Chapter One

Crash Landing

"I'm telling you, you're crazy Sprx!" Nova yelled.

"And I'm telling you, you're crazy!" Sprx yelled back.

"Nova, Sprx! Can you two stop fighting for a nanosec? We've got an arriving planet here." Chiro said.

"It's an unknown planet." Gibson added.

"Anyone on it?" Nova said with a hint of concern in her voice.

"Our technology says 'negative'." Gibson answered.

"Let's keep going team. Something just doesn't feel right about this planet." Chiro said.

The Monkey Team started to fly away when the alarm went off.

"What's happening!" Sprx asked yelling.

"Foot thrusters are off line!" Nova answered.

"Hyper Boosters too! We're going down!" Otto added.

"Everyone, brace for impact!" Antauri yelled.

The Super Robot crashed to the ground and tumbled into the side of a hill.

Chiro and the rest of the team climbed out of the Super Robot after it stopped. The landscape was a desert, literally.

"Is…everyone…okay?" Chiro asked catching his breath.

"A little banged up, but we'll be fine, Chiro." Nova answered.

"Not the Super Robot. The engines are fried, and the thrusters are out of fuel. It'll take a few of days just to get the Robot on its feet." Otto said.

"Okay then. We'll camp here while Otto fixes the Super Robot." Chiro said.

"Hey kid. We're in the middle of a desert and no food or water. How are we going to survive here for the next few of days?" Sprx asked.

"I believe we will find food up there Sprx." Antauri said pointing to the top of the hill they had crashed into.

"It's too hot for rocket packs. You'd be better off walking." Otto stated.

Gibson noticed that Antauri was looking the opposite way of him.

"Antauri, is something wrong?" Gibson asked.

"There is someone here." Antauri said quietly.

Antauri was looking up the hill.

"Antauri, we are the only ones he—" Gibson had fallen off the Super Robot but caught the edge of it.

"Gibson, you okay?" Nova called down.

"Yes, just fine, thank you. I'll just jump down from here." He answered.

Just as Gibson was about to let go a black figure had grabbed him by the arm and landed on top of the Super Robot safely.