The Morning After!

Warm rays of sunrise slipped through the champagne colored curtains and landed over Sasuke's face, stirring him from his peaceful sleep. He didn't open his eyes though, letting the feeling linger. He found himself unable to remember the last night he had spent like this, without any screams and ghosts haunting his dreams. There was a comfortable pressure on his chest and a mass of warmness next to him which he pulled closer. Something was tickling his neck and he tried moving his head a little to get rid of it, but couldn't. When he opened his eyes, he saw Sakura sleeping with her head on his chest, her arms draped around his waist and all of last night's events hit him with rocket speed.

Sasuke tightened his protective, yet possessive grip on her as he ran each and every detail through his mind again. Last night has been simply amazing.

She was smiling in her sleep, so maybe she wasn't mad, but then again he couldn't be sure. Considering how drunk she was last night, it was possible she wouldn't remember, so he could just leave and pretend it never happened. At that thought, her tear filled eyes appeared in the back of his mind.

"Why are you leaving again? Why do you always leave?"

He couldn't leave again, could he? There was always the possibility that she'll remember it all, in which case he had to be there to work things out. Sakura mover a little in her sleep, causing her leg to brush over his crotch.

"Damn, it's too hard to think when we're both naked."

"Sasuke-kun?", she spoke, her voice hoarse with sleep. Sasuke looked down at her, making sure to place on an emotionless expression. He was expecting the worse now that she's woken up.

"That dream again…guess I'll enjoy it while I can.", she said rubbing her thumb over his chest in an intimate, affectionate manner and placed a light kiss on his jaw before nuzzling up against him.

Whatever that meant, Sasuke didn't really care. It made him feel that maybe…just maybe she…impossible. He spot an alarm clock on her night stand and realized it was impossible that she was still drunk after that long, it was past noon. He couldn't help but smirk when what she just said sunk in. It would appear she's had dreams about him, from the context he could emerge that they weren't nightmares in which she tried getting away from him. He decided that it wouldn't do much damage to make a little fun of her. Turning on his side so that he was facing her, he pulled her close and leant down to whisper in her ear:

"You're not dreaming, you know?", he felt her flinch at the statement.

She jumped out of the bed shocked -feeling her most private part sore and hurting- oblivious to the fact they were naked until her eyes scanned over Sasuke. She gave a high peaked squeak before covering her eyes.

"Put something on!", she yelled. Sasuke's smirk just grew wider as he stood up and walked over to her.

"Same goes for you.", he said in a seductive tone that caused a shiver to run up her back. "Not that I mind.", he explained as he crushed her smaller frame against his, his hand going behind her to squeeze her bottom.

She moved her hands away from her still closed eyes and tried pushing him away.

"C-cut it out! What the hell's going on?", she voiced in a mixture of anger, fear and embarrassment. Sasuke frowned. He over did it.

Letting go of her, he went to get the sheets from the bed and placed them over her shoulders.

"It's a long story. We really need to talk.", he said while trying to get her to look him in the eye, but she refused to.

"No need to. I remember what happened. Just go and let me deal with my hangover.", she spoke in a sad and bitter tone that made Sasuke think that he preferred her not talking to him at all. "And ignore everything I said last night, just forget this ever happened, alright Sasuke?"

She turned around and headed towards the door when Sasuke caught her hand.

"Why are you avoiding me? After something like this, don't you at least want to yell at me or hit me?", he asked in exasperation. Sakura just turned her head to the side, avoiding eye contact, remaining silent and pushing Sasuke to the end of all patience.

"Fine. If you aren't going to say anything, I will. I agree to forget last night's evens, but what about what you said when you woke up? After all, you weren't drunk anymore, were you?", by now he had moved his hands on her shoulders, keeping her in place. His grip was bruising her skin and he was staring at her with an insistent gaze, but she still refused to speak. Sasuke sighed.

"Hn. Then I'll go straight to the point. Do you still love me?", again, he was met by silence. "Do you?", his voice softened and he let go of her. Nothing. Not a word. He didn't know why he hoped for a moment that…it doesn't matter…

Giving up he started picking up his clothing and dressed. Before going in the hall to search for his shirt he took a few seconds to stare at her. She remained still, with her arms around her torso and shoulders tense. Her emerald gaze remained fixed on a spot on the vanilla colored wall, eyes blinking slowly and rarely as she took deep, even breaths. He nodded, more to himself and left the room.

Finding his shirt proved to be an easy task, as it laid a few steps away from the door, almost inviting him to leave. He picked it up and stared at it for a while. He's made up so many possible scenarios and figured a way to answer to any of them, but this…this simply wasn't normal. He took away her virginity while she was drunk and she didn't have anything to say about it? Couldn't she at least yell a little at him, to ease the guilt a little? He knew that guilt was a heavy burden to handle, but it only felt worse if the person you hurt didn't say anything about it. He needed a reaction and she welcomed him with a blank stare.

"I do.", her voice startled Sasuke and only now he realized that she's also left the room and was standing right behind him. "And I remember every word I said to you last night. And I meant every word."

He turned around to face her in disbelief. What was to come next would shock him even further.

"And that is exactly the reason why I avoided you. You've hurt me and broke my heart so many times…I was afraid of giving this hopeless feeling another try. So I thought that if I avoided you, I could forget you and move on.", she looked up at him with a sad smile. "I'm not doing a very good job though…", Sakura's voice cracked a little and tears started to gather on her thick eyelashes.

