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'Well, what have we got here then?' the voice rang out loud and clear through the darkness of the big top.

Everyone turned to try and locate where the voice was coming from, but the person was shrouded in darkness.

After a while, footsteps could be heard on the hard concrete floor of the tent.

The noise encircled the people in the middle of the tent, as though the walker was walking in a circle, contemplating and inspecting what was happening.

'Oh boys, you've really outdone yourselves this time!' the voice rang out again.

Sam instantly recognised the voice.

The humorous, but almost cold, deep sounding voice that he had only heard a few times.

The broad, instantly recognisable accent.

It was Crowley.

The crossroads demon finally stepped into the little light of the big top.

He was smiling broadly, looking around him like he was thinking of buying a house.

'I like what you've done with the place!' he nodded at the demon, who regarded him with a suspicion that bordered onto hatred.

'Crowley, what are you doing here?' he spat.

Crowley shrugged and walked over to Sam, running his hand along the side of the board that the youngest Winchester was strapped to.

'Oh, you know...I was in the neighbourhood, thought I might as well pop in, see how it was going'

Dean snapped his head around to face the demon.

'You knew this was going to happen?' he asked.

Crowley looked at him with an almost blank expression on his face, and then he smiled -

'Yeah, pretty much!' he said, and then he bodily turned away from Dean and addressed the demon once more, his expression dark and serious.

'Listen, I came here for a reason. What you're doing...you may see it as justice, or vengeance, or whatever you want to call it, but trust me-this is not the way forward.

This doesn't solve anything, all your going to do is bring more pain and suffering toy yourself-that's all' he said to the demon, who sneered as he answered.

'What the hell do you care? Huh! You betrayed us-yeah, don't think we don't know what you did, how you gave them information! How you basically hand delivered the end of the apocalypse to them on a plate!' he glared at Crowley as he bowed his head slightly.

No matter what, he was still a demon.

'You care more about these meat suits than you do your own kind!' he spat.

Crowley looked outraged at the very idea, but managed to stay calm.

'Oh yeah?' he countered.

He walked over to Sam, who was growing paler by the minute due to his blood loss, and forcefully removed one of his hands from one of the many wounds on his body.

He then punched Sam in the wound, causing Sam to yell in agony, tears falling down his face unchecked as wave upon wave of agonising pain ripped through his whole body.

'YOU SON OF A BITCH!' yelled Dean, struggling against his bonds.

'See, I can be nasty to them!' Crowley said simply.

However he then moved over to Dean and he squatted down next to him, and fiddled with something his jacket.

'Although...' he opened the penknife from his pocket, and cut Dean's bonds, setting him free.

'I can be nice too!' he patted Dean on the shoulder twice.

Dean rushed to his brother's side.

'Crowley-knife!' he instructed, and he caught the thrown knife before untying Sam.

Sam slid down the board and sunk to the floor with a groan.

'You see, no matter what you and I think about these stupid, meandering fools that occupy this planet...well, think about it- your still here...I'm still here- it can't be all bad can it?' he raised his eyebrows at the demon, who shrugged.

'Anyway, I get it; you don't think you should still be alive? Yeah? I bet your wondering why we didn't all burn. Well, I share your sentiments...all you piss poor lower level demons should be wiped from this planet- you inferior beings who think you all own the earth just because there are more of you!' Crowley's authority of being a higher level crossroads demon was shining through.

'I don't give a damn about what you do...but don't think you own the damn place- because you bloody well don't! You had no authority to do this! Irrational, lumbering actions like this can get things like you killed...so please, carry on!'

The demon listened to all of this, his face turning redder and redder with barely concealed pure anger.

'How dare you speak to me like that? You don't have control over my actions! You never will!'

Crowley shrugged and raised his eyebrows. 'I have control here! Leave now and you won't get hurt; I don't really like killing other demons but-!'

The demon cut across his speech, yelling in anger and running forwards, intent on killing Sam, but Crowley stood in his way, and felled him with a single punch.

The demon got up almost immediately.

He punched Crowley in the stomach, and then followed it through with a head butt.

The crossroads demon clutched his nose, blood spraying onto the floor.

Crowley soon fought back, kicking the demon in the chest, sending him to the floor.

He then straddled the struggling demon, punching him in the face over and over.

'But...' he started, punching his face again.

'I...' punch

'Don't...' punch

'Like demons...' he punched him again, a spray of blood catching him in the face, falling to the floor.

'Like you!'

The demon sagged against the floor, unconscious.

Crowley smiled and then began the exorcism rites, making sure that this demon got sent back to hell first class delivery.

After the black smoke had faded, Crowley stood up and walked back to Sam and Dean.

