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Clarissa's POV

"No!" Alice screamed at me. I couldn't help the laugh that escaped. "You would like to know wouldn't you Alice? But you know what? I won't tell you, but what I will tell you, or well show you anyways, is what Bella saved you from! You didn't think that I was done, did you? That was only the beginning Alice," I screamed

I could see the fear that was in Alice's eyes. I could hear Jasper growling at me. Yes he was still protective over Alice. I turn to Jasper and looked him dead in the eyes. "What are you growling at? Are you jealous that I can cause real fear in Alice?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

I smirked at Jasper to let him know what I was not scared of him. I knew Bella's shield would protect me even though I didn't need it. I could take Jasper Hale. He was weakened by Alice. The fight that Jasper Whitlock had was long gone and only returned when the Major would break free.

The Major knew what I was doing and I knew that there was always doubt in Jasper's mind. Alice planted that seed long ago and then you add the daydreams of Bella. The reaction that the Major had just allowed the seed to grow. I just hope that the rest of this works how it should.

Bella should be storming through that door any second to stop me. I glanced at everyone in the room and I knew they were waiting on me to tell them what Bella saved Alice from. I thought that I would be nice and start since some things have changed. Maybe it was meant to be.

"Alice, if Bella would have taken you with her back to the Volturi, you would have been treated as a pet. You would have been given no freedom. You would be kept locked away and only brought out when they needed you to tell them something they sought.

Aro would have read your mind. He would have known how crazy you truly are and would have treated you as such, but that is nothing compared to what would happen. They would have raped you, beaten you, and broke your kind spirit. The things that would have happen to you, no one should have to endure.

Bella knew how cruel they really are. She saved you from the worst death possible. I have seen what it would have been like and not even I am that cruel! But what you did to Bella was the worst thing you could ever do to anyone. She has protected you and kept you safe all these years. She has made sure that Aro never caught wind of you.

You were supposed to be Bella's right hand as the most powerful seer ever to be made. You were to have happiness. You would have your mate and Bella would have had hers. The two of you were to be unstoppable and the power that you and Bella would have gained would have been invincible.

Then you add your mates to the picture you have been the utmost supreme foursome. You gave that all up to betray Bella! You gave up your on happiness for vengeance on someone that only wanted to protect you!" I shouted

"Bella treated you like a sister. She treated you better than the rest of us. She took her unfair punishment without complaint, because she refused to leave you! The only reason why she did leave was because she knew that the Volturi would find her and when they did, they would find you! She did everything for you!" I yelled

I was getting upset and there was no way for me to calm down. I gave up my life, my children, my husband, my future because of Alice. I am fated to be alone for the rest of my life. No one to hold me, no one to make love to me, no one to help me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, and certainly no one to protect me!

Alice still has a chance to redeem herself! She could fix this all and still get everything that was supposed to be hers. It was not me, never me, but Alice that will always be the light in everyone else's eyes…

"You are a lying bitch, Clarissa" Alice yelled at me.

I turned and looked her dead in her eyes.

"I'm lying Alice? What reason do I have to lie? What will I get out of this? Huh Alice? Tell me! I shouted

"Look into my future Alice and tell me what you see?" I challenged.

"Here, let me tell you what you will see!" I shouted.

"You see me alone. You see me sitting at my home by myself! You see no one visiting me. No one, Alice! I gave up everything because of you! Because of your choices Alice! I will be alone. I forfeited my life of a husband, children and grand kids, growing old and dying. I had to give it up because of you! Nothing can change that. I had found my soul mate and he was human as I was supposed to be! I was never meant to become a vampire. Your choices took everything away from me!" I shouted.

"Don't be mad at me because you're upset with Bella for changing you! I never wanted to be her lap dog! I didn't make the choice, Bella did and now she has to deal with it!" Alice sneered.

"You stupid fucking bitch! Bella didn't change me. I was walking home when a vampire that shouldn't have been alive crossed my path and changed me! You seen me being changed and did nothing to stop it. But what you didn't know was that I would stand beside Bella. As I will always stand beside Bella! I get to call her my family. I get to call her my sister. I get to call her my best friend!" I yelled.

"You know what Alice, I should have known being nice was not the way to get through to you! I didn't want to do this because of the outcome when the family sees what would have happen; they would always have doubts about you. But you know what? I don't care," I said deadly calm.

I closed my eyes and pushed Bella's shield that surrounded me out. I focused my mind on the vision I had on Alice going to the Volturi and let them play so that everyone could see.

(A/N: This will be a few flash forward vision! Also this vision is pretty graphic you must be 18 to read this story it is rated M! Vision contains rape and other violent graphic material be warned now! Skip if you don't like that kind of stuff!)


Alice followed Bella as she walked into the castle. Alice walks up to the human waiting behind the desk and says, "Hi, I'm Mary Alice Brandon. I am here to see Isabella Cullen. The human called Aro and told him that someone was there for Isabella; he sent two of the guards to retrieve Alice.

