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Jasper's POV

She had flowing, brown hair with a hint of red highlights and doe shaped eyes. I can only assume that when she was human that they were brown, but not just any brown, a chocolate color that swam with emotions. With plump lips that just begged you to take them in your mouth and never let them go and a long slender neck that begged you to nibble on it. God, what I would give to be under that cloak. To see the rest of that body that I am sure is nothing short of perfection. Oh and not just because she is a vampire. From the way the cloak hung off her body, I could tell that there was a mouth watering figure under there. And that's only the physical attributes.

Her mere presence demands respect. I wish I had gotten her name. Sure I knew where I could find her, but there was no way I was going to go there. That would be like asking for death and I am pretty sure that when she told me to run that it meant not to go in search of her. I can't help but wonder if she felt the same tingle that ran through my body when our skin made contact or when her lips brushed against my ear. I couldn't help but savor the smell of her breath as it washed across my face.

For the first time since my change, I felt like I needed to breath to live, but the air around me was not what my body needed. No, it was her breath. I could breathe it in for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I was concerned that I could not feel her emotions or even detect her scent. But I could smell her breath and if that was any indication as to what she smelled like, I'm glad that I didn't get a full blast of it because there would be no way I could have let her go.

"Thinking about her again, dear brother?" I was pulled out of my thoughts by my sister Rosalie. We were out hunting away from the family.

"I know I shouldn't be thinking about her because I am mated to Alice, but I just can't get her out of my head even 150 years later. I know Rose, but… it's just… I can't. In a way, she's the reason that I'm even here. She may not be my sire, but she spared my life. It's like she knew, even when I didn't, that I didn't want to feed off of humans. Yeah, I make mistakes and slip up, but it's like she knew the emotional toll that it would have on me. I don't even think that she knew what my gift was, although I know she knew that I had one. I couldn't touch her with it. Hell, I couldn't feel a thing from her and believe me I tried, but I got nothing. It was as if she didn't feel or have emotions."

The buzzing of my phone end my rambling and I looked at Rose who looked at me. Pulling my phone out of my pocket and looking at the Caller ID, I can see that it was Alice and I wasted no more time to answer.

"Alice, what's wrong sweetheart?"

"Jasper, you and Rose need to get home now!" She yelled through the phone.

"I'm on my way. What's wrong? Have you seen something?"

"There's no time! I'll explain as soon as you get here, but please hurry and be careful."

"Ok, we're heading home now. See you in a few." I said, hanging up the phone.

I looked at Rose and could sense the worry and fear coming from her. Whatever was happening must be bad for Alice to call us while we were hunting. With that thought in mind, I grabbed Rose's hand and we raced to the house.

My thoughts raced. This couldn't be happening! I haven't taught them everything they need to know and we were not ready yet. But if my fears were right, the fight that we all knew would be coming in two weeks would be happening much, much sooner. I was hoping for a few more days to allow Peter and Charlotte time to arrive since we couldn't depend on the wolves to help us.

It's pissed me off to no end knowing that we saved one of their imprints, yet they refused to help us in the upcoming fight. I remember Sam telling us that they couldn't put themselves in that kind of danger when they need to be on their land to protect their families. If it wasn't for Carlisle, I would have snapped that over grown dog's neck.

We have never broken the treaty that was in place when we lived in Forks and we were always making donations to help their people. We saved one of the pack's imprints and they still wouldn't help! I swear that if I lose anyone in my family I will take three of theirs. Hell, I might even go so far as to turn a few of their imprints just to witness their pain. I wonder if they could continue to love them like they say they do.

Would they kill them? If so, what would happen to the wolf that lost their imprint? All I know is that right now was not time to think about that, but I would keep it in mind. Rose and I broke through the tree line of our property and the whole family was outside waiting for us.

As I looked into their eyes and felt their emotions, there was nothing but worry and fear. Carlisle was holding on to Esme. The fear in my mother's eyes was enough to make me growl. I could feel the rage boiling within me. Alice walked over to me, looking me in the eyes.

"They're coming now Jasper! They will be here in two hours. They will have least 50 with them and at least 4 of them have gifts. I can't tell you what gifts they have, but I know they plan on using them as back up and they will be protected. Peter and Charlotte won't make it here in time and I can't see where they are. I haven't been able to see them since the day they decided to come and help. Also, I can only see the beginning of the battle, but then everything goes blank and I can't see anything after that!" The more she tried to explain the situation to me, the more her fear grew.

I looked to see Carlisle trying to get a hold of someone on the phone and I couldn't understand why this was so important. Hell, I was the God of fucking War and even I couldn't hold off 50 fucking newborns, even with my gift. Something was not right with Carlisle. When Alice told me that her vision went blank and that she could see nothing after the beginning of the battle, he seemed to look a little relieved. What the hell? Relieved! He should be out of his mind with worry. I reached out to see what he was feeling and I detected some fear but, it didn't feel the same as the others. There was some worry but underneath it there was hope.

