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Katou gave up. He hammered his hand on the hospital wall in hope that the pain of his hand will somehow magically ease some of his tension. Evidently, it is not relieving anything. No matter how he tried, the tears wouldn't stop. His pride had been stained by the gossips and the gawking of the nurses and other people at the hospital. After all, he is a well-known actor. What good can there be when Katou Youji is at the hospital, walking in circles with tears endlessly falling from his eyes faithfully like an indestructible waterfall? Yet, Katou was ignorant to all of it. His precious Iwaki is in the operation theater and Katou blamed himself for the accident. If anything were to happen to Iwaki, Katou vowed to never forgive himself.

'Dear God, please let Iwaki-san be okay,' Katou prayed silently.

Katou's prayer must have been heard because right at that moment, the light outside the operation theater went off, indicating that the operation had ended. A young doctor walked out from the room. He passed a white towel which he had used to wipe his sweat to an assisting nurse.

Katou rushed to the doctor, griping on the doctor's sleeve with a little too much of unnecessary force. 'Sensei, how is Iwaki-san?'

The doctor looked at Katou uncertainly, 'Sir, may I-'

Katou's agitation overshadowed his patience and poise. 'I am Katou Youji and I am his lover. Please tell me, is Iwaki-san going to be okay?' Katou clenched his fists.

The doctor smiled delicately and placed a hand on Katou's trembling shoulders. He squeezed it lightly but with much firmness to offer Katou strength and assurance. 'Katou-kun, don't worry. Iwaki-san is safe now. The cut on his head is deep and he had lost a lot of blood but fortunately, since Iwaki's blood type is AB+ [*1], we were able to help him replace the lost blood. His cut will heal in a few weeks. As long as he is taken care properly, his injury will heal sooner and would not leave any scar.'

Katou gave a sigh of relief and he chucked silently, thinking of the 'care' he would shower Iwaki with. 'Oh, thank goodness! That is great news! Thank-' Katou left his sentence incomplete and frowned at the doctor's expression. The young doctor's eyes were far-away and his lips curled into a thin line of sympathy.

'Sensei, is there something wrong?'

The doctor looked at Katou, as if judging if he should be told about the information he has on Iwaki's condition. Finally, he straightened his coat nervously. 'Why don't we take this conversation to my room, Katou-kun?' he replied, leading Katou down the long corridor.

Katou's voice evaporated in to the tensed air as he dragged his feet and followed the doctor. 'Okay.'

The doctor led Katou to a room at the other wing of the hospital. There was only a table with one chair at one side and two chairs at the opposite side, a shelf stocked up with thick-bounded books and a bed with clean, white sheets in the room. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere was perfect to have a discussion. However, it still failed to offer Katou any ease. The doctor invited Katou to sit down as he introduces himself, 'My name is Mazumara Asou [*2] and I am Iwaki-kun's doctor.'

Katou remained silent. He was not confident of what to say and how to react.

Dr Mazumara sat down on his chair and loosened his tie. 'I don't know how to break this to you,' he paused, trying to chain up the right words. 'Iwaki-kun is – he is pregnant.'

Katou looked up at the doctor with pure shock and astonish in his eyes. 'Pregnant? But how is that possible?'

Dr Mazumara interlaced his fingers and rested his chin on it. 'At first we thought it was a cancer cell but further tests and inspection resulted that it has a heartbeat.' Dr Mazumara explained.

'So, Iwaki-san is really pregnant?' Katou's confirmed with a voice too blissful that it squeaked a few octaves higher than usual. 'With my child?'

'This is the first time we had came across this case. Iwaki-kun will be put under the care of the senior doctors. Would it be fine if Iwaki-kun – 'The doctor gasped, unable to comprehensive his sentence.

'Thank you so much,' Katou said, leaning in further towards the blushing doctor has he hugged him even tighter. 'Thank you so much'.

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[*1] I am not sure what Iwaki's blood type is but I put it as AB+ since it is the universal recipient, I put his blood type as AB+ :)

[*2] I created this character. My cousin gave him this name. :D