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This fic, which is again different than most, will be a Harry-is-Genesis fic. I got the idea after reading a fic where Genesis is Harry's uncle but I wondered. What if he actually WAS Genesis? The pairing will be Genesis/Fleur.

Note: His age will be altered a little to match the pairing.

All he could see was red…and all he could feel was unbearable pain. The fat whale man had hurt him again, this time by throwing him viciously into the cupboard under the stairs. The little 3-year-old boy cried silently, tears cascading from his emerald green eyes.

"Why?…Why do they hurt me? I've never done anything wrong…" The people he lived with often harmed or berated him. Calling him names like 'freak!' or 'little vermin!' or worse. He groaned in agony as he felt his bones ache in pain, wishing just to be anywhere other than where he was.

Unknown to him, a strange energy that had been slowly building up inside him over the years had heeded his request, and with a bright red flash, the Boy-who-lived vanished from Privet Drive. Harry Potter…had left the world.

In a laboratory in an unknown location…

Dr. Hollander was getting impatient now. His current project was reaching a dead end and now Hojo, that bastard, was rubbing that goddamned 'Project S' in his face. It was as if he was mocking him. He fell to his hands and knees.

"Dammit! Every time I try and do something it ends up in failure…why? Why is that bastard Hojo always ruining everything?" He cried and looked to the skies before a look of realisation crossed his face. "Wait…I'll just create a rival programme to Project S, yes that would certainly piss off Hojo. I think I'll call it…Project G." He then started to laugh maniacally. Suddenly, he heard a crashing sound coming from nearby. Sighing irritably, he then moved to see who dared disturb his research…and was quite shocked.

A small boy with black hair and a scar on his forehead, looking no older than 3 years old, had crashed into a group of test tubes, spilling some of the Mako samples he kept all over the unconscious brat. As he was about to wake the boy up to yell at him for clumsiness, he suddenly came to a sinister decision.

"Well, you are quite the lucky little fellow aren't you?" He said idly. "You…shall be the first test experiment of Project G before I move on to the others…" He then carried the unconscious boy to one of the large test chambers and placed him inside. Yes, Hojo wouldn't upstage him again!

His laugh echoed through the halls of his laboratory…


Albus Dumbledore, esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was quite worried, although his face didn't show it.

The devices he had keyed into Harry Potter…had suddenly stopped working. They had, at one moment, started to react violently, leading the old man to believe that the boy was being mistreated but he passed it off as child playfulness. Apparently this wasn't the case, for the devices shouldn't have stopped working. Perhaps he would have to check in on young Mister Potter…

He had created a specific apparation point that could only be used by him and certain members of the Order of the Phoenix so that Harry wouldn't be hounded by the Media or attacked by remnants of Voldemort's army of Death Eaters. Upon walking up to the driveway, he took notice of the haggard looking front garden, where weeds and other unsightly plants covered every inch of soil. Sighing, he went to get this over with and confirm that the boy was still there and that his devices were just going to need repairing.

Knocking on the door, he waited for a few moments until he started to hear crashing noises. Then, a large whale of a man opened the door and, upon recognising the old man, glared with pure hate and loathing.

"What are you doing here, you freak? Go away! We already have enough to deal with! Can't you leave us in peace?" He yelled but Albus ignored him, focusing his attention on the magic he could detect nearby. Walking around the house, ignoring the whale's attempts to get him to get out of his home, he stopped and stared at the source of what he knew was Harry's magic…A small cupboard under the stairs. Gingerly, he pulled out his wand and muttered an unlocking charm under his breath, which instead of opening the door, caused it to fall off its hinges. Rather flimsy…

Albus moved in to inspect. On the inside of the door were little indents and scratches, making it look like someone trying to escape a prison. Looking inside the room, he was quite horrified.

There was a dirty looking cot situated right next to the door covered by a torn rag, which was presumed to be a blanket. Next to this was a small shelf, which had small scraps of paper lying on it with some covered in what he suspiciously thought was blood. He picked one of the scrunched ones up and proceeded to read.

Moth… is comi… fo… me…

Well, the words were a little covered up as dried bloodstains had ravaged the pages, but he could find the message with a cleaning charm, which he interpreted as 'Mother is coming for me'. This…was terrifying. How could the boy's own family force him to live in this hellhole? He should be loved, cared for, and treated like a normal person…not like a prisoner. Perhaps Minerva was right on that night…maybe his sense of good character had died all those years ago. He turned to the large man, who was glaring again.

