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"Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon...everything's different."- 'Angelito soldado' (Fanfic writer)

Naruto was walking down the streets of Konoha still saddened by the fact he failed his graduation exam for the second time. "Naruto you failed." Naruto thought this and chuckled at the thought. "What else is new." Naruto didn't pay much attention where he was going or to the villagers who looked at him with hate in their eyes. Suddenly Naruto found himself in front of a story he never saw before. He decided to enter the story and found two man auguring over a tag.

"Look I don't think that is a storage seal." The brown headed man said. "It looks more like a chakra seal."

"And I'm telling you it is a storage seal." The bulky deep voice man said. "You know what how about we just activate it and find out what it is." The other one nodded his head in agreement as they started to lay the tag down Naruto caught a glimpse of the seal and felt an odd tug deep within himself almost like the seal was calling out to him.

"STOP!" Naruto yelled out. The two man stop and looked at Naruto with surprise in their eyes. "It's an explosive tag." The man looked at one another and chuckled.

"Look kid we don't need a tiny little kid try and tell us what a-." The man stopped as he looked at the seal again. "He's right." His friend looked at him then back at the tag.

"Whoa how did we miss that." He said this as he gently picked the tag up.

"Well it is an old version of an explosive seal." He said this with a thoughtful expression. "I haven't seen a tag like this used in a long time. So us mistaking it for something, especially considering we were arguing, it is pretty easy to make a mistake like that."

"Yeah, but still we nearly blew us and our shop up." His friend said as he looked at Naruto. "That would be one statement to make. We just move here and we go ahead and blow ourselves up. Forgive us we need to introduce ourselves. My name is Ishiki (Awareness) and this is my brother Denpa (Electro-Magnetic Wave)."

"Naruto Uzumaki is my name." Naruto said to the two brothers.

"I got a question for you Naruto." Denpa said with a raised eyebrow. "How did you know that it was an explosive tag."

Naruto just smiled and placed his hands behind his head. "I don't know it's just that the seal looked like it spelled explosive." Naruto said, but the brothers didn't quiet buy that.

"Okay tell me do you know what this are." Ishiki said this as he held out three different tags with different seals on them. Naruto looked at them and about a few seconds after looking at them he began to speak.

"This one is a sealing tag." Naruto said pointing to the tag. "This is a chakra sealing tag and this is another explosive tag, but the ones we use now a days." The brothers were amazed at Naruto.

"Kid you just got them all right." Denpa said with a smile of amusement. "Listen do you know what Fūinjutsu (Sealing techniques) are?"

Naruto closed his eyes in concentration. "Sorry I think I fell asleep during that part of Iruka's lecture." Naruto said this and the brothers once again were amazed.

"This kid has no idea what Fūinjutsu is and still managed to get everything right." Ishiki thought and looked at his brother who nodded his head. Denpa went into the back and came back carrying a dusty book.

"Here we want you to have this." Ishiki said. "It is a book over Fūinjutsu." Naruto looked at the book and opened it up only to close it back and try to give it back to the owner.

"Looks boring." Naruto said much to shock of the story owners.

"Boring I'll have you know that Fūinjutsu is possible one of the hardest things to ever master." Denpa said. "Hell there is not a lot of people who can be consider Seal masters. The reason why is because people don't recognize the importance of Fūinjutsu. If someone was to master Fūinjutsu completely I mean devote their most of their lives to learning the art then there is no telling what they could do." After explaining all of this Ishiki and Denpa noticed a strange look in Naruto's eyes.

"You mean Fūinjutsu could be stronger then Ninjutsu." Naruto said amazed.

"Yes." Denpa said only for his brother to cut in.

"But it all depends on what type of seal you are using." Ishiki said. "If someone used the correct seal and placed it on their body then the answer would be yes, but the problem once again is that hardly anyone wants to learn that forgotten art."

"I'll master it!" Naruto yelled out.

"I don't know you look like a weakling to me." Denpa said. "I don't thank you can handle it."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I never go back on my word if I say I'm going to master this then I am." Naruto said this and before anyone could stop him Naruto ran out the door. Denpa and Ishiki looked at each other and smiled.

"Finally we found that runt." Denpa said as he popped his neck. "I thought we would never find him."

"Okay fine so it took longer then planned, but at least we found him." Ishiki said. "They thought keeping his name Uzumaki was going to keep him safe how sad. If anything they probably made him an even bigger target. At least we are giving the Uzumaki clan a chance to come back." Denpa nodded his head.

"Now how about we get out of here." Denpa said as he began to pack away some of the merchandise.

"Sure." Ishiki said. "Stay safe young Uzumaki for the world outside these walls will be quiet… unforgivable." But that was when he saw his brother putting a batch of seals away.

"What are you doing you fool!" Ishiki screamed out as he grabbed a metal bowl and started smacking Denpa over his head with it. "Those are explosive tags that aren't supposed to near fire embers!" Grabbing the bowl away from his brother. Denpa proceeded to beat Ishiki over the head with it.

