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Ken walked down the hallway, Yolei by his side. He was looking for TK who was standing by his locker gathering his books.

"Hey TK," he greeted cheerfully.

"TK!" Yolei chimmed in behind her boyfriend.

TK grinned at the happy couple. They seemed so different, yet were so perfect for eachother,"Hey guys. What's up?"

Immediatly, Yolei smiled from ear to ear,"Well we were all going to go to Davis' tonight and study for that big english test coming up in Sawatski's class! It should really fun! Me, Ken, and Kari will be there and maybe you could bring Becca an-"

Ken Put his hand on Yolei's shoulder and cut his rambling girlfriend off. She could get so excited sometimes and he didn't want her comments to bother TK,"Hey Yolei, I need to talk to TK for a few seconds but i'll see you in class okay?"

He flashed her a charming smile while she raised an eyebrow in suspision. After a few long seconds she shrugged it off,"Okay!"

Ken turned back to TK who was starting down the hall,"What's the rush?" he asked trying to catch up with his friend.

"Just trying to get to class on time."

"We'll be on time," Ken assured, "Trust me. We'll be early. So...have you talked to Tai yet?"

"No," TK shrugged,"I don't know anymore I just don't see how that will help me?"

"It's worth a shot. I mean-" said Ken, but TK had stopped listening. He'd seen Davis and Kari holding hands down an adjacent hall and that had distracted him. As he turned his head to see if Ken was still talking, something else had caught his eye.

Just down the hall he could see Sora pressed against a locker and Tai kissing her, not caring who saw. Tai and Sora? TK smiled, if things could work out for Tai maybe things could work out for him too.

"-and TK I'm your friend. I just want you to be happy." Ken finished.

TK smiled and put his hand on Ken's shoulder,"Yeah I understand what you mean Ken. But I suddenly got this feeling that things are gonna work it. Everything is going to be okay and I'm gonna be just fine."

Tai walked into counselors office with no worries. No matter what Mr. Kurosaki said today, nothing was going to ruin Tai's good mood. He plopped down on the couch without bothering to hide his big, goofy smile.

Mr. Kurosaki raised an eyebrow, Tai seemed unusually cheerful today,"Hello Tai."

"Hello Mr. Kurosaki."

He decided to start with Tai's home life, see how he was holding up. "So, how are things going at home? Any better?"

Tai shrugged,"My mom got a job, one she seems excited about."

Mr. Kurosaki nodded,"Any news from your father?"

Rolling his eyes Tai answered,"Nope."

"Does that upset you?"

"Nope," Tai responded nonchalantly, not seeming to care.

The counselor nodded and took a deep breath, for some reason Tai wasn't going as in depth as usual today. But oddly enough, he didn't seem to be holding anything back either.

"Everything alright Tai? Is there anything you're not telling me? You know you can say anything and it won't get repeated outside of this room." he assured Tai.

Tai laughed, he knew how things worked in here by now," Yeah, I know."

"Are you sure? You seem a little different today."

"Yeah, I know," smiled Tai,"I seem happy for once, like genuinly happy."

"Really? Why is that?" asked Mr. Kurosaki curiously. He was glad that Tai was in a good place for once, he deserved it. Maybe they should talk about that?

Sora flashed into his mind, but Tai didn't say her name,"I'm satisfied," he stated instead,"For the first time in a while, i'm content with where i'm at in life and how everything else is around me. It's nice."

Mr. Kurosaki nodded, giving Tai free reign to continue.

"You ever suddenly had an overcoming feeling, like everything is going to be alright. Like things may kind of suck now, but in the end everything is going to work itself out and you'll be okay?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean," Mr. Kurosaki agreed. He smiled warmly at Tai,"You know, I'm surprised you never noticed that plaque on my wall. You might like it," the counselor said, pointing to a plaque hanging up behind Tai.

Tai turned his head to see the plaque he'd never bothered to notice before. It had two plainly written sentences on it. It didn't look fancy or special. Slowly, Tai read it to himself.


Tai looked back at Mr. Kurosaki and smiled greatfully and saying,"Thank you."

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