This story is my first story featuring Castiel, so I'm not sure if I have his character right (please let me know your thoughts on this!)

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'Sam, where did you put my gun?' Dean Winchester yelled at his brother from the other side of the room, trying to locate his sawn off shotgun that he was sure Sam had taken.

'I haven't taken your gun Dean, and why do we have to go to this damn place?' Sam snapped as he packed his own bag, stuffing his jeans and shirts in haphazardly, not caring if they got crumpled. Dean smirked to himself, 'oh come on Sammy, I know your not keen on the idea, but at least give it a go!' he said, turning to his little brother and giving him a reassuring smile.

A smile that Sam didn't return. Dean's smile slipped from his face, and instead he tried a different tact.

'Well, Cas said he had never been to one, so I say we just go to give Cas a good time, okay?'

'Yeah but Dean, how do you know he'll have a good time?' questioned Sam, grabbing his roughly packed bag and walking out the motel room door, heading for the car.

Dean watched him go, shaking his head.

'So, where are we going today?' a low voice ripped through the silence of the motel room, making Dean Jump.

'Damn it cas-don't do that!' he said, and then he smiled at the fallen angel who has just materialised behind him.

Castiel returned the smile, walked to Sam's bed and sat down, crossing his legs and looking expectantly at dean.

Dean chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. 'You know where we're going cas- The fair! You said you had never been, so we are going to take you!'

Cas smiled at Dean, who smiled nervously back. 'Ok Dean, but I don't have any experience with fairs remember, so you and Sam are going to have to teach me.

'Done!' grinned Dean, patting Castiel on the shoulder, then leading him out the room, Sam was sitting in the passenger seat of the Impala, and he waved at Cas as he walked towards him. Cas waggled his fingers back and opened the back door of the car, and climbed in.

Dean got in the drivers seat and chuckled. 'Wow it's like I'm taking a couple of kids on their first trip out!' he laughed, earning a glare from Sam, and a confused look from Castiel.

Dean shook his head and started the engine.

This was going to be a fun day out...

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