Ava's POV

I hop out of my luxorious Range Rover, waving goodbye to my driver as he drops my luggage, which consisted of 2 suitcases, a toilitry bag, my makeup case, and my giant Coach purse, off at the drop off area. I head over to meet Elysia (Ellie), Izzabelle (Izzy for short), and Samantha (Sammi Leigh) at the gate. They are all toting matching Louis Vuitton luggage sets.

"So, we have to go to camp? Really? For the whole summer?" Ellie asked.

"I guess. I heard there are outlet shops nearby! Maybe they have a private limo or something!" Sammi Leigh said hopefully! Izzabelle looked down and resumed filing her nails.

"Maybe this'll be cool. Who knows, there may be cute guys," Izzy said without expression in her voice.

"Izzy, yes Mandy stole Lake from you, but look, that cute counseler over there is giving you, ya know, the 'look'," Ellie comments. Izzabelle pulls out her YSL compact, touches up her simple bronzer and lipgloss and then smoothes her Ralph Lauren V-Neck and Versace mini. She then struts over to the counseler, whose nametag reads Cody. She slips in her kitten heel ballet flat at the last minute.

"Woah there Bessy," Cody says as he helps Izzy up. She smiles, then frowns right away.

"Are you saying I'm fat? Like a cow? Because I actually WORKED in gym class this year! Which caused me to get all sweaty and frustrated and… and…"

"No, not at all. That's just an, um, expression. A very beautiful expression," he said, practically drooling by now.

"Huh? I don't get it," Izzy replied. I sent a text. She yanked her blue Iphone from it's tan leather holster that was attached to her belt loops.

Ava: What you don't get is that he has a crush on you dummy!

"Oh, I get it now!" Izzy said aloud.

"Yeah. You have pretty eyes."


"I said I'll see ya around, byes!" Cody then speed-walked away.

"He's totally in love with you!" Ellie exclaimed!

"Eep! Wait, I meant sheep!" Izzy tries to mask the fact that she girly-squeals, 'cause that's just her.

"Sheep! Where?" Sammi Leigh said.

"There's no sheep, moron! Just Izzy trying not to girly squeal again," Ellie said.

"Let's head to our cabin. It's too hot out here," I offered.

So we went to our cabin. It had 2 single beds along the back of the room, 2 sets of bunk beds towards the front, a bathroom just off the back, and 6 closets along the sides (3 on each side). Oh yeah, and a crappy air conditioner.

"Remind me why we're here again," Izzy said.

"Because our parents think we should get a taste of 'normal life'. Gawd," I said.

"At least we could bring whatever we wanted," Ellie said. Just then our cabin mates entered the room. One of them was black.

"Um, hi there," they said. They introduced themselves as Grace (the one of color) and Natalie. Then it hit us. We hadn't claimed the single beds yet. I raced for one while Ellie grabbed the other.

"Really?" Izzy said. She hopped up on the top bunk bed. Sammi sighed and laid her stuff on the bottom bunk. Grace and Natalie took the other bunk bed, Natalie on top, Grace on the bottom.

"Hey, our other buds are in the cabin next door. We'll introduce you to them after free swim."

"Swimming? On the first day? Seriously?" Izzabelle exclaimed. So we reluctantly went to the bathrooms to change. I pulled on my red Chanel bikini, Sammi Leigh in her burnt orange monokini that flattered her even tan, Ellie in her black and white Guess? bikini, and Izzabelle in her purple Body Glove bikini. We braided our hair and grabbed our neon sarongs before heading down to the lake.

"OMG no way! It's Cody!"

"Really? Where?" Izzy asked.

"Over there! The one with the six pack!" I said. He noticed Izzy and waved before heading over.

"Well, we meet again. Purple is extremely flattering on you!"

"Oh, thank you," Izzy replied.

"Want to be my 'swim buddy'?" He asked. The girls and I, except for Izzy, giggled. She elbowed me in the ribs.

"Oh, of course!" she exclaimed before trotting off to the water with Cody at her side.

But, this will be no happy love story, because at Camp Confidential, everyone has a secret. Everyone tells someone. And no one keeps it.