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Writing: Italic: thought, Bold: Bijuu or summoning speaking.

"Since the day I was born till the day I die...the only side I'm on is mine." -Unknown

"Sometimes there are no clever quotes to neatly sum up what's happened that day. Sometimes...the day...just...ends." - Unknown

"Every story has an ending. How will mine end? I don't know yet..." - Unknown

I have my next story idea and it came from a fellow reviewer. The story I am going to try and bring to life is: Gold, Silver, and Orange (Title may change if someone can give me a better title). Basically what the story is about is Naruto is trained by Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Now, how those two are still alive will be revealed in the story, but until then feel free to tell me what you guys and gals think, and if you want tell me what you want to happen in the story and I might just include it. Until next time also keep fighting for your dreams. Oh, and one more thing if you guys have any good beta readers I will try and get in contact with them so this story, hopefully won't have as many mistakes as the other ones.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who gave me Reviews to keep this story going despite it's bad grammar. Every last one of you kept me going even when I nearly gave this story away completely. You don't know how much that means to me that you guys/gals enjoyed this story that much and for that I will always be grateful. I have planned to do a Naruto, Bleach, and a Left 4 Dead fic, but I have no idea which one will be done first.

Till we met again: Beast Keeper 9 :)