My feeling for her

It is a nice summer night, the chilling waft of the wind sending away the heat of July for a few welcomed seconds. Stores and restaurants are still open despite the late hour, Konoha's night life displaying itself to the watchful lights of lamps and neon sings above the bar entrances.

On this fateful night Kakashi was strolling along the streets of the village after finding himself unable to find any sleep. Little did he know that he was going to be the sole witness of a long awaited miracle's prelude.

As he walked, staring idly at the boring stars, two figures stumbling along a less populated sideway street caught his eye. He had to admit that the scene surprised him, as he turned his head to watch Sasuke dragging a seemingly wasted Sakura towards –he guessed- her home.

It has passed about two years upon Sasuke's return, after he miraculously survived his fight with Naruto (although we could say the same about earlier mentioned blond), then joined the fight against Madara, which they had won, and then miraculously –yes, again- he escaped the death sentence. He was also miraculously accepted back by almost everyone. But one miracle has not accomplished, one person has not welcomed him back: Sakura. It was sad, but true that they had not spoken to each other ever since he came back. Not only had they not talked, they had not interacted at all during the first six months. After that, one of them tried patching things up, and surprisingly enough it was not Sakura. Quite the opposite of what was expected she had done all possible effort to avoid him.

So yes, one, in this case Kakashi, could say that it was shocking to see them together. He decided to go see what they were doing, whether of curiosity or lack of sleep didn't know, but it was probably the unacknowledged parental feelings that he had developed towards the pink haired girl.

"Yo", he said in his usual carefree manner which he hoped masked the nervousness that crept up his back with every step he took towards them.

Sasuke turned to look at him, nodding shortly to his former sensei. Sakura just giggled and stumbled on her stilettos. Sasuke immediately used the arm he had around her waist to pull her up, trying to maintain her balance.

"What's going on here?", the silver haired man asked. It was rare for Sakura to get drunk. He had only seen her like this twice, during her 18th birthday party and at Naruto's Hokage party.

"Well, I had to force her out the club door, because in her opinion she didn't drink too much. I also had to tear her from a guy who was not trying to fuck her, but was only dancing with her.", he explained with irritation dripping from his tone with venom from a snake's fang. He then turned to Sakura while fishing for something in his pocket. "By the way, I recovered these from him.", he said as he showed her a pair of white, lacy panties. Sakura just gave a drunken laugh. "Do you want them back or should I keep them?", he finished, causing Kakashi to sweatdrop.

"If you like'em…I'll let you have'em!", Sakura slurred and laughed again. Sasuke just shook his head and stuffed the white material back in his pocket, mumbling something about dropping them at her place.

"I see…Anything else?', again, Kakashi blamed it on the lack of sleep.

"He only got off these, it's not hard if you consider her dress, but he didn't succeed in doing anything else.", he answered to Kakashi's unvoiced question. Well, one of them. "And I might have made sure that won't be able to succeed in any other activities from now on.", he answered the other silent question lingering in the air. Kakashi gave him a pleased smile.

"Don't you guys think that Karin and Guy should get together? And Sasuke-kun and Naruto, and then have a gang bang with Kiba and Suigestu! Haha!", Sakura said while trying to stifle her laugh. What was scarier was the fact that she seemed serious about what she was saying. "Oh! Or Ino and Neji! Ten-ten would kick her butt!"

But what Kakashi realized was weird in her 'speech', other than everything that is, was her way of saying Sasuke's name. She had suddenly and without any explanation of some sort given up on the affective suffix a while back.

He took a glance at Sasuke. He didn't react in any way, so she probably wasn't using it for the first time tonight.

"Ne~, Sasuke-kun! You know what? I love you!", she said again with a big, childish smile on her face, and Kakashi couldn't help but notice the way Sasuke froze on spot when the words left Sakura's mouth.

