I was walking through the woods hand-in-hand with my girlfriend of two years, Annabeth Chase. We were contentedly silent as we walked through the moonlit groves. Suddenly, Annabeth stopped.

"What is it? What's wrong?" I asked her.

"I have a terrible feeling, Percy… I can't explain it." She answered me.

I turned her around to face me and stroked her cheek.

"Don't worry," I started, "Nothing can get to us when we're together. We've proven that millions of times." I smiled and hugged her to me. She was shivering slightly.

"This is different, Percy… something's wrong… I can't put my finger on it."

She looked up at me, her grey eyes narrowing in fear.

"Annabeth, it's okay…" But I put my hand down to check that Riptide was with me, just in case. I knew never to doubt Annabeth. She was the daughter of Athena, after all.

Annabeth looked down nervously. I held her arm's length away to talk to her directly. When she looked back up into my eyes, I let go of her quickly, pushing her away.

Her eyes had turned a bright gold.

An evil smile was pasted on her face.

I backed away, drawing Riptide.

"Perseus Jackson, I've waited so long to see you."

I gulped. It couldn't be… he was in Tartarus… how…?

I said something formidable and smart like, "What do you want?"

A laugh that wasn't Annabeth's escaped out of her possessed mouth.

"Oh… there are many things I want, Perseus Jackson, so kind of you to ask."

Her smile widened.

"You'll find out soon enough what I want. Because it's already coming."

Annabeth laughed and faded away leaving me alone in the grove.

Darkness engulfed me, and I was standing in blackness. Then, two giant golden eyes sped directly towards me. I barely had time to scream or raise Riptide to counterattack…

I woke with a start, a cold sweat on my tan, bare chest. I sat up and ran my hands through my hair looking around frantically. I was in my cabin. The familiar glow of the newly-repaired saltwater fountain, a gift from my father, Poseidon, glimmered in the corner. I was breathing heavily.

Those eyes… such a bright gold…

What a nightmare.

I felt a shift beside me in my bed. I jumped and looked down. A lump was perceivable under my blue covers, and a cascade of golden curls peeked out from beneath.


It was our first night back at Camp after graduating.

Annabeth had continued the ongoing habit of sneaking to my cabin during the night to spend the nights with me.

We didn't, uh… do anything. We just shared the bed. Honest to the gods.

Not that we hadn't thought about it… we'd talked and set boundaries. The most we've ever done is heavy make-out sessions. We didn't even remove clothes.

We usually just talked while snuggling together, stealing kisses every once in awhile.

Every night since we had shared that underwater kiss after the defeat of Kronos.

Thinking of Kronos sent another shiver down my spine and reminded me vividly of the nightmare I had just had.

I had to calm down.

It had only been a dream… right?

No way, Percy. You know your dreams are always significant.

Oh, gods.

I didn't want to tell Annabeth and worry her.

She was leaving in the morning for three days to see to the finishing touches of the newly rebuilt Olympus. I had been there twice since she began, and she was doing an excellent job.

She was always working on Daedalus' laptop, chewing her fingernails and agitatedly brushing her hair behind her ears.

She was so beautiful when she concentrated.

Annabeth rolled over onto her back, and I could see her perfect face. My heart melted at the sight of it, like it always did.

Annabeth breathed evenly. Her mouth was parted slightly in slumber. So beautiful. My Wise Girl.

I lay back down and turned on my side facing her. I tucked a strand of her gorgeous locks behind her ear. She sighed and smiled slightly, but stayed asleep.

Not for long.

I leaned over closer to her and draped my arm over her waist. Bringing my face closer, I began to place light kisses from her collar bone, up her neck and to her chin. My mouth hovered above hers. I brought my hand up to stroke her face.

Her eyes fluttered open. At first there was confusion, and then they settled on my face. Stormy, grey eyes met oceanic green eyes.

Annabeth smiled sleepily.

"Hullo, Seaweed Brain. Couldn't wait a few more hours?" she said, sleep still making her voice sound groggy. She pushed a button on her watch and it glowed, showing her the time.

"It's 3:57 in the morning Perc. Why are you awake? You usually sleep like a rock."

I rolled on top of her, holding some of my weight on my elbows and forearms as to not crush her.

Her arms draped around my neck.

"Do I need a reason to love my Wise Girl? No matter what time it is?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"You're such a seaweed brain, Seaweed Brain."

"Yeah, but that's why you love me."

"It is."

She lifted her head slightly, seeking my mouth with hers. Our lips grazed each other's, seeking permission and preparing ourselves, noses brushing together.

I placed my lips on hers gently. Even while sleepy, my Annabeth was impatient. She nipped my bottom lip playfully and I hissed in pleasure. She took that opportunity to lick my lip, like she was apologizing for inflicting such a bite. I lifted my head and looked at her. She smiled slyly.

Di immortales, how can someone be so gorgeous when their hair looks like Nico did it?

I groaned as she placed a kiss on my Adam's apple.

I roughly placed my mouth back on hers, devouring her mouth. Annabeth didn't complain.

We fought for dominance before I won, placing my tongue in all the familiar crevices in her mouth.

Annabeth moaned and pulled me closer, giggling into my mouth.

Eventually we ran out of air and had to stop.

Panting, I rolled off of Annabeth and she turned on her side to look at me, a hand grazing my chest. I shivered.

"This is a nice dream." She said.

"It's not a dream." I answered.

"Mmm. I know, but my dream, before you woke me up, was just that, only this was way better."


"Did you dream about me?"

My stomach felt like all water had been drained from it. Like someone had pulled the plug in a bathroom.

"Percy? Are you okay?"

I looked at Annabeth and tried to smile.

I said something comforting to stop her from worrying like, "Uh…"

Annabeth chuckled slightly.

"My Seaweed Brain." And she fell back asleep.

I put my arms around her and settled in close behind her, drawing her to me.

Having her so close to me calmed me slightly, but I was still alone with my vivid memories of my nightmare.

I fell into an uneasy sleep.