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Summary: Centuries of finding and losing one another fate has finally brought them back together once again.


Life has many secrets and mysteries that we yet to discover. It keeps things that only little of people know, and I for one am one of those few who do know, and this is a secret I would love to tell you…..

Did you know that every human on this planet has a past life, that they have many lifetimes instead of one? Maybe you do already know. The people who don't know believe that we only got a hundred years to live, only one life time, but their wrong. As you know everyone has a soul and your soul makes you who you are no matter in what shape or form you're in. Also your lives live on and on you could call your soul immortal. Every person, child, friend and baby or even enemy has a past life and will have many more lives in their future.

Most who don't remember live pretty good lives, not all but most. But those of us who get the gift to remember don't luck out as those of who remember, we have a price to pay and our lives are then not the most perfect. We face more day to day struggles than others. We're lucky if one of our lives is great, but if you mess it up, your next is not as great as your last then. For example you'll be living in a bad environment with people who could care less for you. Or you could be beautiful in one life and in the next you're the ugliest person, but when you think of it your looks don't matter, yes everyone likes to be good looking but it's about whom you are as person is what counts.

Also death for us is a main struggle it's not fast and peaceful for other. When we die we do feel pain. It's so rare for one of us to have a peaceful death in our sleep. We mostly might have a nasty accident, a disease or a kind of sickness that couldn't be treated. Or simply just being murdered from someone else.

Another thing about death is that you shouldn't take it for granted it's the beginning of a new life for most of us, but it could also be the ultimate ending of your soul if you do take it for granted. Your destruction can only be done by suicide, by your choice of not wanting to live. (well that's the only one we know of, so there could be more). The reason why is because life is a gift, it the most precious gift ever given, and its taking away something that was given to you by love from your creator (whoever you believe gave you your life).

And also for those of us who try to do good in our lives and try to overcome the struggles that were given, will find out that in the end we will get our ultimate prize by living happily forever with the person or people you love most in this world.

We all read and hear stories of love, lost love and struggles but here's one that I would love for you hear.

Okay so this story is going to be a short story. It'll start with the prologue which I have here, and then I'll have two main chapters than it will end with the epilogue.

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