What the hell? Was he hoping that we would survive this? There's no fucking way! The fucking odds were possibly 50 to 7. There should not be any hope coming from that man. There might be something to hope for if I had Peter and Charlotte and my girl from that day. Wait…did I just call her my girl? What the hell is wrong with me? I was pulled out of my thoughts by Carlisle.

"Ok, we all know the odds, but I have some hope that we may walk away from this intact. Let's head to the clearing. We don't want them to come into the town. I also want to tell everyone now that, if for some reason we don't make it, that you have brought me nothing but happiness and I am very blessed to have been able to call each and every one of you my children." He said with love and pride pouring out of him.

As we went to the clearing my only thoughts were on how I was going to get us through this. This was what I did. This was what I was made for. I was concerned that I had failed my family. I should have trained them better and I should have fought harder all those years ago to teach them everything I knew. I should have been better. Now we were walking towards what seemed like certain death and there's not a damn thing I could do about it.

As we reached the clearing, I looked to Alice to let us know which way they were coming from. "South," was all she said. I held Alice close to me and gazing into her eyes, I tried to convey all the love I had for her in the moment. My head snapped up in the direction that they were supposed to come from when I heard a tree snap. I looked back to Alice and she just nodded. With one last kiss, I pushed her behind me as Carlisle and Emmett did the same with their mates. The growls and snarls of the newborns grew louder as they approached. They came pushing and shoving each other through the trees. Although it was obvious the newborns lacked training, the fact that we were so greatly outnumbered left us little hope of victory.

Most of them stopped about 50 feet from us, but six of them came from the back of the group. I assumed these to be the leader of the newborns and the gifted ones. Well, I knew at least one of them was the leader, having dealt with her before. Who could miss that head of fiery red hair? Victoria. She approached us confidently, wearing a smirk on her face and I wanted to be the one to remove it.

Four vampires followed her. I could only guess that these were the gifted ones that Alice had mentioned. I stared Victoria down, letting her know that, before I went down, I would take her with me. She laughed and I wanted to rip the bitches head off.

As I was about to pounce on her, she spoke.

"Look what we have here," she said merrily. "We didn't even have to go find them," Growls and snarls erupted from the newborns at this. "They came ready to die," Victoria sneered at the end of her little speech.

I could not contain the growl that erupted at her threat.

"I take it that you are alone and that no one is going to come and help you. You killed my mate over a stupid human that belonged to those dogs and they couldn't even come and help? I bet you feel real stupid don't you?" Victoria asked.

Carlisle was the first one to speak up. "Your mate was trying to rape a human and harmed her brutally in the process. What he did was unacceptable and if today is my last day on this earth, at least I know that I saved that poor girl. But I would also like to remind you of the laws that you are breaking right now. You will certainly draw the attention of the Volturi and I know that, even if my family and I are no longer able to stop you, you will surely be dealt with. God have mercy on your soul when it comes time for you to serve your punishment."

Carlisle said that last part with so much conviction and venom that I was starting to think that he knew something the rest of us did not.

"The law," Victoria scoffed, "I do not fear the Volturi or that puny bitch they call the queen. I have plans for her when I am finished with you, but have no fear Carlisle, she will join you and your family soon enough. It was her law, after all, that made it acceptable for you to murder my mate. I have to say that the Volturi used to be so much better before she came along and I will gladly help them get rid of that problem."

As she spoke those words, growls and snarls broke out again, but this did not come from her group, but from my family. As I searched the faces of my loved ones, their expressions were fierce with righteous indignation. Rose and Esme were the worst. I knew for a fact that I was not going to be the only one gunning for Victoria. And had it been anyone else, I may have still been inclined to go after her, but for Rose and Esme, I would gladly step aside and let them have her. If looks could kill, Victoria would surely be a pile of ashes under their gaze. For a brief second I was hit with a wave of fear. I turned to see where it was coming from and was surprised to find that I was not the only scared of my mother and sister. Under the weight of their glare, Victoria's previous confidence was shaken and she was scared as well. Here she was with 44 newborns and she was scared of two women that belong to my family. But she had every right to be. Hell, I was too!

Rose spat venomously at Victoria. "You listen to me bitch! If it's the last thing I do, I will rip you to pieces myself and I will laugh as I throw your ass in the pyre. Know this! I may not walk away from this fight today, but I can guarantee that you won't either. You will die today, so I hope that you have all your affairs in order. Don't ever talk about the queen of our kind like that!" I felt rage and protectiveness coming from Rose and Esme. "But then again, it would be fun to watch her tear into your ass. I know what she can do and if for some reason I can't get you, you should be watching your back, because she will be hunting you down and she always gets what she is going after."

