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Before she knew what was happening, his hands were tightly gripping her thighs as he stood up with her in his arms. With a small shriek, she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them toward the couch.

"What are you doing?" she asked with a chuckle.

He lay her down and climbed on top of her with that same smirk attached to his face.

"I want to see what else these hands can do."

Chapter 25

Bella giggled against his lips as he pressed himself against her. His hands roamed down her sides and he shot her a beautiful, crooked smile as she let out the smallest of moans.

"So let's see, shall we? I can use my entire hand," he said as he placed his open palm on her neck and let it slowly drag all the way down her torso until he reached the top of her jeans. He lightly lifted her t-shirt and allowed his hand to move beneath as he let it slide lightly against the smooth skin of her stomach. "Or, I can use just my fingers." He lifted his hand and let his fingers dance along her stomach. As the tips of his fingers wandered further upward, he tugged on her t-shirt in order to remove it.

Bella laughed and lifted her arms as he took off her shirt, leaving her on his couch in nothing but a plain black bra.

"Much better," he said with a smile.

His fingers lightly traced the contours of her bra, down her arms, across her stomach and back up again. He was driving her crazy and he knew it from the small sounds that escaped her throat.

"Or, I can use just my knuckles," he said as he removed his fingers and lightly clenched his fist. He slowly let his knuckles brush against the top of her breast that wasn't covered by her bra.

"Edward, please," she breathed.

He smiled. "Please, what?"

"You're teasing," she replied with a pout.

He let out a small chuckle before bringing his lips down on hers and kissing her softly.

"I can always use no hands at all," he whispered against her lips before kissing the side of her mouth.

He placed his hands above her head and let his lips travel down her jaw where he lightly sucked on the skin of her neck. He travelled further down, his hands never touching her skin, exploring her upper body with just his lips and tongue.

"Which do you like best?" he breathed against her belly button.

She moaned an inaudible response as she arched her back to be closer to him.

"That wasn't an answer," he replied with a laugh. "Maybe a combination of all?"

He removed his hands from above her head and let his knuckles slide lightly against the side of her face and neck. He kissed her right collarbone as his knuckles wandered lower until his fingers ghosted over her bra-clad nipple. His tongue roamed down her chest before he cupped her breast in his hand, teasing her skin with his teeth.

Bella let out the sweetest of moans and Edward smiled at having made her feel so good. His hands kept up their ministrations on her breasts – cupping, squeezing, and massaging – as his lips reconnected with hers. Bella suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist then, wanting to feel more of him as every touch rendered her wild with lust.

The feel of Bella's legs wrapped around his waist sent Edward into a frenzy. His kisses became longer, harder, as his hands grabbed and touched whatever skin he could find. As his need grew, Edward found himself lowering his hand to the button of her jeans. In two quick motions, he undid her button and lowered her zipper, no longer thinking of anything other than getting her out of her pants.

"Edward. Edward, wait," Bella breathed. "When are your parents coming home?"

"Not for another little while," he mumbled against her lips as his hands returned toward her breasts.

"Are you sure? Like sure sure?"

"Yeah. And besides they never come in here so even if they were home right now it wouldn't matter."

He continued sucking and nipping at her neck as his hands slid down her body to her hips.

"Edward! I don't want them walking in on us," she said worriedly.

"They won't."

With one final kiss on the lips he lifted himself up and put his fingers through two belt loops on either side of her hips. His eyes remained fixed on the small section of her underwear that peaked through and he smiled at the sight.

"I never thought you'd be wearing pink underwear," he said with a smirk.

Bella laughed. "I didn't buy them! And Rosalie would actually kill me if she found out I was wearing a bra with underwear that didn't match."

"I won't tell," he replied with a smirk as he kissed her.

Bella kissed him back as one hand went up to the back of his neck, keeping him firmly in place.

"Why am I almost naked here and you're fully dressed?" she asked before lowering her hands to the hem of his shirt and lifting it up and over his head.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much." She gave him a beautiful grin before kissing the skin of his chest and letting her fingers dance across his stomach.

"Hey hey hey," he teased. "We're trying to see what my hands can do. You have to wait your turn."

He playfully shooed her hands away from his chest before once again placing them on her hips to remove her pants.

"I want to get a better look at these pink underwear," he added with a smile.

