Oliver and Company – The Four Lords of Brooklyn

Chapter 1- On the Wrong Side of Town (Nostrand Ave.)

(Note- I put in voice actors for my OC characters as if this were a movie, please enjoy review and please no bashing.)

It's late in the evening and Oliver has managed to get himself lost at a subway station. He looked around, scampering from left to right, he couldn't find Jenny anywhere in the crowds of people or hear her voice over the loud noises of the subway trains.

He walked out of the station and just like Dorothy and Toto in the Wizard of Oz, he wasn't in Kansas anymore or Manhattan for that matter. Reggae music and rap was pulsing out some cars that were rolling through the streets. The smell of rotis, beef patties, and hot doubles lingered in the air.

The streets and sidewalks were littered with soda cans, beer bottles and dirty scrap papers flying in the wind. One piece of paper managed to hit Oliver in the face.

This area of New York was completely alien to the small orange tabby cat. He looked at all the old row houses and at the small fruit stands which dotted the sidewalks. The thing was, he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and bumped into one of the locals, "Rhaatid! Move yu backside!" a Malinois snapped with a Patois accent, quickly turning around to get a look at the little kitten,

"Ooo...a lilly kitty, wa'ppun mi key (Oh...a little kitten, what's up, man?)?" the dog snarled with a ravenous smile since she's been having trouble finding something to eat,

"Please...please don't hurt me," Oliver shivered looking at the sharp, ivory teeth of the much larger dog. Her equally sharp eyes stared at the kitten, "it's just that...that...I'm lost and I wanna go home," the cat said somberly. The Malinois' eyes softened as Oliver sadly dipped his head down, ashamed for threatening the poor creature,

The dog sighed, "Mi always inna crosses (I always have bad luck)," She thought, nudging the cat to keep his head up, "Deh, deh rest lilly mon (There, there, calm down little man)," the kitten looked at the dog and a tear ran down his cheek, "ah nuh, wah ya fram, lilly mon? (Where are you from, little man?)"

"I...I...I live over in Manhattan...near Central Park," Oliver replied hesitantly to the imposing dog. The Malinois' eyes lit up with interest and nodded in understanding since she knew this city like the back of her paw,

"Ooo... ya live inna stoosh place, eh lilly mon (You live in a rich place, little man?)?" The big dog stated, Oliver nodded yes, not sure what she was saying. The dog knew he was a long way from home and decided to look after him for the time being, "follow back a mi (Follow me),"

"Hey, wait, who are you?" said Oliver following behind the shepherd, whom went up to a local 'Golden Krust' restaurant to show the little kitten some of the tricks of her trade, "where are you taking me?"

She was a part of a family of dogs whom had or never had an owner in their lives, sticking together to survive, "Jus stay deh, lilly mon, (Wait here, little man), I'll get us some food," Oliver sat on other side of the street, watching the dog go to work.

The dog ran across the street as soon as the 'Walk' symbol appeared on the stoplight. She snuck into the restaurant pretending to be a seeing-eye dog for an old lady at the counter until waiting for the opportune moment to strike

Oliver heard the echoing shout of the restaurant manager from across the street, "Dat's it, yuh inna big chobble nuh, yuh ragamuffin! (That's it, you're in trouble now, you street rat!)" The manager of the restaurant hollered chasing after the dog with rolling pin in hand.

"She looks mean and I can't understand most of what she's saying, but maybe she's not so bad, kind of reminds me of Dodger," Oliver thought running alongside her with the manager slightly gaining on him, so he and the dog turned on the afterburners

"Leggo, mek haste (Let's go, hurry up!)!" The Malinois commanded, running like bolt of black lightning through the crowds with Oliver following close behind while she had a bag of food firmly in her jaws.

