quickly embraced his father, catching Draco by surprise. But he gladly returned the hug. Astoria waited a moment, and then joined in, smiling at her two boys. Nothing could ruin this moment.

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