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It had been 2 months since BB and Terra got together again and Beast boy was having second thoughts.

'Why am I with her?' Beast boy asked himself while he was alone in his room.

' KNOCK KNOCK ' came from the door. "go away!" he shouted at the door 'KNOCK KNOCK' he heard again he walked over to his door and opened it to find the hall empty.

But as he started to close his door he noticed Raven's door was not shut concerned he turned into a fly and flew into the room and he saw Terra .

Even more confused he listened

" I told you to stay away! So leave him alone!" Terra screamed at Raven

" NO! he's my friend and always will be!" Raven shouted back.

" no he's not at least not anymore. So why don't you do him a favor and leave!"

"fine I will, tonight" Raven said sadly that pissed Beast Boy so he flew into the hall, returned to human form and waited for Terra .

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