She giggled and Edward kissed her stomach as he slowly started sliding her pants down her legs. Things suddenly turned serious between them as they realized what they were doing. Bella had never been naked in front of anyone and the sudden awareness of having Edward see her in nothing but her bra and underwear made her very nervous. She swallowed audibly as her cheeks tinted pink and she looked up at him nervously. He noticed the sudden change in her demeanor and he smiled sweetly at her.

"Should I stop?" he asked.

She bit her lip and shook her head no.

"Are you sure? Cause we could stop," he replied sincerely.

"No, I don't want to."

"Thank God," he whispered jokingly. She chuckled and he continued to slide her jeans down her legs. Once they pooled at her ankles, she slowly kicked them off and Edward sat above her, admiring her body.

"What?" she asked nervously as he stared at her, not saying a word.

"You're…gorgeous," he breathed.

She smiled shyly as a pink hue covered her from head to toe.

Edward couldn't believe the sight before him. She was absolutely perfect and he was at a complete loss for words. His eyes trailed from her neck down her chest and stomach to her legs and he wanted to touch and feel every inch of her but had no idea where to begin.

After a short pause, his hands slowly began sliding up and down her thighs, kissing her softly on the lips as his hands got accustomed to her body. He touched and caressed her skin, watching his hands as they travelled over her body, listening to and loving the beautiful sounds that escaped her lips.

He never made a single move to touch anywhere intimate. He simply needed to explore her body in the comfort of his piano room. The room had always been a safe haven for him and having her in there with him, practically naked, was more than he could have ever asked for. He could see how comfortable she was beneath him and he wanted to preserve that moment forever. He wanted her to feel that sense of comfort and safety whenever they were together, no matter what they were doing.

They remained together on the couch, simply enjoying the presence of the other, but they were rudely interrupted by the sound of the front door being shut downstairs.

"Edward, we're home!" Esme called from the first floor.

Edward groaned as his head fell forward onto Bella's shoulder. "Damn," he mumbled against her skin.

They both quickly scrambled to their feet as they redressed.

"This is unbelievable. We can never get a second to ourselves," Edward said with a huff.

When they were both presentable, they headed downstairs to join Carlisle and Esme in the kitchen.

"Edward!" Esme greeted with a smile. As he rounded the corner, Esme noticed Bella standing behind him. "And Bella! What a surprise, dear. I didn't know you were here."

The smile was still present on Esme's face and Bella scrunched her eyebrows at her reaction. She'd expected her to be upset that they were both upstairs alone while they were out but Esme simply smiled and gave her a hug hello.

"I thought you were going out today," Esme said as she opened the fridge to deposit some groceries.

"We were going to but then I wanted to play some piano for Bella," Edward answered.

"Oh, isn't he so good!" Esme said with a grin.

"Yeah, he's really amazing," Bella replied as she looked over to Edward.

"His piano teacher always used to say he had perfect fingers for playing. Those fingers were born to be on a piano!"

"Yeah, I've got great fingers," Edward replied, smirking at Bella.

Bella rolled her eyes and he kissed her softly on the cheek when Esme wasn't looking.

Bella spent the following day with Alice and Rosalie as they profited from boxing week sales. They had left early that morning and were wandering the streets of Port Angeles, shopping around and catching up.

"So, Bella, do you have anything new to share about you and Edward?" Rose asked as they exited one store, heading to another.

"No, not really."

"Really? You haven't…you know…done anything new? Physically?" she asked, fishing for information.

Bella laughed at the question. "Nope. We never seem to have enough alone time. Our parents always get in the way."

"Don't they work?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, but it always seems like there's no right time. We were home alone at Edward's yesterday but they came home right when things were getting…interesting."

Alice and Rosalie laughed and Bella smiled.

"We have alone time but it never seems like enough. We're always nervous about someone coming home and walking in on us," Bella added.

"But they're at work. They're not going to come home in the middle of the afternoon. How hard can it be?" Rosalie asked.

"We've been going out during the day though. By the time we get home we only have like a half hour or so before his parents or my dad get back."

"You should stay in then. You two have spent your entire Christmas holidays going out. Stay home. Entertain each other," Rose said with a wink.

"Rose is right, Bella. You should invite Edward over tomorrow and you should spend the whole day alone together."

"Naked," Rose added with a smirk.

