What have I done? How could I have not known? The one person who would always save me was lying there in a puddle of his own blood. Blood that I had on my hands. I had killed Jericho Barons.

He had fought for me and now he had died trying to save me. I walked over to where my spear still protruded from his side. Kneeling down by him I tried to gently pull it out of him. As soon as is slid out a sob broke from my chest. Lying down next to him I pulled his arms around me.

Lying their in the arms that I had dreamed of, the arms that had held me in my darkest hours, I considered how easy it would be to just stay there. I wouldn't have to fight anymore, watch my world destroyed, people I loved killed, I would not have to live through his death. The tears wouldn't stop. How could I not have realized how much this man meant to me before? Before he was dead at my own hand. But then he may not have wanted to know, I think. He would have just said "Ms. Lane that is unfortunately not my concern." I could almost chuckle at the thought. A chuckle that stuck in my throat as I choked on the sorrow.

"Tell me Ms. Lane are you crying for me or your self?" I felt his arms tighten around me as I heard his beautiful snide voice. I flipped over to look at his face to see if I had imagined his voice. I wanted nothing more than to see his tigers eyes flash with life at me.

"Your dead!" Shaking all over with the shock and sudden over whelming joy that he was not dead.

"No, fortunately for me I am not, even if you did help my would be assassin try to achieve that." I could not decipher if he truly was mad that I had almost killed him or what he was feeling, I could not even figure out what I was feeling, all that I knew was that I had to touch him.

I launched my self at him kissing his face, his neck, his beautiful unmarred neck, his swirling black and red chiseled chest. As I reassured my self of his health with my hands and mouth frantic to touch all of his miraculously healed body. " Oh god Jericho I thought you were dead.. (kiss) I thought I had killed you.. (kiss) I thought I would never hear your voice.. (kiss) I thought I would never get to tell you…" I looked up and met his blazing eyes. Did they blaze with hostile anger at me or could that be lust shinning at me with so much heat I felt that I could burn. Burn to the center of my sole the center of my body.

"Ms. Lane as you can see I am not dead and I realize that you may have felt some culpability for my perceived demise, but unless you in tend to let me show you very much alive I truly am you should remove your delicious little body from atop mine."