"well isn't that sweet but your still with me." Terra said "uh no" Beast Boy said smirking "so who wants to celebrate?" Robin asked. Every one was looking at him like he lost his mind "what I'm hungry." He said in defense "all right but I have to talk to BB for a second" Cyborg said "about what?" BB said worried "well I'm practically her big brother so I think I should explain what hurt you'll be in if you hurt her" Cyborg said towering over Beast Boy. Beast Boy visibly gulped suddenly a shout could be heard "Hey Garfield I know you weren't expecting me but that doesn't mean you have to ignore me!" a girl voice shouted "who is that? And why is she calling you Garfield?" Raven asked looking suspiciously at Beast Boy " that's my sister" he said "I'll go let her in" Cyborg said 5 minutes later he returned with a younger girl behind him. The girl ran and hugged Beast Boy "Garfield!" she shouted. " My name is Beast Boy now" Beast Boy said blushing "Oh I don't know Garfield I think it's a cool name" Raven said smirking "any way what are you doing here?" Beast Boy said hugging the girl back " I wanted to come see you and freak out your friends." "wait we don't even know her name" Robin said. The girl let go of Beast Boy and turned to face the team "I'm Alex" she said. Starfire ran to hug the girl and almost crushed the poor girl but she didn't seem to mind "Star let her go!" Robin said "I don't mind it's actually comforting seeing as I haven't met anyone nice in at least three years" she said with a shrug "well that's sad" Terra said for the first time since BB brushed her off "and who are you?" Alex said her eyes narrowing " I'm Terra I'm Garfield's ex girlfriend" "oh so your fair play then?" Alex asked with a smirk "uh yes?" Terra said hesitantly Alex smirked "sweet. Hey Garfield you remember our special trick?" Alex asked walking back to the door before turning around "of course who would forget that" He replied "you want to try?" she asked BB nodded his head before going to the edge of the roof and looked at her expectantly before she took a running start and leaping of the roof.

A/N I know it's short but I'm getting writers block and I must warn you there will probably be FF between Alex and Terra so if it's not your cup of tea don't drink it.