Bella blushed as she contemplated their suggestion. "Yeah, you know what, you guys are right. I'm going to invite him over tomorrow while Charlie is at work. He never comes home in the middle of the day. In fact, I don't think he's even allowed to leave. We'll have the whole day to do whatever we want."

"Yay!" Alice exclaimed. "Oh! And when he rings the doorbell, you should answer it in just your underwear. Guys love that!"

They laughed and continued down the street, enjoying the rest of their day, hanging around, shopping, and appreciating the time off.

That night, Bella decided to spring Alice and Rosalie's suggestion on Edward to see what he thought.

"So…I was wondering something," Bella started.

Edward was lying down across her bed, enjoying the silence and simply relaxing. At the sound of her voice, he looked up at her, waiting for her to continue.

"Do you maybe want to come over tomorrow? My dad will be at work so we can have the house to ourselves for the day. We can relax, you know, take it easy."

She had no idea why, but she was suddenly nervous about asking him to spend time with her. She knew it was ridiculous but she also knew what she was implying and the fear of rejection unnerved her. Edward stared at her for a beat as curiosity clouded his features at the realization of what she was asking him.

"We'd have the whole house to ourselves…all day?" he asked.

"Yeah, pretty much."

She bit her lip and stared at him, as time seemed to slow.

"That… sounds…awesome. I can't wait," he replied with a smile.

The next morning, Bella felt an overwhelming sense of nerves come over her. Edward had gone home to change so she sat in her kitchen having nothing better to do but to nervously contemplate how the day would go. They'd never had an entire day alone and she knew exactly what they were going to do with their time. Throughout her entire morning routine, she debated how to go about the day. She wondered what she should wear, what she should say when he came over. She knew it was ridiculous for her to be so nervous but nevertheless, she still was.

When she finally heard the doorbell ring, she took a deep breath before heading toward the door.

"Hi," Bella said timidly as she opened the door to find a shy Edward standing on her stoop.

"Hey," he replied.

She moved aside and he stepped into her entrance, slipping off his jacket and hanging it on the coat rack. They stood awkwardly for a moment, neither knowing what to do or say which came as a surprise to both of them. Their conversations had always flowed so easily and suddenly they were both at a loss for words.

"Umm, do you want something to drink?" Bella offered.

"Yeah, sure," Edward agreed, thankful for the distraction.

They made their way toward the kitchen, both of them hating the awkwardness of the silence between them.

"So…umm…I thought we could maybe watch a movie or something."

"Yeah, that sounds good," Edward replied.

Bella grabbed two cokes from the fridge before they made their way to the living room. They chose a film and Edward got settled on the couch as Bella set everything up. As the movie started, they were able to relax and enjoy the film as their minds wandered away from the stress of being home alone together.

Halfway through the movie, Bella's phone beeped from a text message and when she went to answer it, she saw it was from Alice.

Are you naked yet?

Bella smiled to herself as she replied.


Why not?

We're watching a movie.

What are you wearing?

? Jeans and a sweatshirt. Why?

:O Go change! Excuse yourself and go put on some shorts and a tank top.

No. Go away.


I'm turning my phone off now.

Bella smiled as she shut off her phone, depositing it on the coffee table beside her. She took a quick glance at Edward and he smiled shyly at her when he noticed her looking. She turned back to the TV and they continued to watch the movie in silence.

Although the awkwardness was gone, Bella was still very nervous around him and she didn't know why. She thought back to her conversation with Alice and Rosalie from the previous day and she realized her and Edward were being ridiculous. They finally had the whole house to themselves and suddenly they were shy about being alone? With newfound confidence, she turned to Edward and gave him a sweet smile.

"I'll be back in a second, alright?"

"Alright," he replied before turning back toward the TV.

She got up and headed up to her bedroom in order to do exactly what Alice had recommended. She got out of her jeans and oversized sweatshirt and slipped on a pair of shorts and a tight tank top. She realized she would probably be cold, but she shrugged it off and exited her bedroom, heading back downstairs.

When she got back to the living room, Edward turned to greet her and when her sudden lack of clothing registered, a loud gulp left his throat.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hey," she replied casually, sitting down on the couch and lifting her legs so they were stretched out across his lap.

She could feel Edward's eyes as they trailed her body and she smiled coyly to herself.

"Were you warm?" he asked, still nervous.