"Where is Harry, Vernon?" He questioned quietly. It seemed the man gained some understanding and paled when he couldn't see the boy that should have been in the cupboard. The man started to shake in fear and anger.

"T-the little bastard was right there, I swear! He had to be punished for dropping a dish so we put him in there…damn freak and his…Ma…you know the damn word!" He couldn't even mention the word magic? Why would these beasts keep the saviour of the Wizarding world uninformed? Yes, his judgement really went down the drain. Having no time to ponder, he found Vernon grabbing him and throwing him out of the house.

"Don't you even THINK of bringing that monster back to our home! You stay away from my family, you damn mutant!" Vernon screamed and slammed the door.

Albus sighed wearily as he was helped up by a few Order guards who looked quite angry that Vernon had attacked their leader of the light. He turned around and was confronted by none other than Minerva McGonagall, his deputy headmistress, and she was looking understandably angry.

"Well, Albus…I hope you're happy. You've just lost the Boy-who-lived and you know why? Because you believed in a fools dream that these barbarians could look after the boy." Albus flinched a little before trying to regain a little ground.

Now, Minerva…the blood protect-" he was about to say when Minerva snapped at him.

"Well, none of that rubbish matters now does it?" She shrilled. "The boy is gone and your 'protections' have fallen…I have nothing more to say to you." She then left in a pop, making Albus feel older than he was while being escorted to headquarters by his faithful Order guards.

A few years later…

Genesis was branded a failure in Dr. Hollander's eyes. The boy he had found years ago in his lab, who he named Genesis Rhapsodos, hadn't been able to fully adapt to his experiment. Sure, Genesis was a large improvement than most of the others that he experimented on later such as his cloning ability but it still wasn't complete and he knew that Genesis would eventually undergo the Degradation Process, which he named after seeing the other failures die from it. The only strange phenomena that occurred were that the boy's body had aged a few years to accommodate the amount of Mako in his body. His eyes changed briefly from emerald to light blue before returning to normal. The final anomaly was the boy's hair changing from its original spiky black to a calmer reddish brown. This was something that had never really happened anymore…maybe it was those vials of pure refined Mako that he knocked over when he arrived? Who knows…

Well, the most useful thing he garnered from him was that scar that contained a dark form of magic, which he converted into a materia after a delicate extraction process, taking the ugly relic from the boy's head. He shook his head in annoyance. Enough thinking about that failure.

He had sent Genesis away to live in Banora village, with the wealthy landlord who always wanted his own son. Sighing in disappointment, he turned to look at a picture of himself and Genesis for a few brief moments. He then threw the picture away in disgust seconds later.

He had now realised his mistake. He should have experimented with an unborn child, still in the mother's womb. This would mean that the child would be more susceptible to the experiment for it would alter the child's growing brain and mould it to fit the project. Yes, he should have done this at the start. He then went to research into pregnancy rates…

Sometime after, his fellow colleague, Gillian Hewley, would volunteer to get involved in the experiment by allowing Hollander to experiment on her unborn child, Angeal, who would later become the only successful result of Hollanders Project G at his birth…the perfect counter measure to Hojo's Project S.

Somewhere along the line much later, Angeal moved back with his mother to Banora village and became friends with Genesis Rhapsodos, who was an avid reader of a poem called Loveless, which he seemed to carry everywhere. Even Angeal took a liking to the strange poem after Genesis was constantly reading it to everyone that would give their ears, which for some reason were mainly girls who were attracted to him and wanted to know more about him. It often amused him how obsessed some of those girls were when it came to Genesis…

"Angeal." He heard Genesis call and turned to look at the red haired 15 year old teen with emerald eyes, who was looking not at his poem for once, but at him with a determined gaze that honestly creeped Angeal out a little. Genesis had never been an overly serious person with his carefree nature that attracted people to him and the way he smiled made a lot of his fan club reinforced this personality.

