Chapter 3

Roughly an hour's drive or more, the uninvisible 'invisible Man' pulls up to his rebuilt, from scratch, home. Needless to say, at one point it had literally been blown up. One of the small miracles is the agency actually put up a third of the money for a new one. Anyways, as we speak, Darien's at the entrance of his house. Walking inside, finds the place pitch black, as he left it. Chucking his jacket onto where his sofa was known to be. More than likely pre filled with a stack of car magazines, a left over week old pizza box and an empty beer bottle or two. After mindlessly groping in the dark, Fox lefts up the TV. remote, flipping through channels as he strips off his t-shirt, chucking it somewhere on the floor. A couple more channel flips and the television clicks off. Next he's off to the kitchen refrigerator. Snagging a bottle of beer, talently twists the lid off using only his arm. Catching the lid mere inches before it lands. He snaps it between his index, two middle fingers, and thumb. Bottle top flicks through the air and into a garbage can.

"Three points." With a swig of beer. A stomach scratch... looks down. "Beer belly... puh." He pats the infamous belly, and takes his drink to the bathroom to freshen up, turning only the bathroom light on. Scrubbing up, snatches his beer again taking a sip and the light goes out. Thankfully, with as tired as he was, his only bathroom connected directly to his bedroom as well. Fox slips his shoes and socks off. One last long guzzle of alcohol and off came the pants. With a yawning moan and adjustment of boxers, Darien slips in under the covers.

The second hand of the clock on his night stand ticks by. "Well, you'll just jump in bed with anyone, won't you?"

There was a loud painful thud, with an added curse, erupts from the floor.

Bedside lamp clicks on, illuminating an amusing scene. Darien Fox, nearly flat on his back while a gorgeous blonde with long wavy hair and full curves, ready to burst out of an oversized t-shirt, leant over the side of the bed to peer at him. "Hope you didn't hurt yourself there Tiger." Her dainty chin rest in the palm of a hand.

Rubbing his sore head, looks up to see the one woman he'd been ordered to find. Luck was apparently with him. But the matter was if it were 'good' or 'bad' luck. "Don't act like you care." Groans. "Mind explaining what or how even, that you got in here and are in 'my' bed!" He demanded an answer, but quickly grabs a pillow to cover himself with when he realized the 'look' the woman eyes him with. "Just get out of my bed Csiejae!"

A slow forming grin surfaces upon the lips of the thief, and she chucks the man's wallet at him, only to see Darien drop the pillow in the process of reclaiming his stolen property. "Chill out Agent Fox." Csiejae rolls from her current position, to stretch out on her back and look straight up into handsome eyes. "I just so happened to come across this lost item. And then being the upstanding civilian that I am... decided to bring it to you. In person."

"Yeah, and I'm Bugs Bunny." Thumbs through the object, seeing all was there but... "Where's the money?" He slaps the wallet onto the nightstand, hands on his hips.

"Money?" her voice was filled with mock innocence. "What money?"

"Chic, cut the crap. You're riding a fine line right now. I've been up since five this morning all so I could ruin your little party and then get ordered around to find you again." Suddenly wary, Darien looks the woman over, with no sudden movements.

"Oh 'that' money." Leisurely plays with her hair. "Well, I don't know. Perhaps whoever stole it used what they found for a much needed dinner. Or two. Or three." Smiles, licking her lips with just the tip of her tongue. "I bet they ordered T-bone steaks and wine." Realizing that she and the bed were being circled around, skeptically changes topic. "Alright, yah vulture, what's got yah vexed now?"

"Are those my underwear and t-shirt?"

Confused for but a couple moments, "Yeah, they're yours. I couldn't be expected to wear 'my' clothes in my host's bed tonight! After all who wants to wear work clothes with other people's blood on it, all day long? ...Why?"

The fact the woman didn't have 'her' clothes on, brought forth a few enticing ideas to mind, but on the other hand, Darien's momentary lapse also gave him opportunity to think about the downside to this as well. The main downfall being that the father of this attractive, well put together, young woman was the Big Man. The fact that he considers Darien a secret weapon, wouldn't save Darien from getting killed upon a whim. Clearing his throat as he simultaneously clears all thought of anything 'fun,' starts searching again. If the woman was wearing a shirt and boxers that belonged to 'him'... where could she hide something? "I'm looking for the gun."

Erupting into a fit of giggles, "My clothes may be in your washer, but I assure you that by no means am I stupid enough to let my only means of escape out of arms reach, let alone out in the open. I would think an 'ex-thief such as yourself would know about such a basic rule."

With a shrug, "You're a chic, how smart of a thief can you actually be? You came to the house of someone who was trying to take you in from the start."

"Has anyone told you that yah have a way with women?"

Resigning the search, turns his attention now fully upon his intruder. "Yah, Hobbes."


"A friend of mine. Bald guy."