As they headed to the great room, Alice looks around and thinks of all the things she could do to make the castle look better. When they reach the great hall, Aro walked up to Alice and reached for her hand. Using his gift, he sees how important she was to Bella. He saw Bella give her the pendent that would protect her, but also sees that Alice threw it away thinking that she would be fine in the place that was supposed to protect her.

Aro releases her hand and demands that she be thrown in the dungeon. Aro has waited for a mistake for over 150 years. Alice screams for Bella, but finds out that Bella never shows up.

Only one of her captors strutted into her cell this time forgetting to close the door. Behind him, she saw an opening and reacted accordingly. Alice ran towards the man and ducked under his arms and out the door of the cage-like cell she had been held captive in. She would have made it too if Aro hadn't been coming down the hall at that exact moment. He snatched her right off her feet and dragged her back to the cell.

He chained her to the wall this time and ripped her legs off from the knees down. As he peeled her skin off layer by layer, Aro ripped the bones out of her legs and continued with the demolishment of her body. When Aro was finally done, he decided he had been too nice to her and ripped her clothes off before forcing himself inside of her. Alice shrieked and struggled as he pounded into her roughly until her struggles stop and she started to plead for him to stop in desperation.

When Aro pulled out of her roughly, Alice was relieved that he was done brutalizing her in the worst way only to have her hopes crushed as he released her from her bonds just to flip her over and enter her ass roughly and unlubricated. He fucked her ass mercilessly tearing at her insides and making her venom run all over his throbbing member.

Aro relished in the feeling of pain he was causing Alice. With every touch to her skin, he could almost feel her anguish and savored it. When Aro finally released Alice, he flipped her back over and shoved his hand up her tight, tormented cunt. He expanded his fingers in her and used his nails to claw at her walls ruthlessly. Alice's wails of agony reverberated around and not in just the dungeons she was being imprisoned in, but throughout the whole castle. Aro leaves her there broken physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Alice tries to stand up chained to the wall with her venom pooled on the floor surrounding her and her missing body parts. The door opens and two guards, walking and talking, stop in front of Alice. Alice raises her head and slumps in defeat. All fight has been beaten and raped out of her. One of the guards walk closer to Alice and holds his hand in claw form and nothing, but fear and relief runs to through Alice's eyes as she thinks that they have came to end it all.

Alice is surprised as the guard swiped his hand across her face. Digging deep, his nails slid down her face, scratching her down to the bones and scraping the marrow and continuing across her chest ripping her intestines in the process letting the venom leak out of her stomach and chest profusely. The wide gashes that he made left Alice with barely enough venom to survive.

Alice screams out for mercy, but no one shows it as the other guard come ups and removes his clothes. Reaching up, he gets Alice down on the ground. Hope floods through Alice as she thinks they will let her go, but that is soon gone as he holds her down. The guard that is standing in front of Alice starts to take his clothes off also.

More guards walk through the door holding Bella. Alice pleads to Bella to make it stop just as a guard went behind her to hold her up he positioned himself at her dried abused twat while the guard in front of her did the same they both slammed into her cunt at the same time. The guard behind Alice was ripping her hair out as he molested her stretching her to new limits.

It was amazing that Alice had not been ripped apart yet. Alice's begging turned in to screams as Bella growls. Venom is flowing from between Alice's legs as the guard's pound into her. Biting and ripping chunks off of her shoulders and neck as they thrust into Alice.

They got tired of her struggling and ripped her arms and legs off relishing in her screams and pleas for mercy. Breaking free Bella goes to save Alice but is stopped by Aro holding Rosalie and Esme both have had their clothes ripped off and it is quite obvious that Aro is intent on raping them. Bella stops and is growling even more viciously. Aro speaks.

"Bella, would you trade your sister and mother for Alice to be spared?" Aro questioned

Bella is in a rock and hard place. She wants to save Alice but she also question how many people have to pay for Alice? Bella had already lost her father, Carlisle, and brother, Edward, two of her guards and two people that were under her protection.

Bella knew this was Aro last chance to try and get her to stay. Bella walks up to Aro and says this ends here and now! Taking her mother and sister out of Aro grasp she places them behind her she looks at Alice and says.

"Alice, I begged you not to follow me. I told you that bad things would happen if you came. You made your chose to come here. You have a gift. You could have checked to see if this would have happen. I can't allow another person to lose their life just to save you from this attack.

They'll never stop they have found my weakness and because of you many people are in danger. I am sorry and know that soon I will seek vengeance." Bella turned and locked her eyes onto Aro's with a deadly look in her eyes Bella spoke.

"Aro I am walking out of here with my mother and sister. I will not be forced to stay and be a part of this, but you need to know that I will kill you for what you have done to Alice! This sick game that you are playing ends here and now!"