"I…am going to join SOLDIER." He said and Angeal blinked in surprise. This was something he had never expected to come from Genesis. "…And you are coming with me." He finalised

Truth be told, Angeal had been wanting to join SOLDIER for quite a while but he wasn't too keen being amongst so many strangers by himself, so he was surprised by Genesis' declaration that they would go together...Yes, life would be different that was for sure for the two…

And different it was as Angeal and Genesis continued to rise through the ranks of SOLDIER despite their age and had reached 1st class after enough hard work and dedication in fast timing, a feat comparable to the legendary Sephiroth, the only other 1st class. Events that occurred 4 years later would later spiral out of control when Shinra Corp felt the sting of betrayal at the hands of one of its own, Genesis Rhapsodos, the now former 1st class SOLDIER. Angeal would soon follow in an attempt to rescue his best friend from himself. This would sadly lead to Angeal's tragic demise at the hands of his apprentice, Zack Fair, while Genesis Rhapsodos disappeared into the heavens, with The Goddess at his side…

With Dumbledore…

As the years ran by, Albus Dumbledore was getting frantic in his search for the Boy-who-lived. He had, regardless of the boy going missing, thought the boy would show. Now, after giving the final speech to the third year students, who would be on holiday soon, he thought back to what had happened in the past.

He had hoped that when Harry Potter joined Hogwarts, he would be curious and quite outgoing. He would then have been placed in Gryffindor and he would subtly help the boy through the different challenges he would have thrown at him, however…

Without Harry, he had to go and find the Philosophers Stone himself, defeating a Shade of Voldemort in the process, who surprised him by being alive. After destroying Voldemort's vessel, he watched the spirit flee in a fit of rage. So many plans for the boy were starting to die…

The second year was just as chaotic as the Chamber of Secrets was opened. He had been planning to use this to test Harry's bravery in the face of danger. Luckily Severus had managed to subdue the great beast within before it could get out of hand and start attacking more people…

This year was quite a conundrum when escaped convict Sirius Black had managed to get in the castle and kidnapped young Mr. Weasley's rat of all things before running away…didn't he want to finish the job he started and kill Harry like he did with the other Potters? He didn't even see if the boy was there…He shook his head to clear his thoughts, hopefully they would find the boy and bring him back to the world he belonged in.

Ah…now the fourth year would be starting soon, and he had to make his preparations.

With Genesis…

Genesis was frozen still and wide-eyed…The Goddess had just said that he had failed in what his destiny was supposed to be. His heart had plummeted and felt like it had been ripped from his chest and shattered into a thousand pieces. He felt tears fall from his emerald eyes as his dark red bangs framed his face. It was as if the degradation process was happening all over again, crushing his hopes and dreams…

"Why…what did I do to deserve being a failure…I truly don't deserve to exist…I'm a monster…" Minerva (from FF not HP), The Goddess, then smiled at him sadly.

"You will never be a monster and you are not a failure, my Genesis…these foolish people could never understand you…for you cannot be appreciated as a hero here…" She said sadly as she hugged him. He smiled a little and returned the hug half-heartedly. After a brief silence, with Genesis seemingly thinking things over, he looked up at The Goddess with a resolute look upon his face.

"I…will follow the SOLDIER way…and become a hero somewhere else! I will show the world The Gift of the Goddess!" He declared proudly and the woman smiled at him and nodded. She then opened up a strange looking black portal while Genesis looked on in confusion and awe as it formed.

"This…is an altered form of the X-zone spell, which I presume you are familiar with?" Seeing his nod as he folded his arms, she continued. "This will, instead of throwing you into the blank space dimension called The Void, allow me to send you to a destination of my choosing…" She said and Genesis nodded in understanding.

"Farewell, Genesis Rhapsodos…don't lose sight of your dreams…" She smiled as Genesis jumped into the black dimension portal Minerva opened, forever leaving the world he grew up in.

It was…an interesting experience for Genesis, who was currently falling through the deep corridors of The Void. It was a rather gut churning experience that made him want to puke his guts up as he constantly swirled through the darkness of the seemingly endless tunnel.

A short while of floating in nothingness, a bright light shone through the dead dimension and Genesis, with his large black wing sprouting from his left shoulder, flew towards it…to his new home, where he would surely become the hero that the world needed…

It was a rough landing and he had landed on one knee in the middle of a grassy plain, near a small village. In the distance, he could make out a large medieval-like castle. Regaining his breath at the travel between worlds, he leaned on a signpost. Looking forward, he could see the entrance to the town and moved towards it slowly.

Walking along the pathway, he couldn't help but gape at the lack of monsters here…everything was normal. Looking around, he saw a few wild white rabbits run through the small woodlands to the west, followed by what looked like a giant spider. Shaking his head, Genesis observed more of his surroundings. There were a large number of birds flying into one of the towers of the old castle in the distance…how strange. Still, he smiled, this was his world…his chance to be the hero the world needed!