"And Kakashi, and Naruto, and Sai, and Ino, and Hinata, and Juugo, and Lee, everyone in Konoha!", as she went on, Sasuke's shoulders fell back in slow manner and a sad, half smile found it's way on his face.

"Yeah…you love a lot of people, don't you?", he answered while looking at her red shoes. Just the fact that he bothered responding to her drunk talking showed that sentence hit him badly. Kakashi cast him a worried look which the raven did not notice.

"I should probably take her home. See ya.", Sasuke turned and tried hurrying Sakura's slow, clumsy pace.

Kakashi gave a slight smile. Despite the crazy ideas she came up with and the constant fear of her twisting her ankle on those heels, he would like to keep Sakura drunk as long as she was around Sasuke. Truth to be told, as much as Sasuke hurt her, it broke his heart to see the way Sakura would flinch and back away three steps every time Sasuke was at less than a meter distance from her. The cold relationship between his former students was unbearable, not only for them, but for everyone around. Even the nurses at the hospital, who didn't know half of the story, where worried about the way Sakura would always find a way to pass Sasuke over to another medic if he happened to be wounded.

The silver haired man gave a sigh and decided on going back to his apartment. The whole anticipation feeling that he had felt from the moment Sasuke took out the panties up to now wore him out. He just hoped that the source less sound of his two students giving out wedding invitations would disappear once he reached dreamland.



Sasuke sighed for what seemed like the 10th time this night. He had to remember to thank Naruto for dragging him to that damned club or else Sakura would now be against a wall or laid on the end of the bar table. Yes, he saw a guy doing a girl at the far end of the bar, where there are no seats and the lights barely reach. The idea of Sakura with a stranger disgusted him, but the whole Sakura on a bar table idea made him want to trow up.

This one time when he didn't watch over her and this could have happened. Naruto and Kakashi knew of this habit of following her around whenever he could and made fun of it calling him her bodyguard. It wasn't really like that, but didn't anyone else notice all the dangers lurking around her. Fanboys plotting to rape her, jealous women plotting to kill her, polite, kind men trying to ask her out –also a threat!- and so on. Who else to protect her if he was the only one aware of these predators?

"Sasuke-kun, I love you!", she said as she placed her other arm around his neck and cuddled to his chest. He looked down at her smiling, alcohol blushed face. He hasn't heard those words from her for far too long, and weirdly enough he found out it disturbed him that she didn't use the suffix anymore.

Ever since he returned everything went unexpectedly smoothly for him, except for the 7 months probation he endured. The story behind the Uchiha massacre was revealed and the elders where sentenced to death. Itachi's name was written on the K.I.A. gravestone. They've found his corpse and it was now buried in the Uchiha graveyard. Sasuke engraved some words on his tombstone, but that is a personal thing.

But as content as he felt with all that has happened, he found that the wall Sakura has placed between them bothered him. He observed her for six long months, waiting for her to make her move, to say something. He wasn't delusional; he knew that it was impossible for her to still love him, but he hated how afraid she seemed of his presence.

He saw the way she changed, how she became more mature, mind and body, how she grew stronger. He saw how she remained unchanged: caring, naïve and kind. It was weird how, after he left, he'd sometimes think about her, wondering what she would do if he came back. This wasn't what he thought it would be like.

"Finally.", he breathed out as they reached her block of flats.

They climbed the exterior stairs up to the forth floor and to the door of her apartment.

"Give me the key.", he told her, but she only stared at him in response.

He closed his eyes and thought for a second. Most people keep a spare key hidden somewhere, right? He looked around, searching for possible places where she could hide it. There was a mat with an orange cat grinning in a corner of it and flower pot in which a plant with wide leafs grew bunches of tiny baby blue flowers. Before he could check any of them, Sakura stoped him…by placing her lips over his.

Sasuke's eyes widened a little, but closed unconsciously as Sakura applied more pressure into the sweet, feather like kiss. He circled his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her close. The kiss was getting more urgent now, hotter, harder, needier. Her hands tangled themselves in his raven hair and he allowed his own to roam across her body, memorizing every curve. Eventually they broke apart for air. They were both panting and staring intently at the one in front of them.

