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SM owns all

Bella POV

It's been fifteen years since Edward left me, left me pregnant. I carried them and I gave birth but not in a normal way, the pregnancy only lasted about a month. My bump grew so quickly, weakening me but I still loved whoever was inside of me. Eventually, a day came when something tore its way out of my womb and it had company.

The first baby who tore their way out of my womb was a boy and I named him Leonardo Edward, Leo for short. He has the gift of Invisibility, which he uses to his pranking advantage. He has short, dark brown hair and green eyes like Edward's in his human life. He is the sarcastic, protective one that isn't too big in the brain department but he has his moments. He has a pet black Labrador called Chucky and loves his baseball that was signed by Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Joe D'Maggio. He is closest to Taryn and spends a lot of time with her, he is the muscles of the siblings. His code name is InvisiBoy and his hobby is wrestling.

My second baby was a girl who I named Taryn Phoebe, Rynni for short. She has the gift of Pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire, she can create fireballs and walk through fire. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair and green eyes. She is sarcastic, has issues with her temper and has a tiny bit of a sadistic side. She has a yellow laborador called Cherokee, her and Leo's dogs are a mating pair. Her most prized possession is her real emerald ring that is never off of her finger. She is the planner of the siblings. She is closest to Leo, her code name is FireFly and her hobby is climbing trees.

My third baby was a boy who I named Christopher Mason, Chris for short. He has the gift of Phasing, he can change his body to be able to go through things. He has short, light brown hair and my chocolate brown eyes. He has trust issues, can be slightly hostile and is quite smart compared to his siblings. He owns a creepy male reticulated python called Meeko. His favourite thing is his lady bikini magazines, so disgusting. He is closest to Aimee and is the strategist of the siblings. His code name is PhaseThree and his hobby is reading.

My fourth baby was a girl that I named Aimee Daisy, Aims for short. She has the power of Hydrokinesis, the ability to control water. She has light brown hair that goes down to her hips and brown eyes. She adores her reflection and is quiet and smart. She has a female reticulated python called Meeka. Her favourite object is her ruby compact mirror, she never leaves the house without it. She is closest to Chris and is the bait of the siblings because of her beauty even though they're all beautiful and handsome. Her code name is BrookeBabe and her hobby is shopping.

My fifth baby was a boy called Johnathon Anthony, John for short. he has the gift of Sonic Yell, he can yell so loud that he reduce someone to their knees. He has short, dark bronze hair and green eyes, he is the spitting image of Edward. He is into the whole hippie thing and is peaceful, gentle, calm and a tiny bit dumb. He has a pet male Chimpanzee called Bingo and owns a precious scented green candle. He does research for the group and is closest to Miss. His code name is ScreamBro and his hobby is meditating.

My sixth baby was a girl that I named Misty Layla, Miss for short. She has the gift of Aerokinesis basically controlling Air. She has dark bronze hair that goes down to her knees and green eyes. She is much John with the hippie thing and is peaceful, gentle, calm and a tiny bit dumb. She also has a pet Chimpanzee but it's a girl called Parfait. She has a beautiful photo album that contains pictures of our family over the years and she treasures it. She is closest to John and is the fastest of the siblings. Her code name is PhsycAira and her hobby is Art.

My seventh baby was a boy called Matthew Charlie, Matt for short. He has the power of Teleportation. He has short, light bronze hair and brown eyes. He is quiet, smart and observant with a very good memory. He owns a little guinea pig called Mitch and his favourite thing is his motorbike. He is closest to Mia and is Techno of the siblings, he is very good at hacking into things. His code name is JumpMatt and his hobby is tuning his bike up.

My eighth and youngest baby was girl called Mikayla Kellie, Mia for short. She has the power of Geokinesis so she can control all natural plants. She has light bronze hair that goes to the ground and brown eyes. She is sweet, gentle, loving, innocent and cute. She has a female pet guinea pig called Roly and her favourite thing is her Piano. She is closest to Matt and is the distraction of the siblings. Her code name is NaturEllie and her hobby is composing.

Don't ask how I picked up all of their code names but suffice to say, it wasn't a pleasant experience but I still adore all of my children with all my heart. After they got out of my womb, one of them bit me but I didn't change fully. I only don't age anymore. I'm still weak, slow, clumsy me. But, the children all have vampire abilities but not as much as normal vampire. They're all faster, stronger and more gorgeous than humans, they eat, they sleep and prank. I love them but unfortunately I knew something was coming.

I will update soon