"I'm just a little more comfortable now, that's all."

His eyes went from her face, down her neck and chest, all the way past her legs until he reached her feet. He smirked then, his usual playfulness coming back in full swing, and Bella smiled, knowing her plan had worked.

In one quick movement, Edward brought his shirt over his head, reclining back on the couch topless.

"I'm more comfortable now too," he said with a smile.

They both turned back to watching the movie but neither could concentrate on anything other than each other. A short moment later, Bella felt Edward's fingers as they ghosted over the skin of her bare legs. His hands slowly started to run soothingly up her calf and knee then back down again. She watched him as he stared down at the movement of his hands on her legs and she bit her lip, loving the way his hair fell in his eyes. She admired his upper body, also loving the way his muscles moved beneath the surface of his skin.

Since her plan had worked, her confidence had been boosted and she took advantage of the situation. She slowly removed her legs, lifting herself up and straddling herself over his lap.

He laughed at her sudden movement.

"We've wasted enough time," she said with a smile.

He smiled and placed his hand behind her neck, bringing her face forward and connecting his lips with hers. Her hands slowly made their way up his chest where she entwined her fingers in the hair at the back of his neck while his hands slowly made their way down her arms to firmly grip her hips. She slowly moved above him and he controlled the movement with his hands but once she'd found the proper pace, his hands quickly moved up to cup both her breasts. She moaned and pushed into him and he made quick work of removing the thin tank top she had on.

His hands continued their ministrations on her breasts as his mouth travelled the length of her neck, kissing, licking, and sucking whatever piece of skin he came into contact with. When he wanted more control, he flipped her onto her back and positioned himself above her, kissing her hungrily. Remembering the feel of her legs wrapped around his waist, he wrapped his arm around her knee, hitching her leg over his hip and pushing his hardened length against her warmth. She let out another sweet moan at the feel, which fuelled him further. His hands were everywhere as his mouth trailed down her neck and over her breasts where he stopped to tease her bra-clad nipple. Her chest rose up indicating the pleasurable feeling so he continued to lay soft kisses on and around her breasts.

Bella's hands were all over his body as she pulled him closer to her. She pulled at his hair before letting her fingers trail down his back, feeling every muscle as it tensed beneath her fingers. Her entire sense of judgement had completely flown out the window and all she could concentrate on was the beautiful, sweet, half-naked boy that lay above her. She knew how perfect he was and the feel of him above her was driving her crazy. His lips and tongue travelled all over her upper body, sending her into a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions. Everything felt so amazing but she wanted more and from the feel of his hardened length against her, she knew he wanted more as well.

He'd always been the one to make her feel so good and she wanted to do something to reciprocate. She remembered the feel of his erection against the palm of her hand from before Christmas and she wanted to feel it again. As he continued his work on her upper body, her hands slowly travelled down his chest to the top of his jeans. He made no move to stop her so she continued until her palm passed softly over his length. He groaned against her neck and kissed her skin a little more roughly so she took that as her cue to continue. Her hand passed over his length until she felt comfortable enough to do more. As he pushed his hips against her hand, she knew she wasn't doing anything wrong so she decided to take things a step further.

She slowly unwrapped her legs from around his waist, depositing them on either side of his legs as her hands made their way to his belt buckle. She made slow work of the belt, pulling at it until it fell, unbuckled, against her stomach. Her fingers slowly moved to the button of his jeans then, unbuttoning them and slowly lowering the zipper.

"You'll be even more comfortable if you help me take your pants off," she whispered.

He chuckled. "Oh yeah?"

She smiled. "Yeah."

Edward laughed as he helped her slide his jeans off his legs until he was back on top of her in nothing but his boxers.

"This does feel more comfortable," he said as he kissed her lips softly before slowly letting his tongue drag against hers.

Bella giggled against his lips but her hands remained fixed on his hips. She had gotten him out of his pants and she was now contemplating her next move. She knew she needed to just take the plunge but she was momentarily worried over what to do and how to do it so her hands remained firmly on his hips as she developed the courage she needed to continue.

As Edward's hands travelled slowly down her torso to her thighs, Bella gave herself a moment to simply appreciate his touch. His right hand travelled from her waist, across her hip and down her thigh. On its way back up, he allowed his fingers to slowly wander under the hem of her shorts, tickling the skin of her inner thigh. As his fingers climbed higher, she felt his thumb brush against the hem of her underwear and she took a deep breath when she realized she knew exactly where his hand was headed.

