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Outtake: Charlie and Allison

Charlie's POV

I woke up at the sound of the birds chirping. I looked at the clock on my nightstand and I realized that it was early, six o'clock. Today Billy couldn't go fishing so I decided for the first time in twenty years to relax and sleep a bit more. I turned on the other side and I heard a sound coming from Bella's room. Probably Jacob was once again trying to leave before I woke up. As if they could really fool the Chief of police. At least I knew that they were engaged to be married and if something happened they would take it in stride. It was still funny though how they tiptoed around me and Billy, as if we haven't been young too!

My Bells had finally chosen Jacob over Edward, sometimes it still puzzled me. I knew that my daughter had taken after me, and the Swans could be really stubborn and blind regarding feelings. I stuck my heart to Renee for so long that when she came along I couldn't really see what was right in front of me.

The sigh that escaped me was of pain and regret. While I was happy that my Bells was having her happily ever after, I was still suffering and missing her so much. It was quite sad that I couldn't even say her name, it hurt too much. But she was better off without me. What could I offer a woman like her? Now she was in Sacramento working and having the career she rightly deserved. I must admit that part of me had been scared that if I had asked her to stay she would have eventually left like my first wife did. Forks was a little town in the middle of nowhere with too much rain, but I loved it. And I was surprised but glad that Bells had fallen in love with the place too.

I recalled the talk we had when she had been back from a week in sunny California. Jake had gone with her to meet Renee and they had a blast. But the night she was back we sat together in the kitchen. I was drinking a beer and she was sipping tea. Bells had smiled at me and said, "I missed Forks. I thought that a place like California would suit me better but honestly, I missed the rain, the forest and you."

I smiled warmly at her. "I guess Forks grows on you until you can't leave it anymore."

She had smiled back. "It's more than just the town; I guess it's the air that you breathe here. There is something magical around."

I had chuckled and after a quick kiss to my newfound romantic daughter, I went to watch a game on TV.

Life was good but it could have been much better if I had someone to share it with. Sue had tried to hint about us, but I couldn't really bring myself to take her up on her offer. Besides being Harry's wife, I still had someone else in my heart.

I shook my head, she was gone and never coming back. And it was only my fault. Maybe if I try to date Sue eventually I'll forget her. I got out of bed and decided to try my new resolve. I would take a shower, eat breakfast and then I would go and ask Sue out. How hard could it be? I sat back on the bed and put my head in my hands. Closing my eyes it was her I saw, why didn't I at least try? Living with regret like this would eventually kill me, but now maybe she had moved on. Maybe she was happy and what if I went there and screwed her life up? No, I loved her enough to let her be free. What was with today and my nostalgic mood?

Okay, shower, breakfast and Sue. I repeated that mantra until it stuck in my brain. After all Sue was still a beautiful woman, she was caring and sweet. But she isn't her, whispered a voice in my head that sounded too much like Billy. My best friend knew me too well and he had suggested many times to me that I should call her. But I stubbornly refused and every time Billy had sighed and told me that I was a fool. A fool and a coward. I found myself envying Jacob, the kid had guts. He had stayed with Bella through hell, she had left his side to go back to Edward and Jacob had stuck with her. Now they were together, I really admired his relentlessness.

I put on my jacket and headed for the door. Today I would ask Sue out and move on. I wasn't prepared to the sight that greeted me. There, in all her beauty I saw Allison. I watched her, transfixed; it had been so long since I saw her. She was even more beautiful than I remembered and her eyes, so deep and intense gave me the butterflies. I felt my knees weakening. "Ally... what... what are you doing here?"

She smiled a little. "Hey Char, I... I just moved back to Forks and I came to"

My heart stopped beating for a moment. "You came back? Why? I thought that Sacramento was a promotion..." I was stalling but my brain had stopped working the moment I saw her here.

She shrugged her shoulders. "There are more important things than work." She replied never taking her eyes off me.

I gulped and I knew that I wasn't ready to face her and my feelings. It was one thing to miss her and another to have her here on my porch. "You look good." I managed to say.

"So do you." She whispered back.

I wished I could walk up to her and kiss her senseless, but too much time had passed. Maybe she was here just to tell me goodbye. "Was there something you needed to say?"

Her eyes were guarded. "Can't I come in?"

"I... I don't think it's a good idea." I said, I didn't want Bella to meet Allison, or I would never hear the end of it.

I saw her looking down but I didn't miss the sadness in her eyes, I was a monster. "Why are you here Ally?"

She looked up and straightened her shoulders. "I'm here because I love you. I'm here because someone has told me that if you love someone you should fight for him. So I left Sacramento, my new job, my new house, I left everything to be back here with you."

I was stunned. Never in a million years would I have expected such words from her. I longed to say it back, but I was paralyzed in fear. "I... I don't know what to say."

She grimaced. "I suppose you still stubbornly refuse to admit that you love me back, so I brought with me this tent." And she showed me a bag. "I'll camp here, outside your house until you admit that you love me too. I'm not going away this time and I won't let you walk away either. We have only one life Char and I want to spend it with you."

I cleared my throat, feeling really nervous. I watched while she opened the tent and started putting it up. I smiled and sat on the porch. She struggled a bit but in half an hour it was set it up. She looked at me then. "I'll be inside here waiting."

Bella chose that moment to get out, she looked at me and then at the tent. "What's that?"

I blushed. "That's a tent... and inside it is Allison."

Bella looked again at me and then again at the tent. She walked down the stairs and arrived at the entrance of the tent. "Allison, are you there? It's Bella."

I was shocked that my daughter would just walk to a perfect stranger and speak so warmly. Allison opened the tent and I heard. "Bella! So good to see you again. How's that boyfriend of yours? He is really something isn't he?"

Bella smiled softly. "Jacob is well; we're getting married next year. I'm glad you're back, don't give up, the Swans are stubborn but eventually he will give in. I'll surely see you later." My daughter, or should I call her from now on 'Judah', raised her hand and after a goodbye she entered the truck and disappeared.

And then it hit me, Bella and Jacob had gone away for a weekend, and Sacramento was their destination! Billy must have tipped them and they had gone there to... I felt tears in my eyes; those three would get an earful from me. But first I had to do something else.

I stood up and walked to the tent. "Ally...forgive me." She opened the tent and looked at me in silence. "You're right I love you too, I was too blind and too scared to admit it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you too."

She jumped in my arms and before I could react her lips were on mine. I don't think anything tasted as good as her. And she was finally mine; this time around I was never going to let her go.