"Wouldn't know him, I don't go for anyone even with the slightest bit of a receding hair line. They usually aren't the type worth remembering."

"I guess I should consider that a compliment then. Seeing as you remembered me."

"Yes. You should." Csiejae plays with a lock of her own hair, only to be puzzled by her host's next words.

"Well, I'm not taking it as a compliment. Now, Csiejae, you'd better get something straight. Your father has me and everyone else looking for you. And, he's none too particular as to what condition you're taken back to him in, so long as you have some faint heartbeat."

As she quickly sat up, the girl swiftly moves her hand for the gun that now drops out from under the over sized t-shirt. "Like hell!" She argues back, only to realize her host had been faster than her. Darien had reached out grabbing her arm to haul her back, against him. Her backside snugly fit against his stomach. He'd also managed in the process to get her arm tucked neatly behind her back. The gun, now revealed, had been dropped on the center of the bed. "Ouch! You're hurting me."

Darien was exhausted, annoyed, and just plain tired. He didn't want to deal with this right now. So he quicksilvers. "Then stop squirming." His patience was starting to lack.

"Screw you, I didn't drop by for a visit just to get caught by one of father's flunkies and get dragged into his presence for a lecture."

"You'll get more than that if he finds you at all." His voice rang out in warning as he fumbles through the nightstands drawer.

Turning to look from one side to another, Csiejae couldn't figure out where he was, as she couldn't literally 'see' him. About to voice the obvious, stops as her wrists were suddenly being bound together with plastic ties. "Wha-?" Next thing she knew, she was being picked up, seemingly held by nothing at all. Afraid, she screams at the top of her lungs, "What the hell is going on! Darien!" Hearing first a groan, she ends up dropped onto the left side of the bed. Frantically wriggling her way, she scoots backwards for the gun. Yet again fate seemed to turn against her as the 45mm took to the air, and trains itself on her. Csiejae swallows hard.

"Damn it, stop screaming." He was breathing hard, from having to correct his error of letting her on the bed with the gun. The gun itself showed his labored breathing as it moved slightly up and down steadily. "You're going to-" He heard a car pull up in front of his house. "Crap."

Csiejae was going cross eyed watching the weapon before her. She bit her bottom lip as she dared asking. "What's wrong?"

Looking out the window sees Hobbes come up to the front door of the house. Relief washes over him. "Hobbes."

Pouting, "Great, company."

Becoming visible again he waves the gun at her to make emphasis on his next point. "Watch it. Behave yourself, and while you're at it, keep your mouth shut. I don't want him knowing that we're here." Darien starts grabbing a new set of clothes for himself. "Stay put." He goes into the hallway and starts by putting on his shirt, by the kitchen he got his boxers on; at the door he was dressed other than socks and shoes. Reaching the handle to make certain that it was locked before Bobby rang the door bell.

Never one for listening, Csiejae had stood up on the floor, hands still tied behind her back, and followed. Whispering, "Why are 'you' having us hide from your friend? Thought you said you were buds."

"Why do you think?" Darien waves at her to hush. "Fat man finds out you're here, especially in my clothes, and we'll both be dead. Best thing for you, is to disappear, and I've got to figure out how. Now shut up."

"Fox?" Bobby calls out from the other side of the door, thinking he'd heard something inside.

Csiejae sat herself on the floor and brought her knees to her chest. She rocks backwards once, twice, and her arms were now on the other side of her bottom.

Looking Between the peep hole and Csiejae "Stop that!" Orders back in a whisper.

Csiejae ignores him and then her feet were through too, so that her hands were at least in front of her more comfortably. She sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry at him, earning a glare.

"Hey Fox open up! Keep said you were goin' home, man." He knocks this time.

'Sorry Hobbes. I don't want to get you involved just yet.' Darien thought.

Suddenly the dryer buzzer goes off. Csiejae frantically went to turn it off. She couldn't figure out what button to press, so she opens it up. Peeking around the corner she gestures that it's all good. Then looking at her clothes decides that this would be an opportune time to get away, while Darien was distracted. She could come back at a later time to play with him some more. Grabs her clothes, and heads for the kitchen to cut off her bonds.

Throwing up his hands in the air, "Fine..." turns about, to head back to the car only to realize two men had gotten out of their car across the street.

Noting that the man had finally given up, the home owner goes to check on his guest in the laundry room. He wasn't happy to see that she wasn't still there and began dashing around the house. He found her trying to climb out the back kitchen window. The girl's clothes had been thrown onto the yard ahead of her. Grabbing onto her legs, starts dragging the persistent woman back inside, it was more difficult than he'd figured.

"Let go yah perv! That's my leg." She kicks behind her, getting Darien in the stomach. She pushes herself further out the window, only to get caught about mid thigh again. "Ack!" Growls in frustration while doubling her efforts to get away.