As the nerves shot through her, she was overwhelmed with the feeling of lust, knowing she didn't care how nervous she was, all she wanted was his hands all over her. She felt his fingers as they traced the contour of her underwear and she moaned at the feel of having his hands somewhere they'd never been before. His fingers continued their discovery of new territory as Bella let her right hand slide away from his hip. Her hand slowly moved down his stomach until her fingers played in the hair below his bellybutton. She let them linger for a few seconds before moving further south toward his boxers.

As of yet, Bella had only felt him through his pants so when her hand came into contact with his length, only covered by the thin material of his boxers, she let out a small gasp at the shock.

"What's wrong?" he muttered as he kissed her neck.

Her hand went up and down his length, feeling and touching so much more now that she had proper access.

"It feels so different now. It feels…bigger."

She touched from the base to the tip and she could feel him twitch under her fingers. She suddenly felt the need to remove his boxers in order to admire him fully but was interrupted by his chuckle. She looked up at him and noticed his smirk.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing," he replied with the same smirk.

"What is it?" she asked again.

"You called me big," he said before he sent her a full on grin.

She chuckled against his lips as he came down to give her a long searing kiss as both their hands continued exploring. Bella was allowing her fingers to run up and down his length, trying to familiarize herself with it before delving any deeper. She was driving Edward completely crazy but he didn't want to rush her so he merely turned his attention toward her breasts. He kissed the skin of her shoulders before sliding her bra straps down her arms and continuing to kiss down her arms and back up again.

As Bella became more comfortable, she finally decided to take the leap and do what she wanted most. With her utmost concentration, she reached into the front hole of his boxers and wrapped her fingers around his hardened length. Edward let out a small groan as he felt her hand around him, practically praying she wouldn't let go. Bella's hand remained still on his length as she bit her lip and looked up at him.

"I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do here," she said shyly.

Edward groaned as his hands pressed firmly against her breasts. "Do whatever you want," he breathed.

He continued to kiss and suck on the skin of her neck and collarbone as his fingers pinched her bra clad nipples and his teeth nipped along the skin of her breasts. When he finally thought he would explode from frustration, he finally felt her little hand as it slid up and down his length. He let out the strangest of sounds – a combination of a groan and a sigh of relief – and this told Bella she was doing something right. She moved her hand up and down his length – having no idea what she was actually supposed to be doing – simply trying to do what felt right.

She continued her ministrations but she quickly realized she needed guidance.

"Edward," she breathed against his chest. "Show me."

"Hmm?" he asked as he kissed below her ear.

"Show me what you like," she whispered.

"What?" he said as he pulled his face away from her body.

"I want to make you feel good."

"You are, it feels amazing, Bella."

"No. I want to make you feel…really…good," she replied as she stared at him.

"God. You're actually trying to kill me," he groaned against her neck.


He looked at her and saw the pleading look in her eyes and her beautiful shy smile.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

She bit her lip and nodded her head so he acquiesced. He made a move that told her to remove her hand so she did and Edward immediately felt the loss of her touch. In a slow movement, he lowered his boxers and Bella admired his length as it sprung free. He looked at her then and noticed the blush that adorned her features as she stared, wide-eyed at his penis. As if her hand had a mind of its own, she immediately brought it forward again as she wrapped her fingers around his length.

"Wow," she breathed.

He grinned again and she couldn't even bother to roll her eyes. He slowly brought his hand on top of hers then and gave her a small smile. With his hand firmly gripping hers, he slowly began moving their hands up and down his length, staring at her face to judge her reaction.

Bella was completely captivated by the size of his hand over hers. She was fascinated with the way his wrist was twisting and she quickly noticed how much he was enjoying the experience based on the way his breathing had quickly picked up.

Edward kept his hand over hers, showing her exactly how to move and how much pressure he liked until Bella knew exactly what to do. When he let go, her hand remained firmly in place and she pumped him up and down the way he showed her. He groaned against her mouth as his lips found hers and she smiled in satisfaction.

"Is this okay?" she asked.

"Yes," he moaned.