Dean was cradling Sam's head in his lap, his little brothers head lolling as he moved.

Crowley groaned a little as he squatted next to the brothers.

He put a hand on Sam's head, and started to mutter something under his breath.

In front of Dean's very eyes, the wounds on Sam's chest started to close, leaving just his clothes saturated with crimson blood.

Sam moaned a little, and then opened his eyes fully, peering up at his brother and the crossroads Demon.

Dean beamed down at him, and then looked up at Crowley, who raised his eyebrows and shrugged. 'The least I could do...now- you may look healed, but all I've done is close the wounds, scabbed them over, if you will. Sam needs rest, he needs painkillers too, because you're going to be in a lot of pain boy!' he warned Sam, who was trying to get up, but failing miserably.

Crowley tutted, then he motioned to dean. Both the older men grabbed Sam under the arms and yanked him up, Crowley setting him to rest leaning against his big brother.

'There, now there might be more demons coming, but I can manage them, you just get out of here' he said.

'Whoa whoa...why are you even helping us?' asked Dean, frowning at the demon in front of him.

'Well, you did get rid of Lucifer, albeit in a very...unconventional way' he smiled, nodding at Sam, who gave a very small, pained smile back.

Dean nodded, 'ok...so now what? Your gonna turn back into a nasty son of a bitch, and we're going to have to hunt you down?'

Crowley gave Dean a reproachful look. 'Oh, come now Dean, I like to think we've been though a lot together! Just call it...a no strings relationship!' he grinned at Dean, who at first looked confused, and then slightly ill at the thought.

'Yeah, whatever...' he muttered. He then stood stock still.

He looked about himself, as if looking for something he had lost.

'Hang on...where's Cas? He asked.

'Over here' came a dark, indignant voice from a shadowed part of the big top.

Crowley walked over to where the noise was coming from and bent down, then started walking backwards again like he was dragging something heavy.

Out of the darkness, and being dragged along like a little puppy on a lead, was Castiel, fallen angel extraordinaire, who now looked like an old carpet bag.

He had his arms crossed and a hard frown on his face, looking up at dean and Sam with daggers in his eyes.

'Sorry dude...' Dean started to say, but castiel huffed and turned his face away.

Dean looked at Sam. they had some making up to do.

'Right –o-, let's untie you, feathers... although you do look better in bondage I must say!' stated Crowley, a well practised devilish grin plastered across his face. If looks could kill... Sam thought, watching Cas give Crowley the worst look of hatred he had ever seen.

'Ok...so not so funny' amended Crowley, and he quickly and swiftly untied the angel.

Castiel stood up and adjusted his trench coat, checking his tie as well.

He then went and stood on Sam's other side, pointedly ignoring the both of them.

'I see I'm not the most favourite person of the moment. So I shall bid you all goodnight!' said Crowley, and he turned, and started to walk away.

'Hey!' came a strained voice from behind him. He turned a questioning look on his face.

Sam tried to smile, failed, and then instead nodded his head at the Demon.

'Thanks, for...you know' he said, nodding down at himself.

Crowley looked surprised for a split second, like he had never been thanked before.

'Your welcome boy...just don't make a habit of it-I've got a job too you know!' he joked. He then waved at the other two, and then walked away, the footfalls fading until they were again lost in darkness.

After a short while at staring into space, each of the men lost in their own separate worlds, dean clapped his hands, making Sam and castiel both jump.

'Well, I say we get the hell outta here!' he said. Sam smiled and nodded, as did the angel at his side.

Dean grinned then put an arm around Sam's shoulders. 'Let's get outta here Sammy!' and he supported his brother as he walked-

Out of the big top.

Out of the fair.

Into the car.

As Dean deposited Sam in the Impala, making him lay across the back seats to make sure he didn't injure himself even more before he got him to the hospital to be checked out.

He then climbed into the driving seat of the Impala, waiting for castiel to do the same. He did, although he was still ignoring Dean.

Dean sighed. 'Come on man! I wanna get his sorted before I take Sammy to the hospital- I'm sorry that we kinda forgot about you, I'm really sorry.' He looked across at Castiel who was smiling slightly.

'It's not that dean' he said

'Then what is it?' frowned dean, looking at the angel.

'It's just...and promise me you won't be mad!' he warned.

'Of course I won't be mad! What is it?'

Castiel sighed.

'I really don't like fairs Dean...I don't want to go again!' he said, smiling at dean, who practically deflated with relief. He then burst out laughing and clapped Castiel on the shoulder, before turning on the ignition on the car, and driving out the fair, en route to the nearest hospital.

The end.

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