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If there is any one thing that can be said about humanity, it is that they are resourceful. When backed into a corner or placed in an impossible position, with wills of iron they can make amazing and beautiful things happen.

It is even more true when they have more powerful beings (like vampires) to help them reach their goals, like fairy godmothers in the old stories. (Which is quite a humorous mental image for some of the more human friendly vampires.)

Such was the case of the truly interesting (and quite insane) individuals of the Hellinsg Institute. More specifically the one individual.

Aidan Fitzpatrick.

Unknown to most of the world, the governments of the world had an under the table Alliance started by the United States and China. This covert group began to seize the opportunity of the rapidly developing technology to resume the idea of leaving the planet behind. While the world was unaware, they tried to terraform the nearby planets only to end in failure and then a halt to the entire program as the great plague of '32 came. (Though how much of the plague deaths that should have been attributed to opportunistic vampires has yet to be determined.)

Also unknown to most of the world (including everyone he knew and loved absent his parents) a certain Irishman associated with the Hellsing Institute was contacted to work on the reemerging project of an autonomous terraforming platform.

Within four years of his recruitment, the terraforming platform was launched and Aidan Fitzpatrick, at the age of seventeen, was world renowned in the covert underground and was, quite bluntly, filthy rich. By the time he left home, he had patented over a hundred items that he had created in his spare time. A worthy vampire from some perspectives but this particular vampire is extremely glad that he was 'corrupted' before he could be turned as the only thing worse than an evil genius is an immortal one.

All the same due to his (and others') efforts, when, late in his life, a worldwide famine led to what was termed the 'Vampire World War', the human race had options. Faced with the idea of living in a world populated by those that would kill and eat them or chance the new terraforming process, they took the chance. It was also put forth that another reason for leaving was the decline of natural resources, which in fact was the reason for the entire project to begin with.

It should be noted that in later years, this second reason (excuse) was claimed to be the only one. Some of the world leaders said it was to protect those that might want to go back but the vampires that tagged along chose to believe that it was more to being unable to swallow their pride enough to admit to their abject fear.

And so the human race set off for a brand new set of solar systems (quaintly dubbed 'the Verse') to settle a large number of planets and moons. It was Aidan's daughter, Shiara (a magnificent vampire, I must say) who took over as head of the terraforming project. The higher ups of the Alliance thought it was a grand idea as she would never die and need to train a replacement. (Regardless to what they may say, something is always lost in every one of those trainings.)

She also had a dedication to humanity due to her in-law's servitude to the Hellsing line. To the Alliance, she was perfect so long as Hellsing lived. She, her husband and his parents were the ultimate trump card of the newly establishing government. The ultimate way of keeping the command of the people in their hands.

As long as the Hellsing lived, two of the most powerful vampires would remain loyal.

Too bad for them that, ultimately, everything ends.

--Excerpt from the personal diary of Nikolai, Historian

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