He briefly worried about finishing too quickly and the only way to avoid doing so was to shift his thoughts elsewhere. His hands quickly needed to keep busy so he let them slide down her body, over her breasts and stomach to the top of her shorts. He made quick work of her button and zipper until his fingers finally settled on her warm core. She moaned at the feel and he began his very own expedition of discovering what made her feel good. He let his fingers drag above her underwear, feeling and touching and enjoying the way her body moved beneath him.

Bella was very much enjoying what he was doing and without even realizing it, her pumps became faster and faster.

"Bella," Edward breathed. "Bella, slow down. I won't last much longer like this."

She slowed her pace as his fingers fondled her, listening closely to the small moans that escaped her lips and the way she breathed as he touched her. As his fingers ghosted over her clit, she let out the tiniest of cries and he knew what she wanted from him. He continued to touch her and she writhed beneath him as he kissed her passionately and desperately.

As her confidence grew, Bella became more adventurous and started trying different things. She did whatever she thought would feel good and based on his grunts she was being successful. As his fingers moved against her she quickly started losing her control and before she knew it her original pace was back in full swing. She pumped him quickly as his fingers massaged her clit, resulting in her writhing and moaning beneath him.

"Bella," he breathed. "I might…you know…finish soon."

She looked up into his eyes and bit her lip as she nodded. He brought his mouth toward hers enveloping her lips with his and she picked up her pace once again, twisting her wrist as her hand came up his length.

"Fuck," he breathed against her lips, which simply fuelled her further.

A few more pumps were all he needed before he groaned into her neck.

"Bella, I'm…I'm coming," he whispered before letting the pleasure take over and coming in spurts against her hand and stomach. His features were twisted in pleasure and Bella loved the fact that she was able to make him feel so good. He let out an appreciative moan as he fell against her, wanting nothing more than to bask in his post-orgasmic bliss for the next few seconds.

As Edward breathed heavily above her, Bella smiled in satisfaction, knowing the day had been a complete success.

"That was fun," Bella whispered.

Edward chuckled against her chest before lifting himself off of her and giving her a soft kiss behind her ear. She giggled as his tongue tickled her neck and he looked into her eyes, a smirk appearing on his face.

"What?" she asked with a smile.

"My turn," he said with a wink before kissing her passionately as his right hand travelled down her chest and into her shorts.

"Oh my God!" Alice shrieked in excitement. "Then what happened?"

Alice had called Bella the following day and asked her to be as specific as possible in her retelling of her previous day with Edward. Bella had been sceptical at first but she found herself trusting Alice and a part of her was actually excited to relive the experience. She didn't go into as much detail as Alice had hoped, but she gave her a good gist of it.

"Well, afterwards we were both kind of tired so we just relaxed in my living room."

"So like, you both...you know…finished?"

Bella giggled. "Yeah," she muttered shyly.

"On top or below the underwear?"

"I kept mine on but his were off."

"Ah!" Alice shrieked again. "Way to go, Edward! He was able to get you off without even removing your underwear, that's pretty impressive."

"He's amazing at everything so I'm not that surprised."

"You're his girlfriend, you're supposed to think like that."

"Yeah, I guess," Bella replied with a smile.

"Bella, you honestly have no idea how jealous everyone at school would be if they found out."

"Oh God, Alice, you're not going to tell them are you?" she asked, panic lacing her tone.

"No! Gosh, no! Don't worry, Bella, you can fully trust me. Unless of course you want me to tell them. Then I will start the best damn rumour ever!"

"No, no. No rumours. Please keep this between us. Even the thought of Jasper and Emmett knowing is making me nauseous."

"Well, I mean Edward probably told them already. He's a guy. They gloat about that stuff."

"Yeah, I know."

"So what happened after? Did Edward stay for supper?"

"Yeah, he did. Charlie is really starting to warm up to him. They have actual conversations now. It's pretty awesome."

"I'm really glad, Bella. I could tell it was something that was bothering you. Was it awkward though eating dinner with Charlie knowing what you did?" Alice asked with a laugh.

"No, not really. When he went to sit on the couch after supper, then it kind of was."

Alice laughed. "Well, Rosalie will be very proud of you when I tell her. Unless, of course, you don't want me to tell her."

"No, no it's fine, you can let her know."

"Yay! Oh, speaking of. We now have New Years Eve plans! Emmett's parents are going to be out of town so he's throwing a party! It's going to be amazing!"