"Tsk. Annoying.", said Sasuke as he regained his composure. "If you actually think I'll just let you forget me like that you're an idiot.", he spoke in his usual arrogant manner, but you could hear a hint of relief in his voice.

Sakura looked up at him with confused, teary eyes. A blush formed on her cheeks as Sasuke's hand reached up to brush away the sole tear that slipped from the corner of her eye. He gave her a reassuring smirk.

She didn't get a confession and Sasuke didn't seem to want to state his exact feelings, but she decided that she could accept these few chaotic events as a confirmation. Almost as if reading her mind, Sasuke bent down to kiss her. She smiled, closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She didn't have any experience, but she was certain that he was the most amazing kisser ever.



It felt nice. His head was pillowed over his arm that he rested on the kitchen counter. He had a serene expression on his face as he watched her cook breakfast, even though it was already past lunch time. This was probably a dream, but God forbid he ever woke up.

Sakura turned around to catch him staring at her. She blushed a light pink and gave him a bright smile. She couldn't believe that after everything that happened, hers and Sasuke's story seemed to be nearing a happy ending.

"You know that you're mine now, right?", he asked, causing Sakura to smile amused.

"How many times do you plan on asking me that question? Yes, I'm very aware of that and very happy of it."

"Good.", he closed his eyes and gave a content sigh. She still loved him. That sole thought made a smile form on his lips.



"Ano sa, ano sa! Where do you guys think these two are?", asked Naruto, causing the former members of team taka to turn their heads. They were all supposed to meet at Ichiraku's for dinner, but neither Sakura nor Sasuke showed up. Even Kakashi got there before them, although he was looking as pale as a ghost.

"No idea. Maybe they made up on their own and are making little Uchiha brats right now.", grinned Suigestu, who soon after transformed into water as Karin punched him.

"BAKA! Don't say such perverted things in public!", she screamed at him

"Then where do you think they are?", smartly asked Suigetsu as he resolidified himself. Karin just stuttered, adjusting her glasses.

As the 'couple' continued their quarrelling, Juugo noticed that Kakashi was seemingly shivering and nervously squirming in his chair.

"Why do you think they're late, Kakashi-san?", he asked. Everyone, including Teuchi, turned to see Kakashi freeze and whimper before robotically turning his head towards them. He was sweating and freaking out for some unknown reason.

Becoming suspicious, the others neared him, preparing for interrogation, which only aggravated the silver-haired man's symptoms.

Luckily enough he was saved by the sudden murmur of the crowd outside the ramen place. Or at least he thought he was saved… Peeking their heads outside, the gang saw something amazing. Absolutely stunning. Sasuke and Sakura walking down the street at about 2 mm distance. Unable to form words at the moment, Naruto, Karin and Suigetsu completed each other.




"…", Juugo remained quiet, not really wanting to enter their weird, little world.

The next that they saw shocked them further. Some guy across from Sakura was trying to flirt with her. Or at least he was until Sasuke fixed him with a frightening glare. The next moment he literarily froze and shattered to tiny ice cubes. Other passersby- collateral victims turned their curious views only to share the same fate as the earlier mentioned fanboy. Our stupefied spies just sweat dropped.

Unusual event kept on rolling as Sakura gave Sasuke a scolding look before letting out a short giggle. Sasuke just turned his head away offended. It was that guy's fault for staring at her and he took no responsibility for the other people.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as Sakura tapped his shoulder and pointed towards Ichiraku. Her expression was somewhat freaked out, her eyebrows frowned in confusion as she bit her lower lip. He turned his head to be met by what could be called…a jaw drop totem pole?

Naruto's eyes were popping out of their orbits, his jaw drop hitting Karin's head. Karin's glasses were cracked in a few places and her jaw was hitting Suigetsu's head. Suigetsu's eye was twitching his jaw hitting Juugo's head. Juugo just blinked a few times before waving at them.

After Sakura and Sasuke entered the ramen bar, Juugo raised up –which resulted in the other three shinobi falling to the floor- and presented them the reason for 'this ridiculous and unnecessary performance', as he called it.

"So, do you plan on telling us how come you two are all of a sudden so…close to each other?", ended Juugo.

"Well, you see-", before she could explain, Sakura got interrupted by Naruto yelling in her face and hugging her.

"Miracles happen! Everything is possible!", yelled Naruto.

"Why did you make up on your own! Do you have any idea what an ingenious plan I have created to get you two to talk to each other?", Suigetsu spat at Sasuke while shaking said raven's shoulders.

Normally, Karin would have punched him for his childish behaviour, but right now she was to busy sobbing and growling. He actually chooses that girl over her? She had pink hair for god's sake!

Despise the loud racket they where making, all Kakashi could hear was the yet again source less sound of wedding bells he had managed to chase away last night. Why it has returned, he didn't know, but this time it wasn't alone. The unmistaken sound of a new born rang through his head as he silently wondered: did they remember to use a condom?

This question can only be answered in two months from now, because neither Sasuke nor Sakura troubled to remember such unimportant details as whether or not they've used a condom.

I hope you liked it! And that the ending didn't disappoint you. I might have exaggerated a little.

Kakashi: I told you she likes torturing me...^