"You didn't have to hit me!" Denpa shouted out until his brother grabbed him by the throat. Denpa did the same thing and the two began to strangle each other as a customer entered looked at the scene around him and slowly walked out.


Naruto made it to his apartment and sat down on his bed with the book in his lap. "Techniques stronger then Ninjutsu." Naruto shook at the thought. He opened the book and found a message written on the inside.

"Naruto, we gave you this book for one reason and one reason only to help your clan to come back. You see Naruto you are most likely the last Uzumaki left a powerful clan that made villages shook in fear and could possible rival even that of the Senju (a thousand skills or a thousand hands) and Uchiha clans , but that time has long since past. By the time you read this we will be gone, but rest easy for we will meet again along your life. Until then train yourself to master Fūinjutsu like your ancestors before you. Naruto you will have a long and difficult life ahead please use what you learn to help protect yourself, your friends, and allies.

Denpa and Ishiki.

Naruto re-read what the message said and still couldn't believe what he was reading. "I was part of a clan." Naruto said still in shock from what the message said. "I need to see about this." Naruto said this as he left and ran towards the Hokage's tower, but when he got there he found that Sarutobi was in a meeting and was not aloud to disturb it. So Naruto went to the next best thing the library. When Naruto entered he snuck past the librarian and headed to the back of the of the library where they kept books over different clans from or united with Konoha. Naruto looked through the books and found one over the Senju clan. He pulled it out and kept looking for Uzumaki, but when he got to the U's he found that a book was missing.

"Damn it." Naruto thought as he cursed himself for not finding the book. He looked at the Senju clan book and began to look through it.

"The Senju clan was masters of all skill, from Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu." Naruto whispered to himself. "This earned them the name Sen no Te o Motsu Ichizoku (The clan with a thousand skills) the only other clan that could rival them as the Uchiha and the-." Naruto once again cursed when he found that the other name was torn off. He skipped a page and found himself staying at a section that described Hashirama Senju and all he did for Konoha. Naruto's grip on the book tightened as he felt some tears trying to force themselves up.

"I was so close to finding more about my family." Naruto thought as he laid the book down and snuck out the library once more. "Why would someone go through the trouble of trying to get rid of the information of the Uzumaki clan." Naruto entered his apartment and looked at the book once again. He picked it up and began to read the book intently studying every inch of the book, every corner, and every word like it was gold. He got so immerse into the book he didn't notice that night had fallen, but still Naruto pressed on reading upon the subject of Fūinjutsu until finally Naruto collapsed upon exhausting. Naruto slept were he fell, but he still kept a grip on that book as if it would suddenly float away and he would die.


Iruka was walking down the streets of Konoha. "Two more weeks and then the next academy students come in." Iruka though until he ran into someone he new by just seeing the tips of his hair. "Naruto what are you up to now?" Iruka asked, but saw site that he couldn't believe Naruto was carrying a book that had a marker in the middle of it Naruto was also carrying a rectangular box. "Naruto where did you get the book?"

"Oh, this some people gave it to me so I've been reading it." Naruto said, but became confused when he saw Iruka's shocked face.

"Naruto… reading… has the world come to an end." Iruka thought as he looked down at Naruto.

"At any rate I should be going I have a lot more reading to do." Naruto said this as he began to walk down the streets once again with his book firmly clasped in his hands.

"Is that really Naruto?" Iruka asked himself as he looked at his most hyperactive student.


Two weeks later

Iruka looked at his new class and sighed. "I have most of the clan heirs here not to mention the last Uchiha." Iruka just hung his head, but then snapped it up when he noticed that someone wasn't here. "Wait a minute were is Naruto." Iruka was about to go and search for the little prankster when suddenly the door was thrown open. Iruka turned to see who it was and saw Naruto, but wearing something completely different from his regular clothes. Instead of wearing his regular orange jumpsuit Naruto was wearing an orange an orange and red shirt that went all the way down to his wrists and hung freely, but right were his hands were they were wrapped in bandages and right where the collar met Naruto's neck it was opened. Naruto's pants didn't change except now he wore complete black. On the back of Naruto's shirt was a giant swirl like you would find on any Jonin or Chunin vest, but instead of being small it was as big as Naruto's back making it look like a maelstrom. Naruto's hair looked like he just got out of bed.

"I'm sorry Iruka-sensei I over slept." Naruto said with a smile. Naruto just looked around at all the stunned faces and just gave a fox like smile. "What I thought I'd try something new this year." Iruka just shook his head and told Naruto to take his seat.

"Alright now that everyone is here why don't we get started by asking a few questions." Iruka said as he looked around and saw Naruto smiling at him. "Okay Naruto let's see what you want to say."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I want to become Hokage one day." Naruto said and Iruka just smiled knowing Naruto's speech by heart by now, but before he could ask someone else Naruto spoke up once again. "But I also want to find out as much as I can on a certain clan." That brought confused looks around.