"Oh, good. We were wondering what we were going to do. Charlie is going to the Black's place and I really didn't want to go there."

"Spending New Years Eve with Jacob is definitely not my idea of fun."

Bella giggled. "Is it going to be a crazy party at Emmett's?"

"Nah, I don't think so. There will be a few people but nothing too extreme."

New years eve came sooner than expected and before Bella knew it she was in her bedroom getting ready to head out to Emmett's. Her hair was tied up in a lovely up-do courtesy of Alice with her bangs hanging softly above her eyes and she wore a strapless purple dress that fell to her knees. She looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize herself but she loved the way her eyes shined from the mascara and eyeliner Alice had applied.

A short while later, Edward rang her doorbell and they headed to Emmett's. When they got there, the party was already in full swing and Alice had been right when she said it wasn't going to be anything too crazy. There were groups of people in all the rooms – some she recognized, some she didn't – but everything seemed to be under control.

Edward spent the entire night with his hands all over Bella. She didn't know if it was the alcohol he was drinking or the dress she was wearing but she wasn't going to complain. One hand was either resting against her lower back, wrapped around her shoulder, wrapped around her waist, or soothingly stroking her hair.

As it neared midnight, Edward wanted to get Bella alone, away from the fairly large crowd of friends. He knew if they stayed there, the second midnight came he would get one kiss and Bella would be whisked away from him as everyone exchanged their happy new years. He was being selfish but he wanted more alone time with her.

As they danced slowly to a soft melody that played, he kissed the top of her head before asking his question.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" he asked her. "Get some fresh air and some privacy."

"Yeah, that'll be nice."

They exited the dance floor and since neither wanted to tell anyone where they were going, they casually grabbed their coats and headed outside as discreetly as possible.

It was a fairly warm winter night with a light drizzle of snow falling on and around them as they walked hand in hand away from the loud noises coming from each house on the block. As they walked down Emmett's street, neither said a word as they simply enjoyed the peacefulness of the night.

"The snow is so beautiful," Bella said softly, breaking the silence. "If I never moved here I never would have gotten to know what snow feels like, what it really looks like. It's so amazing. I mean I know it's nothing to everyone here but to me it's so…different. So beautiful."

Edward watched her as she spoke with such passion. She could make anything sound perfect and he wondered how someone so pure and so good could have ever been put into the kind of situation they had been thrown into.

As he watched her walk beside him with her face up toward the sky, enjoying every flake of snow that fell around her, he felt a new kind of pull toward her – something unexplainable yet wonderful.

"I think we should make a promise to ourselves," Edward said softly.

Bella turned to look at him, wondering what he meant.

"We need to put this year behind us. After tonight, it's going to be a new year. I want things to be different. Things have been going really well this past month so let's promise to continue like this." He paused for a second as he gathered his thoughts. "We can't force ourselves to forget this summer but we can move on and I think that's what we've been doing. We should start the year fresh. What do you say?"

She smiled up at him. "I think it's a great idea."

"Good," he replied with a smile. "We can even start focusing on the future, you know? We should start thinking about college. Maybe this summer we can move away, see something new. I want this year to be a fresh start so we should start it right away with a positive attitude."

She smiled again and they continued to walk in silence. As Bella continued to admire the beauty of the night, she realized there was something she needed to say.

"Edward, I know it's been a bad year…a horrible year really…but we met this year. We can't regret it, you know? We can't put it completely behind us because even though I hate thinking about what happened last summer, it still brought you into my life. It still brought me here to this town." She paused for a moment as she turned to look at him. "I don't regret that. And I don't ever want to forget it."

He gave her a soft smile before nodding his head. "Yeah, you're right."

After a short pause, she spoke again. "Do you think you and I would have met had we never been…you know?" she asked.

Edward looked at her but was taken back by her question. He considered it for a moment before answering it the only way he knew how. "Definitely," he said with a grin. "I think no matter what happened this summer we would still be right here, right now, holding hands."

"Really?" she asked with a smile.

"Yeah for sure."

She looked up at him with pure wonder in her eyes. "How would we have met?"