With Rose's little speech she gave a very evil laugh that even Esme joined in on. What is up with everyone? A moment ago they were overcome with fear and now there was nothing but pure rage coming from them? The only one that still radiated fear on my side was Alice. Even talking about the queen, it was as if she grew even more fearful. I wanted to ask her about it but I felt a body slamming into me. The fight had started.

Bella's POV

"You're free to go Bella. I wish you nothing but the best my child."

"Thank you, Uncle Marcus. Remember, if you need me I am only a phone call away."

I paused to look at Aro and Caius. They both looked scared, because they knew that their time was limited and that I would soon return to seek justice after all these years. I looked over to my friends Jane, Felix, Alec, and Demetri and I knew I was going to miss them something fierce, but it was time for me to go to my family.

I hugged them and made them promise that we would see each other soon and then I was off to the airport. While checking in and waiting for my flight to be called, I found myself lost in thought. How long would I be able to stay with the family after what she did? I didn't know if I could handle being around her long, so I found myself considering looking into a house of my own. I knew there was no way I would be able to be around her long and still keep myself from doing something I would regret.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my flight was called. I settled into my seat for the fifteen hour flight, knowing it would be worth it so that I could be reunited with my family after being so long away from them.

Aro had decided to let me go a few days early in hopes that I might give him some more time to live. I agreed to allow him two extra days and he was upset about that, but I fired back that he was only letting me go two days early. So I could and would at least give him the same. Apparently he had never heard the saying 'Do unto others as they do unto you'. There was nothing that he could say after that.

I was beginning to regret that my phone was destroyed in the last fight I had with Aro. I had sent it flying at his head as a warning to back down before I did something we both knew would be bad. I had gotten a new one today, but I had not had time to charge it. So, here I sat on a plane with no phone. I would be unreachable, which is something I did not like. I have a lot of people under my protection and wanted to be available if they need anything.

So, as I sat there with all this time on my hands, I decided to run through what I needed to do when I landed. As much as I would love to run all the way to the loving arms of my family, I knew that I needed to get a car to get me where I needed to go. I am sure that I could use one of the many cars there, but I like having my own. I would also need to buy a place that I could run to and seek the refuge that I know for sure I would need. It would need to have a couple of bedrooms for when I had guests. With that thought, I remembered the call I had gotten from Peter right before I went to talk to Aro about letting me go early.


"Hello, Peter, how are you?" I asked.

"I am good, as is Charlotte, who, by the way, sends her love."

"Aww, tell her I love her too and can't wait to see her. Please, Peter, tell me you'll visit me soon?"

"Oh Bells, I'll see you sooner than you think and by the end of the week you'll be begging Charlotte to take me home." he laughed.

"That may be true, but I doubt it would be a week. I missed you guys so much that I bet it will be two weeks before I send you home." I laughed.

I stopped and thought for a minute. I knew that I would have to get off soon so that I could talk to Aro, so I asked Peter if there was a reason for his call. I waited for a second and then Peter spoke.

"Well I was calling to make sure that they hadn't found a way to off you and to let you know that I have a feeling that you'll get what you want when it comes to Aro."

"Oh! Well that helps a lot Peter. You always know what I need to hear. As far as the offing part, well I hope that never happens. Oh, and Peter, that offer from a few years ago still stands right?"

"Yes it does and always will. Why do you ask? Are you thinking that it won't work out at the Cullen's?" he asked.

"No it's not that, it's… I don't trust myself and I don't want anyone to get hurt."I said.

"Bella, listen to me. Maybe some of the stuff that you want to run from needs to come to light. Besides that, you need your happy ending. Why should everyone else get theirs while you don't?" Peter asked.

"Look Peter, as much as I want to talk to you about this, I must be going. I need to talk to Aro about my early release. I will see you soon dear brother. Send my love to Charlotte and please be careful on your journeys. I bid you adieu then."

I hung up before he could chastise me about the way I was talking.

End flash back

Looking at my watch, I find that I have a half an hour until we will be landing. First things first. Get a car, get a car charger for my phone, and then get a news paper and look for a house for my stay. I can always get the furniture later. Maybe I could get my mother to help me. It could be something that we could do ourselves.

I was pulled out of my musing by the pilot letting us know that we would be landing soon. Ten minutes later, I was finally off the plane and after grabbing my luggage, I walked outside to get a cab. I told him to take me to the nearest Cadillac dealership deciding it would do until I could get something better shipped over.

