Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story (wait…..wut story?)

Dash: You tell me.

Lucas: …Why are we here?

Ness: Ya, why are we here?

Dash: Because I got bored one night and wanted to do a truth or dare story.

Lucas: D-Does that mean were going to be t-tortured?

Ness-Not another one! Haven't we suffered enough?

Dash: Hey, the brawl fan fictions do not count. This is 100% a MOTHER series Truth or dare fanfic!

Everyone in the mother series: …

Jeff: …I should be studying right now.

Maxwell: Well, I guess this will be today's lesson.

Tony: … *hides behind Jeff* (I love making Tony shy! X3)

Ness: Ugh, ok, the faster we get reviews, the faster we end this thing.

Ninten: Got that right, so summit reviews!

Dash: For those who've never read a truth or torture, err, dare fanfic before, you summit a review on what you want the character to do and/or what you want him/her to confess. You can dare/ truth multiple characters in one review. My limit will be 15 dares and 15 truths for one reviewer. =D Enjoy.

Loid: Please make there be no yaoi, please.

Dash: Sorry, but if a reviewer summits it, you have to do it.

Paula: No Yuri, please.

Dash: I'm straight so, no Yuri like Paula said.

Kumatora: Few.

Nana: Yay! We're safe!

Dash: The only reason she's here is because I read an awesome LucasNana fanfic on here and I loved it. Your paring the two most sad and lonely people in Tamzily.

Lucas: Don't remind me…

Kumatora:*hugs Lucas like a mother would*

Flint: *is happy that Hinawa's alive in this fanfic*

Claus: Ahh….It's good to be alive, again. =D *Hugs Lucas*

Hinawa: Yes, indeed. *hugs Flint*

Dash: Well, that's all I gotta say, so….REVIEW!


Ninten: …I'd kiss you any day. X3

Random Yaoi fangirl: MAKE NESS KISS LUCAS!

Another Yaoi fangirl: AND JEFF KISS TONY!

Jeff: O.O

Ness, Lucas, Tony: O/O

Dash: Oh, by the way, Paula's 11 in this fanfic because StrategyWiki says that she is 11. Another note is that I might make Lucas a girl, because a fanfic called "He Said, She Said" in the SSBB category got me liking the idea of a female Lucas, and DON'T FORGET THE ALL POWERFUL ROPE SANKE!

Rope Snake: I'm nothing, but a large worm.

Dash: Dude, you rock. You're a rope snake, not a worm. If you were a worm, then you'd be a wonder worm then.

Ness: What the heck is a wonder worm?

Dash: Something awesome.

Lucas and Claus: You know what, just summit reviews so things calm down.