Safely back at BB&B I was cuddled under a soft blanket in front of the fire. Barrons was pacing from the edge of the sofa to the cash register. I knew he had something he wanted to say, and considering that he was never one to mince words or second guess him self I knew it was something big.

With an uncharacteristic huff he plopped down on the couch next to me. With his head thrown back and arm covering his eyes he said, "Ms lane, shit Mac. I can not seem to keep this up much longer. I keep telling my self that I will wait till this whole mess is over but, I just.." He stopped and roughly grabbed my shoulders up in his hands and with smoldering eyes looked deep into my eyes waiting for my reaction. "I need you. Not for the damn book or finding those damn OOPs but I need you for me. You make me feel, something I have not done in so long."

I wanted to give my self over to the things I was feeling. Here I had this incredible man who I knew would never let anything or any one hurt me. I knew my life was safe with him, but was my heart? He showed me over and over that he was trust worthy, yet he refused to tell me that he was. I had nothing other than observations to judge him by. If I only new what he was maybe I could over look all of the other questions that I had about him. Trust was something I was so leery to give. How could I trust when I knew that is what got my sister murdered? Yet, at some point I had to stop questioning and just pick a wave and ride it, as Roidan said. "Jericho, no matter how much I pretend, I still feel the same things, say the same lines, hide behind the same questions, and.." Looking down at the space between our bodies to hid the emotions playing across my face, not wanting him to see how unsure and embarrassed I was. I whispered, "and want you with the same intensity that I did when my entire existence began and ended with you."

The World could have ended around me and I would not have cared as his kiss sent explosions through my mind and body. Wait the world had already ended as we knew it, the rest could just go hang it as I gave my self over to the hedonistic passion that raged between Jericho and I. It was just the two of us with nothing separating us but our intermingled breath. The heat of our need crackled and caught fire in a maelstrom with the intensity of the desert heat from his memories. With cries of ecstasy filling the air I chose a wave and committed to riding it.