He had entered the bustling village, gaining strange looks from people and some women eyeing him up with approval. Shrugging a little and grinning, the red clad warrior walked through the village to see what he could garner of this New World, while listening in amusement to some of the gossip around him.

"Wow…how exotic!" One woman said to a small group huddled together observing the stranger.

"I wish I had a coat like that…" Commented a man with a forlorn expression, damn that coat looked badass…

"Wish I had HIM rather than the coat…" Came the voice of another rather bold woman. Genesis shook his head with amusement and smiled slightly as he continued into the homely village.

The shops in Hogsmeade had always attracted a large number of people, mainly students. Many from all around the neighbouring Wizarding towns and villages had heard of the many different attractions that the homely little town. Of course, that mainly happened now during the holidays when the children were allowed to leave the school and visit.

Sarah Sinclair had worked at one of the many clothing shops that darted the Hogsmeade area. She had just come out of finishing her education at Hogwarts at the age of 18, for she wanted to get to work straight away. Tucking a stray black hair out of her vision she watched as many second year students were running around trying to buy sweets from the many vendors that came out in the holidays…nothing but little annoying brats here. Always kids and never any sophisticated looking gentlemen to sweep her off her feet. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the door open and when she turned to greet the customer, she gasped a little and her blue eyes widened at this…Adonis of a man in front of her.

His flat falling reddish brown hair went quite well with his beautiful emerald eyes in her opinion. His outfit was different than what most Wizarding people would wear and even the muggleborns that often came by. He was dressed in an armoured black body suit with numerous belt buckle attachments, which seemed to cover his whole body minus his head. This bodysuit was covered by a red long coat reaching past his knees with black shoulder pads and his hands were covered with red gloves to match. Finally, a pair of knee high black boots covered his feet. He then gave a dazzling smile at her, which caused her to stutter and flush a little before giving a greeting.

"W-welcome, sir. How m-may I help you today?" She cursed that she had stuttered in front of him. The man just continued to smile at her, making her fluster a little more.

"Hello there! I was just wondering if you could inform me of this location?" He said and the girl blinked and looked at him in confusion.

"This is Hogsmeade, sir." She said, expecting a reaction, but was shocked when the man muttered 'strange name' before bidding her a quick good day…Oh well, back to serving the school brats again…

Genesis was quite content despite the weird names people gave things in this world. He had learned a few new things about this strange planet such as the practice of a strange kind of magic using sticks that was much different than those he used in his former home. Apparently, the castle in the distance was an institution where children went to practice the art. He chuckled in amusement, before walking down the crowded walkway.

He decided to rest for the time being as he was quite tired from his trip through The Void. He then proceeded to sit upon a brick wall next to an antique shop to rest his legs and read his Loveless poem…how relaxing.


Albus was having a nice day walking through the Hogsmeade village, waving idly at the excited children purchasing the many oddities that the shopping district offered. First, he had managed to get a large amount of his ever-growing mountain of paperwork out of the way. Then, he managed to secure a new type of muggle sweet, which he was happily chewing on as he strolled. Yes, life was good. In fact, he was so out of the loop, he didn't feel an all-too-familiar burst of magic until he had walked past the man in red, who was reading a book.

Dumbledore's eyes widened when the familiar signature of Harry Potter's magic entered his senses, although it felt warped somehow…He looked around in a frantic pace, scaring the numerous children around him, before his eyes rested on the man in red sitting on the wall reading a book, where the reading of Harry's warped magic was strongest. Who was this man? Surely he could not be Harry…he looked 18 or 19 at least, and he was sure that had Harry attended Hogwarts, he would have been 14 starting the fourth year, which was currently underway with the delegates of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arriving in a weeks time for the Tri-Wizard tournament. Puzzled and dazed, he moved to lean against the wall next to the man in red. As he was about to strike up a conversation, the man beat him to it.

"When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end,

The goddess descends from the sky.

Wings of light and dark spread afar.

She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting…"

Dumbledore was slightly baffled. What was this man saying? He didn't look up from that book of his…was he reading from it? He coughed a little to gain the man's attention, who looked up slowly and snapped the book shut and placed it into his coat pocket. His emerald eyes gazing curiously into Albus' wide shocked blue orbs. 'Lily's eyes!' Regaining himself, he smiled at the man in red.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, sir." He said. "My name is Albus Dumbledore." The man gave an amused smile and a raised brow at the strange name. "Would you care to walk with me?" He offered and the man nodded with a smile and jumped off the wall and landed next to Albus. The two walked through the bustling town, gaining looks of curiosity in Albus' direction, while many others sent more than approving looks at the man in red, judging by the wide eyed stares of some of the women.

