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This is finally it, he thought, senior year. Tai Kamiya couldn't believe it. He'd finally made it to his last year in highschool and hopefully it would be a good one. He had tons of friends, never struggled for a date, made decent grades, managed to stay out of trouble, and was finally captain of the Varsity soccer team. Things couldn't get any better, well except for one thing.

Ever since he'd met her, he'd always felt a special connection to Sora. They'd remained close, but she had made it clear their freshman year that she was holding out for someone else. Someone Tai knew very well, one of his closest friends and somewhat rival, Matt...But why was Tai wasting time thinking about something was never going to happen? He needed to start getting ready if was going to make the best of this new year.

He walked down the hall and knocked on the door to his younger sister's bedroom.

"Kari? Kari? Are u awake? I don't want to be late!"

An exhausted Kari opened the door eyes still closed, "I'm up Tai, i'm up," she droaned.

"Good, I don't want to be late. You shouldn't want to be either, it's your first day in highschool. Be excited."

"Believe me Tai, i'm trying." she said with a sarcastic undertone.

She closed the door and Tai went back down to his room. This day better get better he thought.

Tai walked threw the doors of his Odaiba based high school, Kari trailing not to far behind him. After grabbing their schedules they went their seperate ways. Tai went upstairs to find his lo ker while Kari remained on the main floor.

Locker 273, where do i find locker 273? Kari thought as she walked down the hallway. She was too wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice the kids standing right in front of her. She bumped into a boy with short maroonish hair.

"Oh my gosh! I-i am so sorry," she stuttered, " This is so'm sorry. I don't even know your name."

He smiled down at her, "Don't worry babe, it was an accident. The name is Davis."

"Kari, im really sorry. I should've been looking."

"Well Kari, if you really feel that bad you can repay me with a date."

Is he serious? He's cute but I don't even know him. What do i even say. Um...ugh! I wish Tai was here.

Before she could muster up an answer a blonde boy from Davis' circle intervened. Kari couldn't help noticing how cute he was too. He playfully pushed David's shoulder, "Leave her alone Davis!" he laughed and then turned to Kari, "I apologize for my friend Davis, he's...he's...different i guess. My name's TK and this is Ken."

Ken, a tall boy with black hair, smiled at Kari while Davis scoweled at TK.

"It's fine," she said, " and... If it's not to much to ask, could one of you help me find my locker?"

Tai searched the hall for a familiar face and got more than he bargained for. He could see it, clear as day. Matt and Sora making out against lockers right in the middle of the hallway. Were they serious? He thought.

Matt was aware of Tai's feelings for Sora, and always had been. It's not that he didn't care, but Tai had given Matt the green light. At first he wasn't sure if he should take it. He tried holding off as long as he could, he tried avoiding Sora but after a while he just couldn't help his feelings for her. Sora and Matt began dating a few weeks before school started and tried hiding it from Tai, but there was nothing Matt could do now. He looked up from Sora to see Tai approaching them. An unsettling feeling came over Matt, why doesn't Tai look mad?

"Tai? Hey, Tai what's up?" Matt started, "Look Tai, i'm sorry about this. I-i should've told you, we should've told you and look-"

Tai stopped Matt mid-sentence, "Look Matt, Sora it's fine. I'm happy for you. I hope it works out." he forced a smile, "I'll see you guys later, i'm gonna go say hi to Mimi and Izzy and i need to find my locker anyways."

Tai walked away trying his best to hide the pain he felt as Sora turned to Matt, "I never wanted this to hurt him Matt."

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