About twenty minutes later I arrived at the dealership and told the driver to wait for me. As I looked around the lot, I didn't see anything that caught my eye. I wasn't usually that picky, but I wanted to make sure I had a nice ride when I arrived at family's house. Lord knows Rose will have a fit about it anyway, but I knew that she would be okay with it until I could get something that she would approve of and that I liked.

As I walked in to the building, a guy approached me and he instantly gave me the creeps. And that's saying a lot since I was a vampire and he was a human. I could take him no problem, but I didn't like the feeling I was getting from him. I knew that I would be pointing Char and Peter in his direction. I normally didn't approve of hunting humans, but I would willingly make an exception for this guy. He walked me towards his office and we had a seat.

The guy had yet to even give me his name, but had no problem getting touchy feely with me. He began working on some paper work and then pushed the papers towards me when he was done. As I looked over the paper work, I noticed that it was for a car that he picked for me costing way more than it was worth. Now I was getting pissed. Maybe I should bring Rose to meet him, I thought. On second thought, that was probably a bad idea. I could see Rose snapping his neck and ripping the shit for brains to pieces.

I glared at him and slid the stack of papers back across the desk. I then proceeded to tell him that I would like to speak to the manger. With a smirk on his face, he turned the name plate over so that I can see it and from the last name I could tell that he was also part owner of the dealership. I then asked to speak to the other owner and the creep whose nameplate says he is Jason, tells me that he was not in. Well, two can play this game. I got up to return to the showroom to find the car that I wanted. As I stepped out, I saw a woman that looked in my direction.

I could smell the fear coming off of her as soon as she spotted Jason. She then turns around and runs the other direction. No one else seemed to be here and I realized that I must have come during lunch time for the humans. I return my attention to Jason, because I just want to get the car and go. I don't want to have to clean up a mess that I was sure to have if his hand crept any lower. I turned to him and pointed to the car behind me indicating it was the one I intended to purchase. Reaching in my purse and handing him my credit card, I know that car won't even dent the limit. He smiles at me and walks back into the office to redo the paper work. He then asks me if I want the full amount on the card or just the down payment. I told him the full amount and asked when the car would be ready to leave.

He looked at me and told me an hour. I nodded my head and waited for all the paper work to be finished and to be handed back my card. I then told him that I would be back. I walked back to the cab and had the driver head to the nearest Wal-Mart to get a charger for my phone. I ran in and grabbed a charger and few other things that I would need like shampoo and then checked out.

When I got back into the cab, I told the driver to drop me off at the dealership. As we get back there I see that Jason standing there waiting on me to return. He is standing next to my new car, a Cadillac V-series XLR-V in black. I walked up to Jason and held out my hand for the keys and paper work, as the cab driver got my things out of the trunk of the cab.

I paid the cab driver the money he told me I owed and since he was such a sweet man, I gave him an extra $500 for a tip. He thanked me and walked back to his cab as I got in to the driver seat of my new car. As I was pulling away, I heard Jason say that I would see him later. Well, if you have a death wish so be it.

I am sure either Peter or Charlotte will have fun with him. Hooking my phone to the charger, I settle in for the long drive to Forks. When I stopped at the first gas station as I entered Forks, I saw an ad for a realtor and decided to call them as I stopped to pay for gas. As I was fueling up the gas tank, I walked in to the store to wait in line to pay.

A women answered the phone and I told her what I needed and what I was looking for. There was a three bedroom cabin about 10 minutes from my family's home. It would be perfect. I gave the woman the information that she needed and paid for my gas. I was about to pull out of the parking lot when my phone beeped telling me that I had a voice mail so I paused to listen to the messages.

A lot of them were people checking in with me. A few I would have to call back. There were a few from my father telling me that he needed me to call him as soon as I got it. Then there was a message I should have never received.

"Isabella, my beloved daughter, I was not able to get a hold of you and there has been a problem. It was unexpected and happened so fast. Things have changed and I must say that by the time you get this I will no longer walk this earth. There is a c.d. in the computer in my study at the house giving you all the information that you will need. Be safe my child. I know that you will carry on the Cullen name. I have never been anything but proud of the woman you are today. Please, Isabella, do not lose yourself and everything you have worked so hard for over my passing. Just know that I have always loved you and will always love you. Your mother also loves you very much. Good bye Isabella."

I hit the gas pedal flying to my father's home to find him. This message was left about two and a half hours ago. As I pulled in the drive way, my phone rang and the Caller ID said Clarissa. "Bella, I have been trying to reach you. I know you just arrived, but you need to head south now. You will run into Peter and Charlotte in five minutes. If you follow their scents you should make it before anyone gets hurt. I am coming, but by the time I get there it will be over. So just go! Now!" she yelled at me. In a matter of seconds, I was out of my car and running.

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