Bella walks over to the guards and grabs them both off of Alice and ripped them apart piece by agonizing piece. She started with their cocks and reveled in their screams of agony. She went for their toes ripping the nails off slowly as the venom rushed from their wounds in a mucky yellow-green color.

Bella then ripped their toes off inch by excruciating inch. She ripped their feet off in small chunks. When Bella got to their calves, she cut into the skin with a finger nail and dug her hand in grasping the bone and yanking it out before digging into the flesh again and ripping the floppy skin off.

Bella reached up through the skin next to the knee cap and dug her hand through the tissue until she got to the hip bone. She grabbed and crushed it then took a hold of the rest of the bone and pulled it through the flesh of his thigh. She then shredded the remaining listless skin and tore the strips off of his body. She stuck her hand up the hole left from ripping the asshole's dick off and reached through his intestines to his throat.

Bella used her claws to scrape through the tissue disconnecting his tonsils. Then she widened her hand and pulled her hand out taking his insides with it. His guts were turned inside out and hanging through his cock hole. Bella yanked at them and ripped them off. He tried to scream, but found out he couldn't.

Bella clawed at his chest until it was an unrecognizable mass of venom soaked flesh. Bella mutilated his neck instead of simply ripping his head off and then started the whole process over on the other guard.

Bella turned to Aro and said" This is only a sample of what I will do to you when I come to seek the vengeance of all the people you have wrongly harmed over the centuries."

Aro looked stunned and frightened beyond belief at Bella's words and Alice starts laughing manically seeing the emotions crossing his face.

Bella turns to Alice and with pleading eyes that showed copious amounts of remorse, she rips Alice head from her body wishing she could cry.

Laying Alice gently in the pile, she starts two fires. One fire for Alice and the other fire for the two guards. Bella turns and walks out the door with her mother and sister.

Vision ends

( Ok if you skipped the vision you can start reading again!

"Where was Emmett?" Rosalie asked

When they came to get you and Esme, Emmett was killed. I said looking Rose in the eyes.

"Did you see that in the end Bella would choose me and Rosalie over you? Is that why you didn't follow?" Esme asked Alice.

Alice didn't answer Esme.

Looking over to Alice, I could see that the vision of her choice of going was not as vivid as mine. I know now that she understands what Bella saved her from.

"Why didn't she ever come and save me?" Alice questioned.

"Alice, I can't give you the answers to that, but I can tell you what I do know. What I know is every time Bella goes to attack Aro something always stops her. I also know that she knows something that no one else knows. Bella keeps talking about when she comes back. Bella still plans on killing Aro! The reason why? I have no idea but, I know that Bella knows when. I also know that when the time comes, she will need you! Not me, not Carlisle, or Esme, or anyone else. It has to be you! You will be the only one that can see the things that she needs to know!

Alice, do you remember our grandmother?" I asked.

Alice nodded her head as I seen her eyes fill with tears that would never fall. Alice was always close to our grandmother. They had a bond like no other. I know that it helped that they shared the same gift. Grandmother tried to help Alice with her gift, but not even my grandmother, the first seer of our family, could reach the level that Alice was on.

"Grandmother always knew you weren't meant to be human and she knew that you would have met a kind vampire that worked in the place they sent you to. She knew that he would change you and help you until your protector came. Grandmother always saw you follow Bella to wars and because of you and Bella; the world would be a better place. When Grandmother saw what you had done, she couldn't understand why you would do such a thing to your sister, your best friend, your protector!

Grandmother cried for days. She was saddened by your loss of love and kindness. Grandmother's last vision was of you taking Bella's mate to bed. She was so disgusted by what you had done that she quit using her gift. When I would ask her why didn't use her gift, she would tell me that she didn't want to see anymore in fear that she would hunt you down and rid you of this world.

I remember the first vision I had. I had seen that there was still a chance for you to fix it all. I tried to tell Grandmother. I wanted her to help me figure out what to do to see what I had seen. I was never a strong seer as a human unlike you and Grandmother. I was not as powerful. You, Alice, have always had such a strong gift that even as a human you were able to see things that not even Grandmother could see.

I know that your gift has weakened since you walked away from Bella. You know that it has too. Your gift has lost faith in you and that is why Bella is able to knock your gift out. Bella isn't even trying, but just being here has you seeing black. Alice, it is time for you to decide how this will all end. You have to make this decision on your own. You cannot use your gift. You have to decide what you as a person thinks is best for you. You have seen that Bella has given so much for you. Are you willing to do the same? Are you willing to stand beside Bella and me and take your rightful place by her side or will you continue down the path that you have chosen?" I asked as I grabbed Alice's hands. I could see the indecision on her face. Along with the remorse and guilt on her face from her actions, but just then a vision glazes both Alice and I's eyes.


Bella stands at the edge of the fire that she had built and looks into the sky and says goodbye as her and Justin walk into the fire.

End vision

Both Alice and I gasped at the same time as Carlisle yelled.


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