Chapter 11

Bella's POV

We were all sitting in the living room, talking, and enjoying the company of our mates.

"Well that was interesting." Jazz said pulling me closer.

"Yeah it was. We have to stay strong as a family and friends. I think that this was an experience to remember and we learned that we can work together in this." Hailey said.

"Words of wise Hailey. We are a family that are very powerful. But have no motive to take over the world." Ciari said.

"Bella, Jazz, Char, Peter. Enjorlas, Marius, Landon, Amanda Rae, Hailey, and I must leave you. We have helped in your time of need. If you ever need us, please call and we will come to help." Cordelia said sadly.

"Are you sure Cordelia? All of you are welcomed to stay with us." Peter asked.

"Yes we are. I'm afraid that even though we would love to stay with you. We all wish to travel the world as nomads." Cordelia said.

"Well please remember that you are welcomed in our family anytime. Please keep the crests as a reminder that you are family." I said getting up and hugging them.

"Yes well we must go. We have to catch a plane. Goodbye and we will keep in touch." Enjorlas said waving.

After we said goodbye to them. The others looked at me and I just headed inside.

"Darlin' come on we will see them again." Jazz said rubbing my shoulders.

"Yes Bella, but it is our time to go as well. Kelly, Garret, Ciari, Selene, and I must leave again. However, we will be in America living in places. It is time for us to leave and enjoy the country." Austen said.

"Well then I suppose we will run into you all in a few years. Keep safe and be careful. Keep in touch. Please visit. Keep the crest to remember." Charlotte said.

"We will." Selene said. Then they all left.

"Well Rose, Em are you going to leave as well?" Peter asked.

"No this is our home. We are staying with you." Rose said hugging me.

"Good, I'm glad that you two are staying and not leaving. You are my sister and brother and I think it would be the hardest for me if you left." I said sobbing into Rose's shoulder.

"Well Bells we aren't leaving you we are staying right here." Em said hugging Rose and me.

"Our whole family are together. And we are all happy and safe. What more could we ask for." Jazz said.


To say that we weren't happy was an understatement. We traveled to many places. Never acquiring other members but we did see the other members of our coven who traveled.

The Cullen's left us alone and so did the Volturi but that was with the exception of a visit or two.

Em and Rose were happy they got married every decade and enjoyed it. Rose always used the same dress but made alterations to make it up to date. Em was his normal goofy self and loved to wrestle with the boys.

Peter and Charlotte enjoyed spending time together and sometimes left to travel on their own but always kept in touch and brought souvenirs for us.

As for Jazz and me, we renewed our vows. Went on solo vacations and even bought houses around the world.

All I can really say is that my eyes are finally open to the wonders of having a true family.


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