"I'm trying to save your sorry butt you know!" He argues back. "Fat man's, er, your father's not overly happy with you. Just get back in here and I'll let you stay the night and discuss whether I take you in tomorrow myself, so it's less likely you're hurt, I'll even call him with conditions; or I'll help you get away."

"Hah! You don't know my father very well then." Her motions stop as she was startled by a loud noise that caused both her and the man behind her to freeze.

"Fox!" Hobbes voice bellows more clearly than it should of.

Darien heard multiple footsteps, he cursed. The front door had gotten broken in through. How did Bobby get back up? Did he come with them? No Darien knew better. "Shit... He knew you'd show up, Chief had me followed home." That explained everything. His followers had seen Darien go in on his own. But when Bobby had shown up and not gotten him to answer the door, the other two knew something had to be up because he'd not left the house. Quickly he shoves Csiejae the rest of the way out the window. By now the other men had to have their heat sensor glasses on, those had become mandatory, standard issue, whenever anyone was sent to watch him; too many prior incidences. Anyway, they knew he had company now. Darien would have to explain why he let the girl get away, again; and he wasn't ready to face up to that. Nor was he ready to let his new acquaintance get away. He was going to make sure she got what she deserved. But he didn't want her hurt to any extreme either. That left one thing: He dives out the window after her, falling unkemptly onto the yard. "Chic, start runnin'!" He barks at the girl with her armful of clothes, about to dash off as it was. When she started to head off, the guy snags her arm and shoves her into a different direction. "To the front, I've got an idea. You know how to hotwire a car?"

The woman scoffs, "Child's play." Taking the hint of what was expected of her. She didn't have to look back to know that Darien had disappeared. She didn't even care since it meant she'd have little resistance in getting away now.

The two men in goggles came quickly running out to the front of the house. One ended up getting a floating piece of door smacked against the back of his head, while the other one whirls around bringing his gun up to fire.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!" A mass of heat in different colors (if viewed through one of the heat sensors) exclaimed as he began running a zigzag pattern, dropping the hunk of wood, which exploded into splinters as a bullet hit.

Hobbes came out watching; he was rather confused but realizes somebody was in his car. "Hey!" He pulls out his gun and advances on the vehicle slowly. "Put your hands up behind your head and step out of the car, slowly."

Csiejae ignores the man shouting at her as she continued to hotwire the vehicle. She needed to get the damn thing started before baldy made it to the driver's side door.

Bobby calls over to the man shooting at Darien, "Hey, forget fox, target's over here!"

Grudgingly, the man eyeballs Darien's last location as he disappears from the heat sensor. This was one of the fellow agents who weren't particularly fond of Agent Fox. In fact, he'd been sent numerous times to clean up the man's mess, or to chase after him. As far as he was concerned Darien Fox was a liability. Unfortunately, Agent Hobbes was right, there was a more important suspect to be taking in, and she was about to get away. With a snort of disapproval he turns about and also trains his sights on the girl in the sedan. By now he'd taken of his goggles to better see the easier target.

Glancing up for a brief moment, the blonde bit her lip. This wasn't looking good. "Start damn it, start!" She fiddles with the wiring again to hear it briefly come to life only to die again. She hits the steering wheel out of frustration. Both men were now near the car circling from opposite sides of the car. "Please please please..." And it the monster revs. "Thank you!" With a smirk she puts it into first gear.

"I wouldn't do-" The man in the suit collapses mid sentence. His gun was caught in the air, turns, and fires at the second vehicle, one back and one front tire blow.

Hobbes looks from the gun to the car and back again. "Fox, what're you doing?"

"Trying not to get killed." Came the voice.

"Fox, put the gun down, and tell me what's going on, my friend. No chic's worth this. You know the orders."

Darien unloads the clip, it hits the ground, and then the gun, as he rematerializes, shaking it off.

Not one for trusting anyone of authority realizes that Darien and Baldy were near the back left door. She'd been startled at the two shots fired, praying it hadn't been at her. Realizing she was safe, and that her two would be captors didn't have any way of following her, she puts her foot down on the accelerator. The tires squeal and the car lurches forward, instantly picking up speed.

"Sorry Hobbes! No time to explain." He took after the car barely managing to get the rear door open. Basically dragged, as he held onto the door, Darien somehow manages to climb in the back seat.

Bobby's hands went to rest up on his head, frustrated "Damn it, fox." He turns around looking at the mess and now reviving agents with a flat car. "Fat man's going to have your head too now." He says as if Darien had still been there before holstering his gun. Bobby rubs his eyes before placing both hands on his waist. "Get up." He orders the other two, gesturing about. "Get this somewhat cleaned up. See if there's anything inside that'll tell us what the hell is going on." Opening his cell, he dials. A male voice answers the line. "Heh heh... Chief? Think you could send us another car and a tow truck?" He winced at the dead silence and heavy click followed by a dial tone. Bobby mutters under his breath "Thanks for nothing Fox."