As soon as the manager gave up, the Malinois' bolt soon turned into a steady trot. She stopped and sat down in front of the Nostrand Ave. Station and placed the bag in front of the cat, "Mek wi nyam, (Let's eat)," Oliver pulled out one of the six beef patties while the dog watched over him,

"My name's Oliver, what's yours?" Oliver asked inquisitively. The Malinois looked up the star-filled night sky while cars raced by and the subway trains below screamed and wailed as they rolled from one station to another. She looked down at the kitten,

"My name's Charlotte, but 'mongst my breddas (brothers), I am 'Cross'," Charlotte (voiced by Zoe Soldana) stated watching the kitten finish his food. Oliver shivered after she mentioned she had brothers, where there was one dog there was bound to be more, "rest mon, Oliver, everything cook and curry (everything is just fine), nuh we go to 'The Palace',"

Charlotte carried the brown paper bag back with Oliver lagging behind to the Nostrand Avenue IRT station on the Eastern Parkway. The oil was leaking out the bottom as she and the little orange tabby walked down the steps into the station, "Dis' way," said Cross nudging open an old rusty door with her snout. Waiting behind the door were three large dogs from different parts of the city.

There were old cushions everywhere littered with dirt and holes. Used or broken dog toys were scattered all other concrete floor and everyone had to work together to get the necessities like food and water, "My bredren, we have a guest, dis' is Oliver, a lilly stoosh cat," the three dogs looked down at Oliver with interest.

One was a black and brindle Borzoi from Brighton Beach ('Little Odessa') named Vladimir, "Cross, I assume this is what made you late today," Vladimir (Voiced by Jean Reno) said with a heavy Russian accent. He got up from the couch and walked up to the kitten and caught a couple whiffs of his feline scent, "I see...you're not from around here, I have no problems with you, stay until you find your feet,"

"No problem, Vladimir, I'll tek 'im bak to 'is yaad (I'll take him home)," Charlotte said with Oliver cowering behind her. Charlotte's bushy tail shifted from left to right then up and down.

"'Yo, easy on Ollie, Vlady mon!" said a Bergamasco Shepherd from Dean St. named Davey (voiced by Doug E. Doug) rolling about on his dirty cushion. The Borzoi was slightly irked by his nickname, "he just a lilly kitty, dat cris mon, (that's cool)"

"For the umpteenth time, David, its Vladimir...not Vlady, get that through your thick skull, you four-legged dust mop!" Vladimir replied, expressing his feelings and looking at the dreadlocked shepherd distastefully,

"Wat yu call me, yu wanna romp wit me (you wanna fight me?), Russian bwoy?" Davey growled getting in the borzoi's face. Vladimir was slightly taller than him, but Davey had a lot of fight in him.

"Why fight you? You can't even see two feet in front you with all that hair," Vladimir threatened as both dogs growled and flashed their canines. Cross intervened and separated the two dogs from ripping each other to pieces.

"Naa mek mi vex, mon! (Don't get me angry)," Charlotte said keeping both dogs at bay by flashing her teeth and showing her authority as team leader, "here, I brought food," Even though she was female, she was the strongest in the group, second behind the last member in the group, a former police dog named Rashad from Jay St.

"Yo wassup wassup, I heard someone sayin' food?" said the German shepherd coming up from behind the couch and looking at the bag full of six beef patties and two rotis. Rashad pulled out a patty and ate it ravenously but looked Oliver with an ever-more salivating tongue, "oh...you bringin' live food now, what is he? Dessert?"

"Back off, 'im our guest, 'im gonna stay 'til he finds 'is feet," Charlotte said looking at the former police dog with a look that read 'eat him and you're dead meat' which made Rashad know his place. All four dogs turned to look at the cat in a semi-circle pattern, "Welcome to Brooklyn" they said in unison and all introduced themselves.

"I'm Vladimir," said the Borzoi, being the statuesque dog that he was, "it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Oliver,"

"Aww...yu a usin' dem big words 'gain, dem big words hut ma brain, mon," said the Bergamasco Shepherd laying down and putting his front paws on top of his head to dull the pain, "ma' name a Davey, lilly Ollie mon!"

"And I'm Rashad, wassup homey?" said the German shepherd (voiced by Terrence Howard) stretching out his back, "well its gettin' late, I'm gonna kick it in," Later into the night, as the sounds of the late night trains stopped, the group fell asleep. Oliver couldn't find a place to sleep so he cuddled up next to the one he felt safest around.

As the kitten touched her fur, Charlotte slightly jumped and looked down at Oliver as he fell asleep. Charlotte's eyes softened with a smile and she curled up around him, knowing he had a big day tomorrow.