"I…am Genesis Rhapsodos." The man in red introduced himself and Albus blinked. What an unusual name. His eyes still twinkled in amusement though as the man waved at a group of gazing women, causing them to run off in embarrassment. The man laughed a melodious laugh of amusement and Albus couldn't help but chuckle merrily as well. Suddenly, the now named Genesis turned to face him with a look of remembering something important.

"I must apologise, Mr. Albus, but I have some rather pressing matters to attend to…perhaps we could talk another time?" Albus blinked. How polite this man was! Many would just leave without a word when in a hurry, which was quite rude, so this politeness was a fresh change for him. He wasn't in too much of a hurry to investigate this man who he thought was Harry at the moment…he also had other important errands to complete.

"Very well, Mr. Rhapsodos. Perhaps another time…" He nodded to Genesis, getting a smile in return, and watched as the man in red walked off towards the shopping district. Smiling, Albus turned around and began to walk slowly back to the castle, pondering on the interesting encounter for quite a while.

Genesis had departed from the ancient looking old man and had reached a food vendor. He had then bought a bag of apples from the man, which he would enjoy later and then proceeded to explore the rest of the shopping district. He came to a sudden quick realisation that the people here didn't sell much in the line of weaponry or armour…perhaps they were a peace loving people that they saw no need for such things? It didn't matter, for his under-armour was quite sturdy and he still had his favourite sword, his rapier.

Many people in SOLDIER had commented that the blade itself resembled more of a Broadsword, but the hilt took the appearance of a rapier with its elegant charm of a bird motif. The blade in question was made out of a red metal and the guard/hilt was black. Yes, the sword, which was currently concealed under his coat, had served him marvellously over the years…

Returning to his previous position later, sitting on the wall, he pulled out an apple from the bag and frowned. Suddenly, a strange white glow started to erupt from Genesis' hand and he watched in satisfaction as the plain looking green apple he bought turned into the familiar purple Banora White, or Dumbapple, he was fond of. He sighed happily while taking a bite, and then decided to sit and read Loveless, without hopefully any interruptions…

Yes…this world would be moulded into the world of Loveless…with him as the Hero.

A week later…

Albus sighed tiredly. While the welcoming of the foreign delegates from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang went well, it had been a rather large pressure for him in his old age to maintain order when he had announced that Quidditch was cancelled. The uproar from the Hogwarts students was quite loud and he actually had to yell to get them to stop, something that shocked everyone as Albus was always a calm and collected man.

"Now that our esteemed guests have arrived, it is time to begin the draft for the Tri-Wizard tournament!" He said and rapid applause and cheers echoed throughout the great hall of Hogwarts. "This…is the Goblet of fire." He gestured to the flaming stone cup being brought in by some teachers and placed on a pedestal in the centre of the hall.

"To participate in this tournament, you must be of 17 years or over, no exceptions." He said and a majority of the younger student population groaned in disappointment. "For those of you seeking to enter, you must write your name on a piece of parchment, and then place it into the Goblet. I warn those underage little rascals that doing this will gain unwanted consequences. Only 17 years or over may submit their names…that is all, tuck in!" He said jovially as the students began to dig in to the feast, Durmstrang and Hogwarts students with gusto while Beauxbatons looking at the food like it would kill them but reluctantly eating afterwards.

After the welcoming meal was complete, Albus had one more announcement to make.

"Also, may I remind unaware students that Hogsmeade has been reopened after intense reconstruction following an incident which I care not to mention." The younger students cheered and the foreign students were looking confused, wondering what this 'Hogsmeade' was. "I encourage our students to bond with those of other schools and strengthen the ties of friendship that our ancestors worked hard to achieve." This was greeted with polite applause.

Sometime after, the students had been dismissed, with the Hogwarts students returning to their dorms and the foreign students returning to their quarters, which were the Beauxbaton's carriage and Durmstrang's ship.

Later that evening...

The man in red stood atop a tall building in Hogsmead, looking over the scenery blanketed by the moonlight being given by the full moon hovering above. Suddenly, the man reached into his red coat and pulled out a purple apple. As he raised the apple to his lips, a large black wing erupted from his left shoulder, flexing in the wind as the man took a bite. Finishing the fruit and throwing away the core, he grinned and flapped his wing, taking off into the night sky.


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