He considered it for a moment before taking a deep breath and smiling. "Well, let's see," he started. "You would have come down last summer to visit your dad for two weeks. You would have been away from all your friends, visiting the crappy small town your chief of police dad lives in, so you would have hated it and you would have been sulking the whole time. The weather would have been shitty, right? So it would have been even worse. "

Bella listened to every word he said with a huge smile plastered to her face. She was utterly captivated by the story he was telling.

"Then, one day you would have been so unbelievably bored that you would have made the decision to go out. You would have taken your gargantuan truck out to go buy some…toilet paper…"

"Toilet paper?" she repeated with a laugh.

"Yeah, toilet paper," he replied with a smile. "So you would have been on your way to getting toilet paper but you would have gotten lost. It's a small town but when you don't know where you're going it can get confusing."

"Edward, I can practically see the store from my house."

"Well, you would have been distracted. No! Okay, I change my mind. You didn't get lost. Your truck would have broken down! That's much more believable," he said, teasing her. She made a face and he chuckled. "So it would have gave out and you would have had to pull over to the side of the road and you wouldn't have known what to do. You would've been freaking out and of course you wouldn't have had a cell phone so you wouldn't have been able to call your dad. So you would have been sitting in that piece of…"

"Hey!" she interrupted.

"That piece of… wonderful…metal," he said with a smirk.

"That's better."

Edward laughed. "So you would have been sitting in your truck, crying because your vacation just got that much worse when suddenly, you would have looked up and noticed a boy."

Bella smiled to herself, knowing where the story was going.

"You would have stared at him and said to yourself, my goodness, he is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. That's me, by the way. I'm the beautiful creature." Bella giggled. "I would have been with some friends, just chilling, you know? But then I would have turned and I would have seen you crying. I would have felt really bad so I would have kept watching you. I would have wanted to approach you but, you know, I was afraid your truck was going to turn into a transformer, so I was a little sceptical."


He laughed before continuing. "Eventually I would have built up enough courage to walk closer until I was right at your window. I would have opened your door, helped you out of your truck, wiped away your tears, and asked you what was wrong. You would have said your truck broke down and I would have said something like, No! Really? That thing? Breaking down! What a shock! And you would have rolled your eyes and tried to walk away from me but I would have run after you. You would have told me to leave you alone cause all you wanted was to buy toilet paper and I would have laughed. You would have been all upset and I would have fallen for you right then and there."

He turned to face her then and they both smiled at each other.

"I would have kept following you around but you would have kept ignoring me. I would have pursued you for the next week until you finally realized you liked me. You would have realized my good looks were just too much to turn down."

Bella chuckled again.

"Then we would have spent the rest of your vacation in pure bliss. We would have gotten to know everything there is to know about each other." Bella smiled and he caressed her cheek. "Then right before you had to leave I would have kissed you. Softly though. Short and sweet. Leaving you wanting more. You wouldn't have been able to take it though so you would have thrown your arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I would have laughed before wrapping my arms around your waist and we would have kissed until your dad actually pried you away from me. Then you would have left and we would have both been miserable. I would have locked myself in my room, all depressed, remembering the awesome days we spent together. We would have called each other every night and our parents would have complained about the long distance prices." Bella laughed again and he smiled. "Then, two weeks later, you would have shown up at my doorstep with all your bags. I would have been speechless as you told me you were moving here to live with your dad. Then I would have snapped out of it and I would have grabbed you in my arms as I spun you around and kissed you long and hard on the lips."

Bella stared into his eyes, admiring the way they glistened from the flakes of snow that rested against his eyelashes. She smiled a beautiful smile and he caressed her cheek with his thumb.

"That brings us here. Holding hands on New Years Eve."

"That would have been a nice story," she said with a shy smile.

He smiled. "Yeah, it would have."

"You're pretty creative, you know that?"

He smiled. "Why, thank you."

Bella wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. "Thank you for that."

He smiled but didn't say anything in return as he kissed her softly on the forehead. Edward looked down at his watch then.

"Only ten seconds left," he whispered.

"Ten seconds left before putting this year behind us," Bella said.

"And starting fresh."

"And starting fresh," she repeated.

"Five seconds," he whispered. "Four…Three…Two…One…"

As the neighbourhood exploded with cries of excitement, drunken cheers, and popping champagne bottles, Bella and Edward connected in the most loving of kisses, pouring everything they felt for each other into it.

"Happy New Year, Bella," he whispered as they disconnected.

"Happy New Year, Edward."

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