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Here are the most important lines of the prophecy at the moment:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

"Anyway, I have to tell you this. I swore an oath. I swore on the Styx, that no matter what happened, I would make sure that Percy remembered who he was, and what mattered. I promised him!"

Annabeth, Chiron and the Oracle must have heard the creacking of the door, and spun round to see me looking at them through the small gap. I raised my arms nervously.
"Hey...umm... I didn't mean to listen. I didn't hear much," I stammered.
They all said nothing, but instead glanced around at each other. The words that Annabeth spoke next were extremely quiet but crystal clear. "You might as well tell him - after all; he has a quest to go on." It seemed that they were all trying to act as though I was not there.

"A quest? I don't understand - a quest for what?"

Annabeth shrugged dismissively. "You could find something. I think it would help if he went on a quest; perhaps he would remember enough -"
She was interrupted by the Oracle. "I can tell - he is one of the seven from the prophecy, I can tell that much. Visions of this call to me. He will be very important even if he does not remember." Her voice turned icy cold, as she turned to Annabeth.
"He isn't Percy you know. It is so very important that you remember that - this time don't let the fate of the world lie to chance; don't put Peter before everyone else."
I wondered what prophecy they were talking about - and what she meant about 'this time'.

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. "You know, Rachel, I thought the Oracle was meant to remain impartial."
Rachel chuckled humourlessly. "Yes, the Oracle is - but I think that just this once I can make an exception. After all Annabeth Chase, I think you are starting to forget that you are a Hunter of Artmeis - and that Peter really isn't Percy, he doesn't remember you."
With that Rachel left the Big House, stalking outside. She slammed the door behind her. Annabeth and Chiron finally seemed to remember that I was still there.

Sighing, Chiron turned to me. "You heard all that,yes?"
I nodded, smiling weakly. "How could I not?"
"Well, just try not to dwell on the past; after all you're not Percy Jackson any more and his... destiny will not follow you." Chiron seemed unsure of his own words.
"You're the ones who seem to think that's who I am. I'm Peter Johnson, that's who I am!" I hiss.
Looking from one to the other, I notice that Annabeth is blushing and looks about to cry, and Chiron refuses to meet my eyes. It was obvious that they believed that something was coming to 'get' me.

Knowing that neither of them wants to speak to me any longer, and that there is nothing more I can say, I walk outside, to see the Oracle standing in front of me. In a monotone she recieted something that I knew must be a prophecy:

Heed this warning hero child
Monsters you fought in times long past
Are coming for their revenge and it shan't be mild
Be careful if you wish your life to last.

Even those who tell you they care
May not be those who care the most
About how in a dire quest you fare
Forever beware Ogygia Coast.

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* If Peter must stay away from Ogygia does that mean that Calypso is siding with the Titans?
*Peter might be evil unlike his past self (not telling you for sure :P) - after all, what did Rachel see in her Visions?"
*Could Peter ever truly become Percy?
*Is Annabeth really as 'innocent' as she appears - who are those not to be trusted?


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