"I wonder what clan he could be talking about." Iruka thought to himself.

"Alright how about you Nara." Iruka said pointing to the boy who was trying to sleep.

"Toublesome." Shikamaru grumbled out. "My name is Shikamaru Nara and anything else would be to troublesome to talk about." With that Shikamaru fell right back to sleep.

"Okay that was insightful." Iruka thought as he looked around the room and found that everyone else was either not paying attention or was looking at Sasuke except for one Hyuga girl who was stealing glances at Naruto.

"Okay forget the introductions for now how about we go to Jutsu" Iruka said and smiled seeing everyone look up excited. "First does anyone know any Jutsu?" Iruka saw four hands pop up, but the one that caught his attention was Naruto.

"I wonder what the little trickster has planned." Iruka thought with an inward smile. "Alright knowing the Uchiha's we should most likely take this outside." The classroom got up and began to move outside. Everyone began to line up and form almost a semi-circle around the four.

"Alright who wants to go first." Iruka said as he looked around and saw Shikmaru walk forward.

"It would be to troublesome to watch the others perform so I'll go first then go to sleep." Shikamaru said as he put his hands together into the tiger seal. "Kagemane (Shadow Imitation)." Shikamaru stated lazily. Shikamaru's shadow stretched forward and connected with Iruka's. Shikamaru began to do a dance that made him look like a monkey dancing, but Iruka was forced to do the same thing.

"ALRIGHT I GET THE POINT!" Iruka shouted out. Shikamaru smiled as his shadow retracted back to him. "Okay next." Iruka watched as Choji walked forward eating a bag of chips.

"Baika no Jutsu (Multi-Size technique)." Choji said with his mouth full of chips. Suddenly Choji expanded like a balloon and began to roll around the area like a boulder. Choji stopped and shrunk back down to his normal size.

Sasuke walked up and almost immediately his little fan club began to cheer for their darling Sasuke. Sasuke sailed through a series of handsigns until he stopped on the tiger seal. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire release: Great fireball technique)." Sasuke announced this as he blew out a fireball. Everyone was impressed that Sasuke did a very powerful Jutsu and wasn't even an ninja yet. Naruto then walked forward and everything got real quiet almost deathly quiet.

"I can't mess this up." Naruto thought. "Iruka I'm going to need you to show this off." Iruka was a little hesitant to let Naruto use a Jutsu on him, but he had no other choice. Naruto began to shake his legs with his eyes closed and breathed very deeply. His eyes snapped open and Naruto vanished. Iruka looked all around, but the only thing he could feel was a sudden rush of wind pass by him. He turned around and saw Naruto smile at him while he tapped him on the shoulder and disappear once more. Iruka felt the wind pass by him again, but this time the opposite way.

"Very good speed Naruto, but that doesn't really classify as-." Iruka stopped talking when his body froze up. Iruka couldn't talk and he could barely move. He looked back up at Naruto who was holding a one handed seal in tiger. "What if he is using a one handed seal then that means." Iruka looked at his arm and sure enough he saw black symbols spread across his arm.

"I can't believe that worked." Naruto said with obvious excitement, but his excitement ended when Iruka applied a bit more chakra into his arm's and broke out of Naruto's seal. "Oh, come on Iruka why did you have to break out of it." Naruto said this with a pout as Iruka walked over to him with shock in his eyes.

"Naruto… when did you learn how to do Fūinjutsu?" Iruka asked still in shock.

"Oh, not long ago." Naruto said with a smile as he raised one of his legs into the air. "I placed a seal on my leg to help me move faster with just a bit of chakra added to it instead of building chakra onto the bottom of my feet and wasting more chakra. The only problem with it through is that it forces me to go in a linear direction. So if someone knew that then they could simply dodge. That seal I placed on you was meant to paralyze someone, but if they put enough chakra through their body they can shatter it." Naruto seemed ecstatic that he finally got to show off his new seals, but Iruka on the other hand was stunned beyond belief.

"The worst kid in the entire class is able to grasp the most complex thing in the world like it was second nature." Iruka thought as he watched Naruto smiling. "If Naruto continues like this then we might just have another seal master."

"Naruto tell me do you know how dangerous that is." Iruka said with a stern voice. "One thing is all that needs to go wrong and then that is it for you."

Naruto just looked at Iruka and smiled. "That's just it Iruka nothing ventured, nothing gained." Naruto said this as he turned around living behind a stunned Iruka.

What new adventures are awaiting Naruto and what did Ishiki meant by with Naruto's name being Uzumaki it made him a bigger target. Well just wait around and find out. Read, Enjoy, and Review. Oh, and a special thank you to a reviewer, by the name of Daiski, who went out of his way and helped clear up a slight problem with my story. Thanks .