Sasuke was amazed. She kissed him, after refusing to even near him for two years, she kissed him. He licked his lips, feeling her taste lingering on them. But when he tasted alcohol, he froze. She was drunk, she wasn't aware of what she was doing.

"For god's sake, she almost did it with a random guy at the bar, most probably she won't even remember tomorrow morning and if she does it'll only worsen everything.",screamed his mind, and yet he kept her there, pressed against his chest, tightening his grip on her.

Sakura looked up at Sasuke and smiled. His lips were forming a thin, firm line that probably hid white, clenched teeth and his dark, dark eyes were narrowed in guilt and confusion. Her hand reached up and started stroking his cheek in a loving manner. The action startled him and he snapped his head down to look at her.

"It's alright. No matter what, I'll always love you, Sasuke-kun.", she said with a warm smile.

Sasuke's lips formed a half smile and he shook his head; this wasn't the woman who just yesterday at the hospital ran back into the women's restroom after seeing him walking down the hall.

"Alright, but can you give me the key?"

He decided that playing along was going to be the fastest way of getting her inside apartment, away from his mind and thoughts. It would appear that he was right, because she clumsily bent down to pick up the key from under the flower pot, all while giving him a very nice view of her backside.

This had to be a bad joke. She was wearing the sexiest dress ever, the tight little black dress, the one that ended at her mid-thigh. She used perfume tonight, and he had to admit, the scent drove him crazy. Her panties were still in his pocket. He had supported her all the way to her apartment, all while her now B-cup breast rubbed against his side. She kissed him, and it has been his first kiss, it's not like he had time for that while hunting down people, namely Itachi, Danzo, the elders, Madara, etc. And now this.

It was unfair that he had to respect moral ethics while all these factors were pushing him towards the object of his desire.

She handed him the key and smiled again. Sasuke took a few moments to look at her smile, knowing that tomorrow she won't even make eye contact with him. He opened the door and step aside to let her in. He went to close the door behind her and leave her in the safety of her home, but her small hand brushed against knuckles and caused him to turn around. He was greeted by big, hopeful, pleading green eyes, a sad and disappointed expression plastered on her beautiful face.

"Why are you leaving again? Why do you always leave?", she asked as her eyes filled with tears that were threatening to fall.

His breath got caught in his throat. Why did she always have to cry? His eyes moved from hers as he felt her hand tug his shirt. With yet another sigh, he entered and closed the door behind him.



How they had reached to this point he had no idea. Maybe it happened when her lips formed that delicious pout that made him want to kiss her more then ever. Maybe it has been the way she said his name, so beautiful and heart-melting. Maybe it all started when she reached up to kiss him again. It didn't really matter anymore. All he knew was that his shirt has at some point disappeared along with her dress. Her panties where still in his pocket, but it was obvious that he didn't bother putting on something he was going to take off anyway.

They have also, at some point, stumbled into her bedroom and were now sprawled on her bed with her beneath him.

His tongue slipped from his lips and asked for permission. Sakura happily complied with his request. His tongue explored her sweet cavern, enjoying every detail. He decided it would be easier not to pay attention to the taste of alcohol still lingering in her mouth, but to concentrate on her own flavour. It was a rather weird mixture, there was something bitter, almost like medicine, and then there was the sweet aroma of peaches and forest fruits. It was just like Sakura.

What was next to happen could very well be called sexual abuse, he didn't care anymore. All he cared about was the way she was moaning his name and the way she was panting out those three words he had heard so many times before. In his mind he tried masking the pang of guilt that ran through his body as he figured this was her first time. He tried telling himself that tomorrow morning he'll wake up and everything would work out, she'd stop avoiding him. He tried telling himself that it would all go back to normal. In reality, he knew that couldn't happen.

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