So this was inspired by my one-shot 'Hidden Letters'. I felt like I should give more of an insight into what some of the letters were so hopefully this fic will give you a chance to read more of them. Without further ado...

Dear Amy Rose,

Okay, this is kinda new to me because as everyone knows I'm not much of a writer. Except that writing is actually an easier way to talk to you. Right, where to begin. I could start with the fact that I really like you but I won't. Oh shoot I kinda just did. I should really stop writing what I'm saying.

Anyways, it was Tails idea to write letters to you even if I had no intention of delivering them. Yeah he kinda saw me looking at you with 'glazed eyes'. And to him that meant that I did like you, and then he wouldn't give up and kept teasing me whenever he got the chance.

Eventually I told him the truth. About how I was too shy to tell you and whenever I tried to talk about the subject I ran out of words. That's when he told me to put my feelings to paper, so here I am. Telling you about why I'm writing a letter to you, how lame is that.

I'm most likely going to go on a run in while. I'll probably stop by yours and check up on you. It's 11:46pm so you're probably asleep. Did I ever tell you how cute you look when you're sleeping?

No? Dang, that's another thing I gotta add to my never ending list of things to tell you... at some point.

I could spend the rest of my life just watching you sleep. You look so calm and peaceful, like you're in your own little tranquil place, where nothing bad ever happens. I don't watch you sleeping every night in case you think I'm obsessed weirdo. Only the days when I can't sleep, it's one of the few things I can sit still a long time for. Well, you and chilli dogs just about covers it all of them actually.

That's all I gotta say for the how do you finish one of these things? I'm going to go ask my genius of a bro.

I'm back, I asked Tails and he said you sign it with your name, so here goes.

Yours now and forever,

Sonic the Hedgehog x


I love you (and sorry for the terrible letter, it's my first one so...)