Let me tell you a tale

spun from birth,

from a father of air

and mother of water,

comes the child of Earth.

Who's loves quarrel.

She shant fly for

Earth fails to sore

on anything,

but water's wings.

Through trials

and tribulations she'll

Travel the world to know what

she has never know,

and through it all

they'll follow.

On miniature wings aglow,

On winds that exist not

in this world but in another,

and waters that know no bounds.

They all battle in ways

silent and renowned.

Ones for her

and ones for themselves.

For her to gather

her past and family,

For them to learn about the

world out of the theater,

and to find the hidden path

to her heart and her love.

The story continues

who knows where they'll go

or what they'll see.

All we can say is that

Together they're unstoppable

and together they form the elements

But who will she choose

when they arrive at

Theater Illuminata.