(Still) Ava's POV

As camp progresses we soon meet everyone:

Jenna, whose brother also goes to this camp. She also loves pranks.

Alyssa, Natalie's artsy best friend

Alex, who loves soccer and is sporty

And Chelsea, who we like to call our personal bitch.

I'm happily dating one of the camp's newer couselers, Lucas. He was 17, and we were 13, so it was against the rules of the camp. Cody and Izzy were allowed because they were only one year apart. Sometimes it's hard to keep a secret love, well, secret.

Izzy's POV

As I head over to the sailing dock, ready as ever for my lesson with Cody, he stops me in my tracks.

"Hey there, babe. Ready for sailing today?" he asks.

"Of course! Oh shoot, I forgot my towel. I'll meet you over there," I reply before scurrying back to the cabin, where I adjust my hair and grab my towel. When I get out on the porch, I'm stopped in my tracks by none other than Chelsea.

"Oh, hey there Izzabelle. Can you believe that man-whore?"

"Who? Cody? Huh?" I ask.

"Yeah. I'd like to inform you that he tries to get ALL the new girls. He chooses them randomly. Like you."

"He'd never do that, he and I are totally in love."

"That's not what he told me last night."

"Last night? What were you doing with him last night?" I ask, paniced.

"Oh just a little of this," she says while making a kissy face.

"You're such a liar."

"How do you know he didn't fall for me like he fell for you? Last year, he was all over me! He still is, by the way."

"I know why he would never date you," I say, building up my confidence.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because Cody would never date a bitch!" I say and run away.

"Then why would he date you?" she called after me.

Once I'm safely at the sailing dock, Cody is waiting for me.

"Why? Why would you ever date Chelsea?" I ask him.

"I never did. I liked her for a short period of time, but never dated her," he replies, confused.

"Then how come she told me you were quote, all over her?" I ask.

"Ok, tell me why you'd believe her?" he asks.

"Answer my question first," I demand.

"Not until you tell me why-,"

"You don't deserve a reason," I say, cutting him off before shoving him in the lake.

I had been cheated on, lied to, for the second time in a row. I may as well give up on dating and become a lonely old cat lady. Out of despair, I crept into the darkness, hoping to find another desperate guy. I ran into Lucas, one of the newer counselers. He was 17.

"Hey, what's wrong? You've been so, I dunno, frustrated and unhappy all day," he asks me.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," I say.

"Are you sure I can't help?" he asks. His face looked vaguely familiar, as if I'd seen him hanging around us before.

"Maybe, if you did this," I say, leaning in to kiss him. He meets me and our lips touch. I hear leaves crunching, but I brush it off. This kiss felt so perfect. So right. Better than I had ever felt with Cody.

Ava's POV

I couldn't believe I was watching my seemingly perfect boyfriend make out with some other slut. I was bound to get to the bottom of this. I just didn't know how. Maybe Lucas will tell me on his own and we'll kiss and make up.

Oh who am I kidding? That girl seemed gorgeous, with her long dark hair and thin frame. Maybe he won't take me back.

Then again, I am gorgeous.

Izzy's POV

"I just can't believe Lucas could do this to me," Ava says.

"You mean Lucas, as in one of the head counselers Lucas?" Sammi Leigh asks.

"Yeah, him, why?" Ava asks.

"Isn't it against the rules to be dating?" Sammi Leigh asked back.

"Yeah. Sorry I never told you guys. I don't wanna get caught."

"Don't worry, we won't tell," said Ellie. "We'll find that whore and crush her into a bajillion pieces,"

"Um, yeah. Fun," I offer. Then I sink back into my pillow and pray these girls can't smell a lie from a mile a way.

Oh who am I kidding? I'm doomed to die a harsh death.

Ellie's POV

"Ok Ellie, keep your cool," I think to myself. No one needs to know. Well obviously they will find out I'm an FMA fighter when I become one. But no one needs to know I'm in training. I'm still gonna crush that whore that hurt my BFF though, only mildly.

Oh who am I kidding? That chick isn't gonna see the light of day again.

Sammi Leigh's POV

"Ok Sammi, just chill, act dumb, and chill. No one will ever figure out you're taking extra credit classes at Harvord. Just stay dumb and blonde and no one will ever notice."

Oh who am I kidding? I'm way too smart for these bitches.